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You’ll need embroidery hoops (2 per drum) and enough Pringles® cans to fill your hoops nicely which will vary depending on the size. I actually glued all of my cans together to ensure they would last as long as possible using my hot glue gun. Do some research and find musicians that use instruments made out of recycled materials like the Percussion Prodigies’. I Need a More Specific Step-Step Instruction on How to Use BeEF to Get Facebook Credentials. 10+ Easy DIY Nail Art Designs uploaded by fashionfuz on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 in category Nails and we have about 11 Nails design ideas for you at this post. But not just that pictures above, because we also post something like 10+ Easy DIY Nail Art Designs from the category Nails.
Simply lay your embroidery hoop on a flat surface and place your Pringles®  cans inside to see how many you’ll need. I just laid it over the top of the cans, then slid my embroidery hoop over the top and glued it all in place. Dennis Havlena (the internet's true DIY instrument king) demonstrates some dedicated yankee ingenuity with his homemade alternatives (aka poor man's instruments). All images under 10+ Easy DIY Nail Art Designs post are not under our copyright and belong to their respective owners. The nail art can add a unique elegance to your everyday or can complete your look for a special occasion.
You might be interested to see Cute Pastel Nails Design or browse another images about Nails. It’s such a nice way for the little ones to be creative—plus, the craft doubles as a take-home favor.

Make a hole on the bottom of the cardboard spool (this is where the paper-straw handle will go). I have a pile of ribbon spools waiting to become something (mostly cars and trucks) but this is perfect especially since I was going to make chinese style drums at my summer camp next week with the kiddos…using paper plates, but now I can recycle instead!
My larger drum I needed 7 regular sized Pringles® cans and 1 set of large embroidery hoops. If you have a hard time holding the hoop still enough you can prop it up on two similar sized measuring cups while you glue the other side. I considered wrapping the complete thing in the seran wrap but I liked that the kids can crinkle it up on the side for extra background noise.
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Dennis has created hundreds of hybrid, folksy instruments including bagpipes, banjos, psalteries, didgeridoos, hang drums, and dulcimers.  Don't miss his demonstration video below. If you want to download this Nails design images at full resolution, simply click on the link below the images and you will be redirected to the download area. Although it is best to leave the nail art full of decorations professionals there are numerous techniques reproducible at home. Next, make a hole on both sides of the spool, right in the center (this is where the beads will be attached). Tie a knot on one end of ribbon and, using a hot-glue gun or craft glue, affix the ribbon to one of the side holes on the spool.
My smaller drum I used 4 smaller sized Pringles® cans with a medium sized set of embroidery hoops. I chose to cover mine with construction paper but you could use paint, ribbons, washi tape, duct tape, or no decor at all!
For my larger drums the hoop was slightly too large so I stuffed a few small pom poms between the cans and the hoops and glued everything together. My kids LOVE going to concerts although they’ve only been to one or two but they brought the jam home with them and rocked out our house with all sorts of noise for a long time!

With a little ‘practice, and with a good dose of patience, you can give your nails a fabulous design, read the guide and follow the steps. Right now Pringles®as an awesome Summer Jam Sweepstakes with the chance to win a VIP experience at a Live Nation concert in the US. Just pick up a specially marked can of Pringles®, enter your code online and you could find yourself on an adventure of a lifetime! Save your cans though and let your kids design their OWN musical instruments – it’s just as fun as rocking it out in their own homemade music band! I firmly believe the only reason I survived math in school is because I was also taking piano lessons.
But even without formal training, the ability to bang on a drum or a strum on a guitar is very gratifying for kids.When you combine the satisfaction of making noise with the satisfaction of making the thing that makes the noise, youa€™ve got a winner!
Take a look at these DIY musical instruments to get started, from the softer sound of rain sticks to the louder drums and bells, and you can pick the instrument best suited to your kids and tolerance for noise! Bottle Cap Tambourines via SpoonfulRecycle those bottle caps, get eco with a branch from the yard, and add feathers for the full effect a€“ these shakers are adorable!
Balloon Bongo, Shaker, and GA?iro via Mini EcoThis has to be one of the slickest uses of old soup cans that Ia€™ve seen a€“ and I bet the sounds are great, too.
Popsicle Stick Harmonica via Housing A ForestIntroduce your kids to their first reed-based instrument with this simple craft. Cardboard Guitars via Make It and Love ItThese have to be the coolest cardboard guitars Ia€™ve ever seen, and the quieter sound is great for playing inside. Tubular Cardboard Bells via Mini EcoYes, these bells will function well, and they’re easy to make.
But ita€™s the bold painted interior that makes them so amazing a€“ dona€™t skip that step! Rain Stick Tutorial via The Imagination TreeThis is a great musical craft for younger kids.

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