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DIY Digital Assistant Keeps Watch, Talks and Can Help With MigrainesInspired by Tony Stark's assistant in Iron Man, Chad Barraford's DIY digital life assistant listens and talks to him, monitors his apartment and keeps him up-to-date on current events. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowChad Barraford's favorite part of the first Iron Man movie was main character Tony Stark's life assistant, named Jarvis. Unfortunately since my main task was to distract the eager-to-help puppy I can’t give you step-by-step instructions but, hopefully, the close up images will give you a sense of how to build this. The end caps on top of the truck, which hold the tripod feet, were screwed *and* epoxied on and these are where the tripod legs rest.
Now, go forth and dolly!  And send me some videos you make with it!  I’d love to see them! We had enough PVC to make two tracks - one long and one not-so-long (sorry, my tape measure doesn't reach far enough to give anything more precise).

I which there was an easier way to get a smooth move without a track dolly, but there really isn't. I have a steadi-cam knock off, but you need to keep your moves very limited before it goes into major wabble mode.
Twenty years after filling in for The Stone Roses as a Glastonbury headliner, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker has given some words of advice to Florence Welch, the day before she takes on a similar role.
The letter runs through various tips, from ‘Arrive Early’ to the tongue-in-cheek ‘Break a Leg’.
Glastonbury 2015 begins tomorrow (26th June), with Florence + The Machine headlining the Friday night Pyramid Stage. After two weeks of tinkering and AppleScript coding, he booted up his own "digital life assistant," which he also named Jarvis.

The only part that is not obvious from the photos is that there are two screws holding the wood piece to the metal L bracket. Theoretically, it should be possible to make the track about as long as you want by splicing together the longest pieces of PVC you can find. Out there in the dark, people were having their very own Glastonbury - maybe they wouldn’t hear everything properly, maybe they’d be distracted, maybe they might be (gasp!) slightly intoxicated, maybe some of them would think we WERE the Stone Roses.

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