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Make use of seasonal flowers including annuals, tender perennials and bulbs and when going for a bold display or a more contemporary look, use just one variety per pot rather than a mixture. For height use small ornamental trees or for a more formal look, shrubs trained as ball-headed standards. Leave natural and treat with preservative (plastic inner liners help lengthen their life further) or paint an appropriate colour.
With easy access to tools and materials for DIY enthusiasts, making outdoor garden furniture has become a growing trend that many like to take on as an alternative and affordable option for outdoor furniture. With a few basic power tools and plan, any DIY enthusiast can make unique outdoor garden frniture that fits in with their lifestyle and budget. If you prefer a natural light, or blonde finish, similar to that shown here, after sanding all the pieces apply liming wax on a regular basis. If you look closely as how this furniture is assembled, it consists of planks approximately 100mm wide and cut to length.
The method of drilling out a mortise and fitting a a tenon-style joint will create a strong joint between the sections. For mounting seat slats, add 32 x 32mm battens at 20mm below the top of the second slat - on the front, back and sides. The storage coffee table is made with side panels made in the same way as the outdoor furniture, but the base has slats that lifts the coffee table off the floor, and a slats on the lid to hold it in place.
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This wooden privacy screen works as a fence-like barrier between your patio or deck and your neighbors.
This airy screen provides the perfect solution to a less-than-private patio or deck by screening in your outdoor living area.
If you feel as if you're living in a fish bowl when you're lounging on the patio, we've got the solution.
If you've ever built a simple deck, trellis or just about any other wooden garden structure, you have the skills and tools to tackle this job. In this article, we'll show you a foolproof layout technique using the horizontal rails to guide the post positioning and screen assembly. We chose to build our screen from rough sawn cedar because we wanted its decay-resistant qualities and rough look. Chances are remote that you'll need a building permit, but check with the building department to make sure.
Be sure to call to have the underground cables and gas lines marked before you dig any post holes. We built our privacy screen on a level site, but you can build a similar screen on just about any slope. If you hear the wood crack or it takes too much force to make the bend, simply cut the middle posts shorter until the wood bends without trouble. The sandwich post design we show features long-lasting treated wood below grade and attractive rough-sawn cedar above (Figure A). Before you dig the postholes, lay out and notch all four horizontal rails as shown in Photos 1 and 2.You'll use the rails for positioning, spacing and anchoring the posts, and later for placing the 2x2 pickets. Position the privacy panel postholes by laying a rail on the ground and driving two stakes behind it. Preassemble the 2x6 and 2x4 treated post bases and set them in the holes, nesting them into the rail notches. When giving your patio a makeover using outdoor tile for patio floors, you can either do it the hard way, or take the easier route with interlocking tiles. Your final results will be comparable either way, but the advantages of using interlocking tiles far outweigh the traditional tile installation methods. Interlocking outdoor tiles come in many kinds of finishes such as natural stone, slate, granite, porcelain and wood.
The really cool part of using interlocking outdoor tile for patio makeovers is that they are not permanently attached to the underlying surface.
While you may have to hire a professional contractor to install outdoor tile for patio floors the traditional way, any homeowner can install these in just a few hours time by following instructions on the packaging. Every tile will be precisely positioned automatically by locking into the tile next to it, totally eliminating ugly gaps and bumps. By combining different colors and finishes, you can create your own custom patio design easily.
There is an increasing interest in home-made furniture and decoration, and one of the reasons for this is probably an over-urbanization that suffocates people and makes them feel like everyone is living the same, in the same houses, doing the same things, with identical objects.
In this article we are going to focus on the garden, and we’re going to give you a few ideas of DIY patio table and other furniture pieces for the garden.
Those who like a challenge can try to build their own DIY patio table from tree stumps, or even from cable reels.

Whether seeking solitude or a great place for entertaining, find inspiration in these outdoor spaces.
Choosing the right plants is very important but the pots you select will also have an effect on the overall picture. Using pot liners allows you to mix and match seasonal colour and you can move displays around if you feel like a change. For long-term planting use a well-drained potting mix based on loam and containing a slow-release fertiliser.
Try a row of identical containers planted with grasses or soft-coloured herbs for a more muted display. The Cavello patio furniture shown here is a great outdoor furniture project to start with and can be made using reclaimed wood or locally available soft or hardwoods.
Despite the simplicity, the furniture has modern appeal and can be stained or finished as you prefer. There are a couple of methods that could be used for joining the planks together, dowels being one, but I have opted to show a method where a mortise is drilled out. Space the drilling holes as close together as possible without overlapping, as this will cause the drill bit to slip away from the hole.
Before attaching the side battens, screw on 32 x 32mm crosspieces and add steel angle braces for additional support. The screen offers an attractive look and unique design, which will enhance your yard, yet it's also DIY friendly to build. Most of the carpentry work just entails cutting standard boards to length with a circular saw and then screwing the parts together with a screw gun.
The total materials cost was about $400, but you can spend less by substituting smooth-faced cedar, treated wood or even conventional framing lumber.
If you need a fence permit, it'll include a list of fence rules that your screen has to follow.
For it to look best, keep the rails level and then follow the slope with vertical pickets that are a consistent distance from the ground. However, the longest material you'll be able to buy is 16 ft., so for longer screens, you'll have to splice the rails and top caps. But lower screens are sometimes preferable if you'd like to see over the top while standing but want more privacy while seated.
If you don’t want to fuss with the bend or want to match other horizontal elements in your yard, consider just cutting off the posts and screwing on a flat top cap of solid 2x8. If cedar isn't available at your lumberyard, you can substitute any other wood for the above-grade materials or build the entire screen out of treated wood. When you're bending the boards, knots or cracks may cause them to break under the stress (Photo 10).
The best part about using interlocking outdoor tile for patio designs is that they require no glues or grouting, saving you money, time and messes. If you are worried about achieving professional end results, no one will be able to tell that you have used them because they look just like the real thing.
Interlocking tiles can be installed over the top of any kind of surface, as long as it is an even surface that is solid.
The spacing that is automatically present between the tiles after installation will allow for water to drain properly off of the surface.
If you want to change the size or shape of your patio, you can do this easily by removing tiles or adding more tiles where needed. Your family and friends are sure to be impressed by your handy skills after seeing the professional results that you can achieve with these outdoor tiles. I suggest planning your custom patio tile design ahead of time so that you are not winging it while installing your outdoor tile for patio designing. It’s the same suffocating feeling you get when you pass by identical driveways, which make you think that you are not moving forwards, but are stuck on the same spot.
Patio furniture can be extremely expensive, especially if you want something that looks unique. Wicker baskets painted with yacht varnish to prolong their life make attractive outer covers.
Although I have marked off the drill bit at 50mm, a depth of 30mm should be more than sufficient. The reason I modified the depth from 50mm to 30mm is to allow you to reach the bottom of the morise with a Dremel sanding ring. In fact, we'll show you a foolproof technique for laying out the fence to ensure you get perfect post positioning. It'll even block heavy wind, but it's open enough to allow light and cooling breezes through, so you won't get that hemmed-in feeling you'd get from a solid wall or fence.
In fact, if you stay focused, you can expect to finish the whole project in a relatively sweat-free weekend.

Whatever you choose, use treated wood for post parts that are in the ground so you won't ever have to worry about rot. If you live in a development that has building covenants, submit plans, placement information and color selections to the architectural review committee. You can ask the building department for the number, call the nationwide Dig Safely hot line at 411.
If splicing is necessary, plan it so the joints fall near the post centers, and splice opposite rails and overlying top cap layers to fall on different posts. Build a shorter screen using the same spacing techniques we show but reduce the distance between the upper and lower rails. All framing materials, treated and untreated, will last longer and look better if you stain everything, especially the cut ends. Besides being used as outdoor tile for patios, this kind of tiling can also be used for rooftops, porches, as well as garage and basement floors.
This kind of drainage will prevent water from pooling on your patio aiding in the prevention of accidents due to slipping during wet conditions.
And if years later you decide that you would like a different style or color of patio tiles, you can also do this just as easy by unlocking, removing and replacing your current ones. In order to get rid of this feeling of enforced conformity we can take matters into our own hands and influence our environment directly by surrounding ourselves with objects that we’ve made. But instead of spending all that money, wouldn’t you rather reserve a weekend and build your own? You can see in one of the pictures here how lovely and inviting that blue garden set just looks. The result is quite surprising, and the garden set looks more fantastical and mythical than anything you could find in stores.
In cold climates wrap planted pots that can’t be moved under cover with layers of insulating material. We'll also show you a new technique for setting solid, rot-resistant posts using dry concrete. Showing it the photos and drawings in this article along with information on the specific spot for your screen should be adequate. Add or delete posts as you wish, but stick with our system for laying out post locations using chunks of 2x6 posts and 2x2 pickets to get the spacing right. The top cap for a shorter screen may require a gentler curve because it'll be difficult to bend the wood without breaking it. Reposition the rail over the holes, then screw the rail to the positioning stakes and pour 6 in.
It may sound a bit superficial, but the truth is things are important for people, because they help us define ourselves, and it is when the things that we like surround us that we say we’re home.
With the minimum of carpentry skills, the right tools and materials and a good design, you can build your own table and chairs. This DIY patio table didn’t require any kind of skills, just a coat of paint and a few throw pillows.
Finally, for those of you who actually dabble with carpentry, we have a challenge: build your own table from scratch, but build it with beer coolers included! And we'll demonstrate a simple method for making the curved, three-board top using spacing blocks and scribing the curves with one of the top boards (Photos 10 - 12). Among all that dull identical driveways you can become the odd one and give others a sense of relief. The storage spaces have to be impermeable, so you can pour ice in there as well to keep the beers chilled. To build your own screen, you'll need a circular saw, a screw gun and a sharp chisel, as well as a “clamshell” posthole digger and a 2- or 4-ft. But you can adapt the length or height to your own needs or even mount a similar design on an existing deck (see “Deck-Mounted Privacy Screen.”). Cut off the corners at 45 degrees on both ends of each board, then cut out the notches as we show in Photo 2. Drill a hole in the middle of the table, big enough to fit your largest bowl but small enough to keep it lodged in there. Then, you can just fill it with fruits, or even pour water and pick a few short flowers and let them float on the surface.

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