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Due to the tough economical times we find ourselves in presently, like the rest of the country you are also forced to keep a close eye on your finances. As the name suggests, DIY kitchen cupboards involve kitchen cupboards that you are able to install yourself after making the purchase. If you do in fact decide to make use of DIY kitchen cupboards, you should only purchase it from a reputable timber business in order to receive high quality products. Call Timbercity Vereeniging on 016 455 4913 for more details on DIY kitchen cupboardsand units that are ready for you to assemble yourself!
Now that you can install your kitchen units yourself at an affordable price, there is no reason to wait! Choose your kitchen cupboards from a wide range of available base units, grocery units, corner units and drawer units.
We also offer a wide selection of wrap doors for your kitchen cupboards, making it easy for you to choose a design and styles that fits your kitchen decor. Timbercity South Africa is a well-known and trusted brand of kitchen cupboards in the country. If you are not a do-it-yourself type of person, Timbercity Vaal also does installations of kitchen cupboards and kitchen units on request, at an additional cost, in Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle. Installing built-in cupboards is a great way to add more storage space to your home, and has more benefits that loose standing furniture. Contact us for a free and affordable quote for DIY kitchen cupboards and units at Timbercity Vaal today! By installing DIY kitchen cupboards in your home, you will add value to your house, without spending extreme amounts of money.
You are not sacrificing quality when buying your DIY kitchen cupboards from Timbercity Vaal.
View our wide range of wrap doors colours and styles online to get an idea of what we have to offer, and what would best suit your needs.
The wrap doors you choose for your DIY kitchen cabinets are what will turn your kitchen into what you’ve dreamed about. If you are considering installing you kitchen cupboards yourself, you simply cannot go wrong with DIY kitchen units from Timbercity Vaal. At Timbercity Vaal you will find beautiful kitchen cabinets designs that will fit the vision you’ve had for your new kitchen. Contact KTB Cupboards today, and get that kitchen you've always wanted at an affordable price! The flatpack kitchen allows you to easily install the kitchen yourself or you can use one of our qualified fitters.

DIY range now availableBIC prices quoted on white Melamine square doors & Chipboard Carcasses. Putting on makeup or fixing hair at a vanity table is easier than standing in front of a bathroom sink or dresser. Whether it’s your kitchen designs, kitchens cupboards or any other cupboards, we can provide a long lasting & durable product. Timbercity Vaal has been in the timber products manufacturing business for many years, enabling us to supply you with the necessary advice and knowledge needed. Start planning the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of with beautifully designed kitchen cupboards to suit your needs.
Once you have determined your storage needs and available space, choose your kitchen cabinet carcasses (white melamine backing) to fit your requirements.
Our Timbercity Vaal branch offers excellent levels of service, knowledge and skills in order to provide you with quality products and satisfying results. Timbercity Vaal’s kitchen cupboards are very easy to install, making it easy for anyone to get the kitchen of their dreams. In addition to offering DIY kitchen cupboards, Timbercity Vaal also supplies built-in cupboards for your home. Save on costs by installing the kitchen cupboards yourself, so that you will have money to use in other areas such as a decent granite kitchen top, appliances, paint, new lighting or flooring. Our kitchen cupboards are manufactured according to high standards, to ensure durable products for our clients.
Timbercity Vaal offers a beautiful range of wrap doors for your DIY kitchen cupboards to choose from. Years of experience in the industry enables us to provide our customers with expert advices, excellent services and high quality products.
With so many wrap doors to choose from at Timbercity Vaal, you will find a beautiful design that exceeds your expectations and fits what you have envisioned. With ready-made DIY kitchen cabinets from Timbercity in Vereeniging, re-doing your kitchen is a dream! Our DIY kitchen cupboards are very easy to install, and will look just as beautiful as you imagined at a fraction of the cost. KTB Cupboards cuts the price of your brand new kitchen cupboards by more than 50% - not by cutting the quality of the material, but by using the flat pack method of manufacture and by cutting out the middle man on handles, tops and other finishings. The same materials that other kitchen suppliers will offer you!  We give a lifetime guarantee on hinges and fittings and a warranty on all our kitchen cupboards. When buying DIY kitchen units for your home from Timbercity Vaal, you can be certain of high quality and durable products.

Timbercity Vaal will advise you on your kitchen cupboard installation, offering you guidance on your kitchen layout.
With a few basic skills and tools, you can install your built-in cupboards yourself to save on costs, or have Timbercity Vaal install your built-in cupboards for your (Vaal triangle and Johannesburg areas).
Our kitchen cupboards are produced and assembled with high levels of accuracy, to ensure a professional finish. We will offer you a suitable solution for your kitchen cupboard needs, all at a very affordable price. The colour of our wrap doors range from a light Buche Natural, to a dark Black – meaning you will find your dream colour at our DIY kitchen cupboards store. Ready-made DIY kitchen cupboards are so easy to install, as the carcasses have already been assembled, and are ready to be installed. You can browse through our different colours online, or visit us in Vereeniging to find a kitchen cabinet design that fits your kitchen decor. We offer you unequalled after sales service - even if you make an error measuring your kitchen, we will resize the cupboard to fit at a minimal or no cost - depending whether extra material is needed! Our experienced staff will advise you on your choice of kitchen units and cabinets, offering you the best kitchen cupboards solutions. Find out more about how to install your DIY kitchen cupboards with these few simple tips to make the process as easy and hassle-free. Read more about how to install you built-in cupboards with a few easy tips, or contact us today for more information about our DIY kitchen cupboards and built-in cupboards available at Timbercity Vaal. Timbercity offers the best DIY kitchen cupboards solutions that will turn your kitchen into a functional and modern-looking space. Browse through the colours on our website, or visit us in Vereeniging to see our available DIY kitchen cabinet wrap doors colours.
All you need to do is plan ahead and to take the correct measurements, so that you simply have to place your DIY kitchen cabinets in the dedicated location, and fasten them as required. Our DIY kitchen cabinets are a great choice for you due to its durability and affordability. Revamp your kitchen with DIY kitchen cabinets – giving you the kitchen you desire as a fraction of the cost.
If you are not sure about how to revamp your kitchen, visit Timbercity in the Vaal Triangle and browse through our beautiful showroom for ideas.

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