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If you want to use every possible corner room even things like side table to be functional. My way of working with a small budget is to focus on what I can change cheaply and make the best of what I have.
Mounted to the wall or resting on top of a shelf, these mirrors will make a gorgeous pop to your decor! DIY Concrete Vanity for $20 - Our bathrooms are full of cultured marble counter tops with integral sinks that were quite popular in the early 80’s. DIY Concrete Vanity for $20 – Our bathrooms are full of cultured marble counter tops with integral sinks that were quite popular in the early 80’s. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. Marble magnets have been popular for quite a few years, as they are a fun way to hang onto important memos – whether on your fridge or in your office.
You will be painting onto the flat side of the gems, which will be the back of your final marble magnet. Step One: Paint two layers of glitter paint onto the back of each glass gem, letting the first coat dry before applying the second. Step Two: Paint a layer of paint in the same shade (or very similar) over the glitter paint on each magnet.
Use your finger to apply gentle pressure for a few seconds, while the adhesive begins to bond the magnet to the glass gem. Make sure to space your glass gems apart while drying, as the rare-earth magnets are very strong and can snap together if too close. I let mine dry for about 6 hours, but you can wait a bit longer to make sure the adhesive has completely cured. And now you have a fun set of magnets that you can use, share, or give as a sweet handmade gift! Glitter marble magnets make wonderful gift sets because they are pretty and useful, which is a win-win for gift-giving at the holidays or any time of year! Oh Amy, I can see you making these with alcohol inks and all those awesome artistic touches you do! Pet Scribbles is where I share my craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional stories about my cats.

For making the perfecting gold finish, I gave them each two light coats of gold and let them dry in between. This way you’ll avoid the weird fingerprints that often happen to the gold paint and it will make it more resistant to scratches. Once the spray shellac is completely sealed, use a healthy layer of Liquid Nails for granite and marble surfaces on the bottom of the steel legs plates.
Laying the marble board upside down on a smooth, clean surface, place each legs with the Liquid nails in the four corners of the board, and leave it upside down to dry for the first 48 hours. This is totally an easy weekend project that would make a good bang for your buck, don’t you think? For those of you that have asked, you can find the DIY to the patterned throw pillow right here! You did an awesome job on this table, and I can’t believe how easy it was to make it! Hi Elizabeth, you should be able to click on the link in the materials box to view the marble board source, if it still does not work you may need to clear your browser Cache. I would love to upgrade to a fancy glass shower and gorgeous marble countertops, but that's just plain unrealistic for us right now. I decided to switch it up a bit by putting round knobs on the drawers and vertical pulls on the doors.
Faux wood was definitely the way to go for this because not only was it cheaper ($6 per 6ft piece), but the synthetic wood was also really lightweight and much easier to hang. After we glued the frame to the mirror, I caulked the gaps and painted the entire frame white.
I found the contact paper on Amazon for a great price and the craft plywood and mirrors can be acquired at a Joann Fabrics or Michael’s Craft store. This is so you can glue the mirrors on the back of the wood without having them fall through. And in this version, the glitter does not come off onto your hands, the floor or anywhere else!
I can never have enough pretty craft paints to work with, and I love to make things look time-worn with distressing and aging. To do this, I washed them thoroughly with soap and water since they’re unfinished steel, and then I primed them with a good coat of BIN primer and let it dry. I have been wanting to give my sewIng table the gold and marble treatmenT, but with marble contact paper.

In the meantime, I wanted to at least upgrade the space by using a few inexpensive diy tricks I have up my sleeve, most of which require paint!
Don’t worry if you mess up your line though, you’ll be covering the board with contact paper! Get more photo about home ikea home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page.
I’ve easily painted glass with it and the only time it scratched was when I scratched with my nail. I have put together the best DIY craft table next to a table with a perfect accent, stay tuned to see the final results of the project are inspired and able to optimize your space!
Hopefully this will help give you some ideas & solutions for your own outdated bathrooms! The mirror was attached to the wall with adhesive rather than screwed in like the other bath.
Simply punch out the shape once it’s cut close enough to the corners then clean up the edges with your exacto knife and sandpaper.
Use your exacto knife to cut the contact paper within the shapes like show below. Peel of the backing of the contact paper and stick the board on top. In case marble isn’t your jam, my friend Brittni made a DIY wooden bench using similar hairpins legs, and I’m in love with it!
Rather than deal with having it shatter into a million pieces, I decided to build a frame around it.
You can smooth out the bubbles after you secure the paper inside of the shapes.To secure the mirrors I simply placed them on top of their shapes and hot glued the edges to the board!
Colour blocked marble pastel coasters that can be given as a set to a girlfriend (or kept for yourself to freshen up your coffee table). I taped each one at a different place on the coaster to give the set a little more variety. Step 3: To add a second color, paint the opposite side of tape with a different color, just like you did the first.

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