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I recently completed a job where the clients hired me to help them point their condo in the right direction with accent pieces and accessories. Everything was purchased at Lowes, but I'm sure these supplies can be found at any major hardware store. The sofa was 9' in length, so I had bought a nice piece of redwood that measured 2" x 12" x 6' long.
I assembled the legs, screwed them to the bottom of the wood top, and painted them a flat black.
Momma Bug BrittanyJanuary 21, 2014 at 9:41 PMI would love to make something like this for my entryway! I have loved all of the industrial pipe furniture that I have seen all over the internet, and knew that I had to make one for our home. Nothing I saw online was "perfect" for me, so I quickly came up with a crude drawing of what I was wanting, and then added in some pipe dimensions that I thought would work.
As these black pipes are filthy, I recommend washing them before starting the assembly process. The pipes were pretty easy to work with, just don't tighten them all the way until you are sure everything is level and how you want it. Receive a once-a-month email update with DIY projects and design ideas to make your home jell!
Yeah I know this size pallet… its commonly used for storing paper, the size is SRA1 ( which is appox size A4 x 8). If they have been chemically treated they shouldn’t be used at all for an indoor project, heat treated pallets are sometimes stamped HT.
From what I read, if you submerge the pallets into a bleach and water solution and leave to dry completely before use then it is safe to use. The pallet sofa is a great option when trying to integrate furniture in a new and innovative way. I meam if you sand the wood and wear a mask then spray some kind of paint it would trap in the nasty so you wouldnt have to worry about it right??
I’m making this to redo my new backyard and I was wondering if their is something less expensive I can use instead of the foam. Another option is to repurpose used cushions you might find at a flea market, garage sale, or thrift store.

Any suggestions on what type of fabric to use on this pallet bench that can stay outside during summer months? Especially if your home has an open concept, meaning that multiple rooms are open to each other with no definite separation, I think a sofa back table is a must.
The layout of their condo was definitely an open concept and immediately I knew that a sofa back table would help separate their living and dining space.
The sofa that I was working with was 29" high, so I wanted to sofa back table to measure 26" finished height.
Measure top surface of each pallet to determine the amount of flexible foam you’ll need cut to size. To secure the pallets, screw a flat bracket onto back of top and bottom pallet (on each end), then another onto top front and back of each pallet group to secure together. Quality flexible foam can be found at stores like Joanne’s Fabrics (call the store before going to check their inventory) or your local furniture fabric stores. In general pallets can be pretty dangerous to repurpose, they are generally used for a number of different products (food, chemicals) and since wood is porous they can absorb and harbor bacteria like listeria and e coli deep in the wood. I have a beach themed house because I live on the coast so I qas going to make this and paint it so would it be safe then? My guess is, paint won’t trap harmful fumes in, so if you have any concern as to the original use of your pallets, I might pass on using them. I didn’t make the cushions for these pallets, but for a simplified answer, here it goes. I think this cost about $70, which allowed me to purchase a really thick, nice piece of redwood, which costs a little more. Moreover, if you’re in need of extra napping space, rumor has it, this sleeper is 5-star worthy. It is worth spending a bit more for quality, as cushions are put through continuous use (sitting, laying, jumping), so if you’d like to have your pallet sofa last, you might have to spend more on the front end. I believe this DIYer actually deconstructed the pallets, cut the wood planks to their desired widths, then nailed them back together.
If you can research where they have been used and what for, it would make sense that it could minimize the potential hazards. The best way to go about this is to take your cushion(s) to a fabric store, (Joann’s for example) and ask the fabric cutters how much material they would recommend to cover the ones you have.

You may want to contact your local shipping stores or larger compartment stores to ask if they have any information on where they get their pallets. Also not positive but was told by a friend that a treated pallet will have spray paint mark on it somewhere.
Lowes pallets are all untreated, heard that pallets with dark color have been treated but I am not positive. Make sure to add in the thickness of your wood when you are figuring out the long to get your pipe for the legs. I have not seen or heard of any this size that come as is, so I can only guess this is how these sizes came about.
Mainly, you want to measure all around the cushion to see how much material you’ll need to cover. I made lampshades (due to their ability to handle a lot of light) and am planning on making outdoor pillows for this summer using this line. If you do make those covers…please send us a photo, and we may just feature them on our blog! Additionally, most fabric stores have patterns for you to follow so you can properly make them – even with cording, tufting, etc. They are warehouses with all kinds of home decor items often selling stuff for .50 on the dollar. You can also search for futon or bed mattresses here using your zip code to find a ReStore (or private seller) near you. You can also check craigslist for cheap futons or beds…you might even be able to find some for FREE! If you want to go uuber cheap (and possibly temporary) you can try a blow-up bed or even pool blow-up floaties. But, I did put together an industrial shelving unit that I had to have the pipes cut and threaded (they offer that as a free service in the piping department at Home Depot and Lowes).

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