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PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project I've been planning on building a patio table for this coming spring and summer, but didn't know where to begin. I have a family of 7 (soon to be 8, I hope), and was trying to figure out how to fit us all on the rectangular table. I didn't bother to counter sink them, but if I made another I think I would try that to make a more polished look. Can you tell me what size (width) boards you used on the frame pieces of the table, and what size on the inner boards?
Can you please add a photo of the underside of the table and advise how you fastened inner boards on table top. This beautiful outdoor dining table seats up to six, but can be easily customized to seat more (or less). My husband and I most the year are living pay check to pay check so the possibility of getting fancy furniture was next to zero.
I learned all this the hard way after making my first outdoor table (not with Ana's plans). The plans for the table were inspired by Anthropologie's Modern Farmhouse Table, below, which I have seen in person and must say is beautiful in a rough luxe way. The promises of low cost and easy construction from the Ana White plans encouraged us to give it a go. If you need a sturdy outdoor table that will easily seat 8, or one that is adaptable to various sizes, give Ana's plans a try.

Fasten the outer side aprons to the sides, as shown above, keeping top and bottom edges flush. If I have used your photo, and you would rather I did not, please send me an email and I will remove it with my apologies.
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And they are under mounted, which I love because I want to make ours with the ability to remove the legs for reduced storage space in the winter. Also, when you are laying the boards across the top of the table, make sure the grain on the board alternates up and down.
This is a journal about my attempts at gardening between mugs full of coffee, and my occasional wondering aloud at the peculiarity of life. Also what did you use for spacing in between the boards or what was the allowance of space. I have been wanting to get into woodworking for years but have always been to intimidated to get started till I found your blog.
The perfect end-of-winter project, it took only about 8-10 hours to complete and cost under $130, not including stain for the finish. Maybe I should just give it a try :)Thanks for taking the intimidation away from this craft, you make it totally doable.
I didn't get to enjoy it last year because there was no place to sit and no money to buy furniture.

I hope the couch bases are coming soon!Of course, I would expect no less from my favorite blog!
This will help your table stay relatively flat as the boards expand in the wet and the sun. Isn't it fun to get the greatest inspiration from the best sources, then make your own? I have always wanted to switch up my matchy matchy iron set for a wooden table, so I am very interested in the finish you applied..Will it be under a canopy or covered area? I love contrast, and a red cardinal against the white snow is a treat for the eyes and heart! I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills!
I used Oak plywood for top and white wood for legs also for band on plywood pickeled the bot and stained the top..
My list consists of the pantry organizer for baggies and foil, a new headboard and footboard for my bedroom with matching night stands and a roll around craft center for my office! Becky TDo you think that having the boards on the top and seats like that would leave lots of room for crumbs and other gunk?

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