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I found some more pictures of doors being used as hanging coat racks and I thought I would include them as well.
I love the ornamental iron work on the shelves and the railroad spikes for hooks on this DIY coat rack.
Picking up where we left off, I had just finished my last piece of frosted glass in preparation for the closet door build. Since all of you are now very aware of my love for spray paint after yesterday’s post, the fact that I also use spray primer should not be surprising. Following the primer, I used two coats of Rustoleum Semi-Gloss white paint, making sure to sand in between coats. We had some old hardware and track that was still inside of our closet, but it wasn’t pretty. It took quite a bit of prying off with my favorite needle nose pliers, but I finally got it up. Once I unscrewed each of the sides, there was another weird nail right in the middle of the track that I also pulled out. Now that the track and closet were ready to go, I headed back into the garage to finish up the closet doors. Since no one was ever going to see the inside of our closet, I was lazy and didn’t paint the back side of the doors. After all of my clips were secured, I flipped the door over and added the roller hardware onto the front as my handy bypass door kit instructions told me to do. About now was when I needed some serious man strength and asked Brad to hang the doors up for me. Lumber: $25 (I had a few leftover 1x6s and a bunch of scrap that I never ended up using for another project. You know, I never saw anything wrong with my builder grade sliding doors until now… Thanks! What if you put a frame around the glass (on the back side) instead of using the mirror clips.

I have a almost identical set of doors for the kidz closet, 340$ special order from Lowe’s 4 years ago. Tell me, if you only had the outside frame and the center member, with one sheet of glass, do you feel it would be strong enough to support it hanging?
I love these doors and we are in the process of making them, Lowes will cut your glass for u for no charge, i got my glass there and it was 40ish dollars. Enter your email address to subscribe to OPD and receive notifications of new posts by email. I needed some French door type doors to block off my back sunroom, but because of limited room, and the fact that this wall is an original exterior load-bearing wall, I had few options.
I started with two 30-inch wood doors that were original to my house, but that I no longer needed. And then I finished off the doors with lots of decorative trim, black paint, and frosted glass. They’ve been white for five years and I decided to have some fun – I chose a medium shade of teal blue by Glidden called ‘Still Waters’ and it gives the entry and the living room a dose of fresh color.
Painting divided light French doors isn’t difficult, you can even paint them in place, you just need these supplies.  A tarp, a foam roller, deglosser, an angled paintbrush, a utility knife or box cutter, a razor blade scraper and painter’s tray (not shown),  painter’s tape, rubber gloves, and a screwdriver or drill. I tape off doorknobs and loosen but don’t remove door hardware, then I tape around the loosened pieces, then tape off the hinges too. Once you score the edges and scrape it with a razor blade you can easily peel it right off the window. We have two sets of doors so I painted both sets – the new color plays well with the blue accessories scattered throughout the rest of the living room. The thing I love about paint is… it’s just paint!  If I ever want to make them white again or a different color, it’s an easy change.
Painting your interior doors is a great way to inject your home with more color with just a few supplies.  If you have any pictures of doors you’ve painted, send them my way, I’d love to see your results!
Good question Racheal, I think a charcoal gray would look great but you could go color too, ‘Camouflage’ is such a great neutral that just about anything will work!

The door color is a great transition between the two spaces seen in the photo and definitely more of a pop than white. Not sure if I could go the glass route, but you’ve definitely got my wheels a-turnin! We have two closets buit into our attic space next to our dormer, and I have always hated the way the doors look.
French doors wouldn't work because of the limited space, and pocket doors would have taken way too much construction and cost since this is an exterior load bearing wall. I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to paint my french doors and this just might have given me the kick in the butt I needed! As well as creating a practical conversation piece, it shows off family photos while allowing you to had your coat, mittens, hats and so on. My patio doors need a new coat of paint, anyway, so do you have any thoughts on what color might be good to go with that?
This wonderful piece of accessory furniture serves double duty as a decoration and helpful organizer.
And thanks for the tips on removing the paint off the glass…I have a french door to paint very soon and this is so timely and helpful!
Wouldn’t you want to paint the doors in an oil based paint instead of latex because of the peeling?
I call that one heck of a DIY project especially when you factor in the repurposing of a an old door. So I made some doors that I think fit the look of my house (or will, once my house is finished) much better. I read somewhere do so that….or can you get away with latex paint if its primed first?

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