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Adam picked up a dresser from the trash over a year ago and we’ve always had the intention to make it over, but it stayed like this for way too long. We wanted to get a little crazy and take a risk on this redo, so we decided to go with a bold color. We bought metal sheets with a union jack pattern, cut them to size and attached them to the sides of the dresser with glue and nails.
Our cute cat Lola enjoyed the dresser renovation because it gave her a fun new place to hang out. Anyways, for the top of the dresser, we removed the existing fake wood completely and replaced it with a concrete top.
After the caulk is squeezed into the edges of the form, you just smooth it over with your finger and then peel the tape off. Since we didn’t have gloves, we got thrifty and used plastic bags to protect our hands.
It’s a little bit hard to tell, but we wrote our initials and the year in the concrete and then waited for it to dry.

We love to try working with different materials and Adam came up with the idea to make a concrete table. This is the first ever furniture project that we took on and it’s the reason we’re now addicted to redoing anything we can! I can’t wait to share this DIY project with you because it is the most practical project we have ever done. I know not everyone is a cat lover, but if you do have a cat, this post is a must-read! We found a coffee table that was being thrown away and it was in pretty bad shape, but we knew we could do something fun with it. Attaching them was actually the last thing we did, but we held it up to the side so we could see what it would look like.
This was our second time using concrete and we used a counter top mix again, like we did in this project. As you’ll see (if you make it to the end of this post), the project changed drastically from our original plan.
This table was being discarded when people moved out of their apartment so we decided to pick it up.

The concrete is very heavy, so we used that handy red shovel you see in the picture to transport it. We started by building a form for the concrete out of melamine, which we bought at Lowe’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have a full picture of the table, but you can see the base above. We introduced a little metal to give some texture and interest, which was another great idea by my other half.

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