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We sold the old wall unit and embarked on the master planning of the new plumbing conduit shelving unit. Unfortunately the sun set before I finished playing around with it, so of course it’s already styled differently. This shelving project is what led me to install those controversial doors on the fireplace bookcases. What a beautiful professional job!Your blog is a constant inspiration, the Eames chairs and now this… who needs a fortune when you've got creativity, taste, wit and patience? I had the same reaction when I saw the ace shelves, but now someone else has done it first, and made it that much easier on me!!! You just unscrew the pipe from the 3-way tee and then thread the pipe through and screw it back in to secure. After everything is pieced to together and attached to the wall it really doesn't need to be secured at the bottom.
It took me a few weeks (my husband thinks I'm obsessed- I am) but I decided to read your blog from the beginning to really feel and appreciate the progress. I thought I was smart when years ago I walked to my local HomeHardware to get some copper pipes to make curtain rods. PS: can you get rid of the classical-profile moulding strip along the top of the fireplace mantel?
I am loving me this, and all the ensuing comments, and anonymousarchitect coming to the table.
The pipes are galvanized and the pre-cut lengths are threaded, but the custom lengths had to be threaded in the store.
I picked up off craigslist years ago…there are no tags, and the guy said it was used for photo shoots in Palm Springs.
2) what happens in when the wood shelving meets the 90degree elbows on the back bottom of the shelves? 3) you say it is sturdy… could it handle some more weight and books without shifting around? I think so – the supports are screwed into the two pipes and are super sturdy, but it depends on what the length between supports is and how thick the wood is. Two feet between pipes (and shelf supports) means there should be no problem with deflection. You could also just buy black plumbers pipe, rather than galvanized, and get a similar yet slightly more rough appearance. I have the same question as Chanpory: Did you screw directly into the wall studs or use those plastic drywall anchors? Hey question, So i just went to put my shelf together this week and the stain turned out HORRIBLE on the pine. Only thing that I am unhappy with (totally my mistake, not the design) was using 2 coats of the stain mix, which evened out the color but made the wood very very dark and obscured the grain. Considering some pipe shelving for my office so I’m planning it out using your excellent blog post.

A piece of advice: take a steel brush to the threads on your pipes and thoroughly clean the female connections on the fittings as well.
This entry was posted in Furniture, hallways, Home Accents, Lowe's Creative Ideas, Other, pantry, renovation, Roeshel's Projects, Shelving and tagged DIY, industrial, Lowescreator, Pantry, pipe shelving, shelving, Tutorial by Roeshel. I would love to hear more about the lighting in this room – any plans on doing a post about it? The Shabby NestYou can find the information you are looking for in a couple of different ways depending on how you are using Houzz.
I knew I wanted a big wall of open shelving in the living room and didn’t want the two areas to compete. I mean, I LIKED the doors on the bookshelves, but with all this other open display, it makes perfect sense now. How did you do that on the left side when you already had the left side pipe installed before the longer shelves? I felt the frustration when you felt like breaking down a few times (especially with the outside of the house and the bathrooms. I wanted to build some pipe shelves too, but my boyfriend won't let me I'm going to try to convince him, because this looks dope! I'm looking to recreate this system on a wall in my kitchen, and ideally it will hold my cookbooks and microwave (its a hefty 40lb microwave oven). The whole thing is about nine feet wide, I think it broke down to four feet and then two feet between vertical pipes, with like six inches of overhang on each end. Just curious as we’re planning on building these, but it would be great to make full use of this corner we have in the office. I wish I could show you some pictures (is it possible to set up a place here, where some of us grateful people can show how you’ve inspired us?), it just looks awesome against my brick wall. Also, instead of painting over my pipes, I just left it as is – i like the dark greyish, muted tone of the black iron pipes and the connectors.
I just discovered your blog by way of Brooklyn Limestone and I’m completely blown away.
I love it – and thanks a million for including all the details – I want to build a similar unit and this information will be invaluable! I estimate it came to around $500 for all of the plumbing, stain, spray paint and wood shelving. We were just talking about doing bookshelves in this exact fashion, and here is your super clear, step-by-step on how to get it done, with all of the crucial hardware shown and listed… Perfect!
I’d love to make this for our basement and in my home office…oh yeah and my craft room! We have been considering one of these for our TV room but have had lots of questions, many of which you answered.
I have been wanting to make a long set of plumbing pipe shelves, but hadn’t thought about how, exactly, I would mark all the spots for holes in my wood.
This is made to measure so you would give me the dimensions wanted and it would be my pleasure to make you one.

It took over a week, a lot of frustration (with many changes to the original plan) and about $200.
The Boy and I assembled it by ourselves pretty quickly and surprisingly easily and then secured it to the wall with some screws through the flanges. I have open shelving in the den, kitchen, dining room and now a whole wall in the living room, so I thought we could sacrifice those bookcases being open – especially since I could never could get them to look right. I'm calling my husband over to the computer as I type this to show him what I want him to do to our stone wall.
I was thinking of just building two of these so that one goes all the way into the wall in the corner and the other one would stop at the beginning of the first one’s shelves (if that makes sense).
And did you run into any problems with having the threads going the wrong direction when you hooked multiple pipes together?
Not exactly cheap but reasonable for a custom fit 6′ wide by almost 9′ tall unit!
This wasn’t a cheap DIY but it was $300+ less than the manufactured shelving I was pricing (and not the ideal fit).
I like the photo’s you provided of the shelving in a bathroom, while reading this post I thought this would be perfect in my master bathroom and then there was a picture!
I read above that to get the pipes custom cut you had to buy 4-10ft lengths so, did the actually cutting and threading cost extra or was it included in the price of the 4-10ft lengths? That wouldn’t look as clean as actually building either a continuous shelf into and out of the corner or even cutting the shelves so they were angled and fit against each other in the corner. Thanks so much for your help, I SO can’t wait to make some of these in our master bathroom. On the other hand, building two of these would allow us to possibly make better use of them in a different place if we were to move later on, as we wouldn’t be constrained to using them in a corner. I wrote down the lengths I wanted cut, gave them my phone number and continued shopping (even left and returned) because it takes a while.
I’m actually looking for something a little taller for this area (those top shelves are still out of reach so looking for a wooden one with 2 steps). I had major ups and downs (still do) but your blog really helped me get over it and l am reminding myself that patience and determination is the way to go when you don't have the cash!
The pipe for my project totaled around $100…it will differ because for custom cut pieces, I had to buy pipe in four 10 ft. My shelving (linked above) is pine and mine were more expensive because they are 20×72 but the smaller widths and lengths were less expensive. I really, really want a smaller version for my tiny so called pantry, but scared to even try to do the measurements.

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