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There’s not always a lot of privacy in the suburbs, especially in new neighborhoods where the trees are still young. A deck can be a perfect place for outdoor meals — or a spot to sit and enjoy a sunrise, a great book, or a pleasant conversation. Recent Commentsnjjacob on A new universal approach to decking is sweeping through Great RailingPat T on Cozy up to a Fireplace from Great RailingM. All Products Listed are Great Railing Certified, Great Railing Blog only reviews products they certify themselves or have certified. With our innovative program franchisees simply focus on generating new prospects and closing new deals.
While looking through a building material yard for another client, I came upon these cinderblocks. Here is Form LA’s booth at the recent Dwell on Design Show at the LA Convention Center and I was thrilled to see yet again the cinderblocks.
PSS…If you are concerned about safety, you should reinforce any wall you build with rebar and mortar. You certainly came up with a brilliant idea, one that I was happy to copy and tweak to make my own. If a person uses your building instructions and the wall fails and hurts someone you can be held liable for damages because you provided the building instructions.
A footing or a means to secure the structure is required, as is shear, tensile and compression strengths. It is an incredibly creative design and has spun off other similar designs, some which are terrible built very high and with no means of shear strength. My question is how do u keep the soil from falling 1) out the bottom 2) down into the blocks they are stacked on?

I would use Liquid Nails to glue the chicken wire in but really if you just double it over a few times it will just wedge in there.
Outdoor Decorating Ideas, Garden Design - HANGING LANTERNS FOR A MODERN LOOK OR CHANDELIERS FOR ELEGANT, SHABBY-CHIC. Like this Dog and Owl Were Painted White and Paired with a Large Planter (Painted Turquoise), a Small Iron Planter, a Large Candle Lantern and Weather Proof Striped Fabric on a Patio Chair. This Pallet Walkway was Created Using the Boards of a Shipping Pallet but any Wood Sections Could Accomplish this Unique Bridge. You don’t have to wait for Earth Day to come in order to start recycling and repurposing old stuff such as reclaimed wood or old wooden crates. The DIY Project collections mentioned above have some great DIY ideas that you can use in order to mark Earth Day, but if that was not enough to inspire you, we have made another eco-friendly collection of 18 useful and easy DIY ideas to repurpose old pallet wood. This collection is mostly aimed at people who have a stash of old, unused pallets in their lofts or basements acquired with the purchase of some large products. Well, it’s time to put them to some use so roll your sleeves up and start working on those pallets! All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
Some lime-green chair cushions coordinate with an outdoor-friendly rug and chartreuse plants.
The homeowners added a sweeping perimeter curve and metal accents to create a backyard haven.
A series of container gardens, including ornamental grasses, flowers, and shrubs added bright splashes of color. This will help you stay in contact with us so that you can take advantage of our everyday great deals.

Ditto what Pam said–when I first saw your planter on Apartment Therapy, I bookmarked it and was after my boyfriend for months to build it with me! I’d also check your Errors and Omissions insurance, which I assume you carry because you are writing construction instructions. It doesn’t necessarily need to be engineered as load bearing, but it should be constructed safely enough so that it can handle lateral force without tipping over. A ready-made canopy from a home-improvement center and a bamboo screen keep out prying eyes and provide protection from the sun. To create a deck as comfy as your living room, select from the ever-rising number of outdoor-friendly products, such as this chair and loveseat, pillows, and plastic-and-glass table. A set of spindles adds safety and character; a lattice skirt dresses up the base of the deck.
A She also goes on to show how she did it which apparently involved chicken wire and landscape cloth.
In my area of California one cannot build a free standing wall any taller than 30 inches without a permit. And because there is no internal tensile strength or a bonded footing, the project is still a safety hazard.

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