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1) Decide whether you are likely to use wood flooring for the stair treads or get a new wood stair stand and stain it to match your wood floor. 2) Decide whether you choose your stair risers (the up and down piece between each stair tread) being stained wood, painted, or maybe tiled. 5) Cut off this stair nosing (the section of the stair tread that extends after dark riser) so that a whole new nosing can be mounted. 6) If you happen to be painting your risers and also have a decent finish on your own wood, then sand as well as paint them. 8) Measure all of your current stair treads individually since they are probably not all a similar size.

If you are at all unsure of any steps or feel like the project is an excessive amount of using your DIY abilities, please consult a skilled. If you are confident in your construction abilities and therefore are a patient person, you possibly can probably do this task yourself, else you should hire a professional to make this happen for you. If you are likely to use wood flooring for the stair tread, you will need timber stair nosing trim to match your wood flooring or you should utilize unstained hardwood stair nosing that one could stain to match the others of your floors. Take measurements in 3 places for the underside of the stair tread with the depth of the nosing. If you happen to be tiling your risers, be sure the risers have a new smooth surface and tile them.
Measure each stair tread individually to get the measurements for your nosings as well as install them using completing nails. Cut the hardwood with the stair treads and install with adhesive avoiding nail holes or deploy your hardwood flooring. If you have a Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Residence or Showroom project, contact Muazzam Interiors.

If you have large imperfections with your wood sub floor, sand those for making the sub floor clean. Measure the distance with top of the nosing as well as draw a straight line in one side of the stair tread on the other. You should measure all of your current risers individually since this probably are not all alike measurements.
Nail your boards inside the very bottom of this riser and very the top riser since those areas is going to be covered with stair nosing or maybe stair treads.

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