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There is an increasing interest in home-made furniture and decoration, and one of the reasons for this is probably an over-urbanization that suffocates people and makes them feel like everyone is living the same, in the same houses, doing the same things, with identical objects. In this article we are going to focus on the garden, and we’re going to give you a few ideas of DIY patio table and other furniture pieces for the garden. Those who like a challenge can try to build their own DIY patio table from tree stumps, or even from cable reels. See the full reveal here!Any big outdoor patio plans this summer?  I need to get to hosting an outdoor gathering soon!
We used some old pieces of wood I grabbed from a barn that was coming down, and then we gathered our pipes, connectors and feet from HD. We put it together the same way that we do all the other tables, Kreg Jig, sit on top, squeeze boards together, screw in. We didn’t want the bottoms to stain the patio with rust, so Tom cut round pieces of scrap cedar using the band saw and then we attached them to the feet.
I just got some outdoor chairs from Ikea and the patio is just beautiful with all the mixes wood and wicker and metal and I just love it out there! I played with arcylic paint white washing,  walnut stain,  my homemade stain recipe here,  and kept some natural. Outdoor dining season is upon us and if your setup is anything like mine (aka nonexistent) or you'd just like to have some fresh outdoor decor, here's a simple DIY project that'll have you hosting summer soirees in no time. This outdoor dining table comes courtesy of Ana White, a blogger and avid builder of, well, just about everything! Guess who just found her husband's next project.  If I go buy the wood right now, he will have to get started-- right?

Capree Kimball is a design nerd and a dog-loving optimist with a penchant for collecting tin robots and gobbling up gravy-smothered biscuits.
It’s the same suffocating feeling you get when you pass by identical driveways, which make you think that you are not moving forwards, but are stuck on the same spot. Patio furniture can be extremely expensive, especially if you want something that looks unique. Figuring out what size and length of the pipes was a pain in the butt, we had to go back to Home Depot twice for different sizes, BUT the putting together business was super easy.
I want one just like it, we are getting a new patio in the next month or so and I can’t decide what kind of table to get. Depending on the kind of wood you get, this project should only set you back between $50-$100. In order to get rid of this feeling of enforced conformity we can take matters into our own hands and influence our environment directly by surrounding ourselves with objects that we’ve made. But instead of spending all that money, wouldn’t you rather reserve a weekend and build your own? You can see in one of the pictures here how lovely and inviting that blue garden set just looks. The result is quite surprising, and the garden set looks more fantastical and mythical than anything you could find in stores.
You choose what’s best for you!Also, please excuse our disgusting hot mess of a garage in the photos below. It may sound a bit superficial, but the truth is things are important for people, because they help us define ourselves, and it is when the things that we like surround us that we say we’re home.

With the minimum of carpentry skills, the right tools and materials and a good design, you can build your own table and chairs. This DIY patio table didn’t require any kind of skills, just a coat of paint and a few throw pillows.
Finally, for those of you who actually dabble with carpentry, we have a challenge: build your own table from scratch, but build it with beer coolers included!
Among all that dull identical driveways you can become the odd one and give others a sense of relief. The storage spaces have to be impermeable, so you can pour ice in there as well to keep the beers chilled. Drill a hole in the middle of the table, big enough to fit your largest bowl but small enough to keep it lodged in there. Then, you can just fill it with fruits, or even pour water and pick a few short flowers and let them float on the surface. I am a wannabe photographer, a wannabe junk finder and crafter, and a wannabe professional writer.

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