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Every gardener would like to have a rich harvest and there are many home gardeners who turn to creative DIY raised beds ideas which help them to significantly increase the yield of the garden.
Experienced gardeners use raised beds for growing vegetables, but also as decorative ornaments. Other alternatives are sandbags, hay bales, and many other which will help you increase the productivity of your garden. Growing season is creeping nearer, and we all are looking at our garden beds from last year in the harsh light of winters lack of plant cover…and possible being disappointed by their condition. This raised bed has minimal side, but it’s an easy way to organize the vegetable patch. Project Alicia created this unique raised bed from tin roofing and some lumber… They give complete directions on how they made it, and their son helped! Life on the Balcony created this project that is a cross between a raised bed and a garden container… but it serves the raised bed purpose, and you have to love the vintage charm it gives the garden.
Lastly, I’m throwing this one in because we love it for inspiring small gardens to having raised beds as well! Create a basic garden bed, or a unique DIY raised garden bed like the ones shown here… Think of how much healthier you could eat, for less!
I’ve seen people bury plastic forks close together in the soil with the tines sticking up. Some cats really don’t like coffegrounds, as it sticks on their paws and tastes awefull.
We use either long bamboo skewers or wooden chopsticks in our garden beds to impede kittehs’ intended behaviors.
To protect flowers and vegetables from snails and slugs and also to keep your garden pathways clear of weeds, consider building a raised garden bed by upcycling old pallets.
For apartment dwellers that do not have a private garden space, a vertical pallet planter installed in the balcony is the best way to add greenery to their homes. Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of products promoted on this blog and I may earn a commission if you buy something. If you don’t want them on your house, try hanging them on a shed or even an existing wooden raised garden. I know it’s not a cold frame or a greenhouse, but the design of this garden inspires me to think that you could create module polythene panels to attach when the weather gets cool. You can get great tips for eating healthy, saving money and buying local sent directly to your email.

Since you have control over the construction of the DIY raised beds in the vegetable garden, you can determine the design too. It is easy to use for different constructions and in addition it is a solid and durable material.
I like how they lined the bottom with cardboard to prevent weeds from growing up into the bed.
Laying down rock as a mulch can help, and some people have had luck with using coyote urine products you can find at your local home improvement store. After making coffe don’t trow away the used grounds, but spread them in those places cats like.
A lot of owners are not aware their cat is causing trouble and may even help with finding solutions. The cats will be so focused on it that the rest of the yard doesn’t really appeal to them. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
The sturdy wooden pallets that are used for shipping can easily withstand the environmental elements when used for outdoor projects.
The vertical planter build by assembling the wooden planks dislodged from the shipping pallets is the easiest way to build a small garden where you can grow a variety of kitchen herbs and other small ornamental plants. All you have to do is collect the old shipping pallets that are easily available in the warehouses and install them in your garden. This variation of the vertical pallet planter involves attaching small planters made out of pallets to the walls. When you want to devote small plots of your land to different plants, you can build a number of raised garden beds in your yard. A neat and clean way to build an apartment garden is to grow plants in small terracotta pots attached to a vertical pallet. Here is a spiral pallet planter best suited for growing different types of plants in a small garden space. Please also be mindful that some people say cement beds may cause your soil to be slightly alkaline over time. One of the greatest advantages of raised beds in the garden is that weeds are much easier to control and you do not have to bend too much while working in the garden. Cedar or redwood would be an ideal material for your raised beds because they are weather resistant and withstand well against pests.

Raised beds are great for veggies and herbs, and can be the perfect solution for flower beds when the soil is poor, or when a gardener just needs an easier way to maintain their garden space.
Fun to do with the kids, and the cat doesn’t get hurt, but after a squirt or 2 (or 3 or 4… depending on how stubborn the cat is) it managed to keep the cat away for a long time! There is an ultrasonic appliance that omits a sound that cats hate and there is of course Lion poo which apparently works brilliantly. I also may post paid opinions to support this blog, but always give my 100% honest opinion on any products or services.
So far I’ve brought you lists on things from solar-powered garden gadgets to garden apps for your mobile device.
To learn more about the advantages of gardening in raised beds, read the Try Square Foot Gardening section of this article.
Easy to put together, raised beds are nothing more than a box with no bottom, filled with good garden soil. Also you can talk about sharing costs for keeping their cat out of your garden (as buying new products can get expensive).
The wooden planks obtained by disassembling the pallets are organized in different ways to create fabulous planters that apart from supporting the plants add to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area of your property. For an inexpensive DIY garden planter project here are some easy ideas for using repurposed pallets that are worth trying. As far as the width of DIY raised beds is concerned, it is preferable to construct them with a width of 1.20 meters, so you can easily work. Plants that are grown in raised beds are healthier, weeds are easier to control, and watering and fertilizing is concentrated right where you need it. Gardeners that have trouble bending over find raised beds easier to work in, and you can make them any height that works for you. If you want to try raised garden beds this year, check out these tutorials for DIY raised garden beds. I love this because it looks like art in the garden, yet tall enough to make working the beds easy for an older gardener, or someone like me who has trouble with her knees… Love this!

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