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IKEA Hackers just featured this incredibly simple and brilliant kitty hideaway hack from a reader in Portugal. It actually looks very much like the Animal Planet 2-in-1 Convertible Pet Bed I got for $10 at an outlet store the other day. My 2 cats would love to cuddle & stay warm in the cozy attractive “Brilliant DIY Kitty Hideaway Ikea Hack”.
That site has some cool cabinets made into litter box hideaways, and some creative cat trees too. I bought two of these, turned them inside out, stitched them together with 6 strand embroidery thread – then turned them right side out.
I love a good IKEA hack project and this one turned out just as good as I had imagined it in my head! First I began by putting together the dresser since Ikea furniture comes in so many pieces! Then I added smaller squares that overlapped on the drawers and finally I added my diagonal pieces. And after a bit of work, I transformed this $79 Ikea dresser into something stunning, beautiful and truly custom!

IKEA hack craft table - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. You probably know that I’m a big fan of the IKEA Stolmen pole cat tree hack, using pre-made cat shelves from either ContempoCat or Hollywood Franklin, the two companies that manufacture cat shelves designed specifically to work with the Stolmen pole.
I recently moved into a small studio and to save space, I have a loft bed, which is 7 feet in the air.
Now if only I could get my non-climber to get over her fear of heights and join us up there, things would be perfect! I prefer the Franklin Tower because of the fantastic quality and the shape of the stairs – a great work of designer Peter Sehorsch! I used a little trick to get my cats up the pole put some catnip (really not much!) or some other cat treats your cats like on the stairs. This is the first I’ve heard about the Stolmen pole from Ikea and the shelves from those two companies. Simply take two GOSIG toy baskets, flip one over, sew them together, and you have the perfect kitty hideaway for just $10!
I started with a plain IKEA Tarva Dresser and then went to work transforming it into a beautiful art decor inspired metallic gold honeycomb dresser and I love how it turned out!

Well, if you’re a bit crafty, like Hauspanther reader Susi and her husband, then you might be able to hack your own shelves to use with the Stolmen pole system. This type of cat climbing tree was required for me, because my cats love to sleep on the bed, but could no longer reach it after we moved! I do like that this has planted a seed for people to create their own if they find something similar and it looks like a few users already put the ‘hamster on the wheel’ to making their own!
And the first steps I bought are from 2007 – right after Peter had patented his idea and sold the first ones. But please feel free to show pictures (or show them again, if you’ve already done so. I may possibly have missed this before though I try to always read your emails.) Thanks so much!

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