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There are many things to look for in finding a “diamond in the rough” piece of furniture from an estate sale, garage sale or thrift store. This table had a dented corner so repairs had to be made before the table could be painted and stenciled.
After scoring the damaged corner to increase adherence, apply a filler like Bondo and sand.
There were some dents and damages to the corner of the table, so we used auto body filler (Bondo) to fill in the gaps. Meaning is it architecturally interesting and does it have proportional qualities from an aesthetic point of view (the bowed legs on our piece caught our eye)?
When not living in 140 characters, you'll find her thrift shopping around Boston, canning, and Instagramming photos of cats.

Measure, measure, measure: if you go out thrifting, bring a tape measure and a quick drawing of the room you are looking to fill, along with some basic measurements. If it’s falling over, it might be too big a project (although if one leg is loose, a trip to the hardware store might resolve the problem).
If the piece is “close to cool,” you might be able to alter it into a gem by adding appliques or trim, lengthening or shortening the legs, etc.
Sometimes (as in a garage sale situation) you need to be quick on the draw, as most people don’t like holding bargains while you go home to measure. Also, reupholstering a basic dining chair can be learned from a book in an afternoon, but doing a whole sofa takes a lot of practice and sewing skills. As a rule, if there isn’t something that initially draws you to the piece, it’s probably not a winner.

Mix the filler according to the manufacturer's instructions and apply liberally to the damaged area. Once it's dry but not totally hard (3 to 5 minutes), use that same razor blade and carve back the corners (don't go too deep). Sanding is better than carving to get the final shape; it offers more control over the finished repair.

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