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Boring is started to fill the house atmosphere since it’s been over five years you let your house ‘untouched’. It’s also because you need to work harder and save more since the kids are growing into teenagers and their expenses are also ‘growing’ higher. You even have to think twice about having a new mobile phone, much less to buy new furniture. However, this fact can’t just stop you to remodeling your house.You can just redo your house without spending too much money.

You can redo your furniture, repaint the house, or if you insist, you can buy the secondhand one. And when you think you need to do something to the furniture inside your house, don’t worry. Repainting the cabinet and pantry shelves will be good idea before rearranging things you store there. Remove the door from the cabinet, clean them deeply, apply the primer, start painting, remove the pigment excess, and let the paint dry before you rejoin the cabinet and restore the things inside.

When it’s about the living room, take the rug, let the wooden floor bared without it, and rearrange your collection in the bookcase.

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