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Amazon has just released two variants of the Echo, a personal assistant and Bluetooth speaker.
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Here is my cool pi 3d scanner, made from 36 Raspberry Pies + Pi Cameras and one raspberry and NAS system for control. After the picture is taken and stored on the local SD card, the images are uploaded to the central NAS for further processing. When I browsed the cases page over at the Raspberry Pi Wiki to see what other people came up with, there was also one particular case which already came very close to the concept I had in mind.
Anyway, what I liked about that case was the solution for holding the Raspberry Pi in place by making a small notch on each spacer – it is ideal. It does not really matter what kind of plates are used, as long as you can cut it and drill holes in it.
There is not much to do wrong with the six nuts and the four dome nuts, as long as they are M6.
This entry was posted in Handycrafts, Hardware, Linux, Server and tagged Arch Linux, home server, low cost, thin client by 6arms1leg. I just bought a raspberry pi, and in the true sense of Nerd-dom, I’m too cheap to buy a case. Open Source hardware, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, DIY electronic construction, reviews, projects, how-tos and recipes. Okay, so if you were going to make a simple LED 4 digit clock, you probably wouldn't start with a Raspberry Pi. But I wanted to test out I2C on the Pi and Adafruit's I2C LED displays looked like a good bet. To simplify the process of using the display, I have created a Python library modelled on the Adafruit library for Arduino. For those looking for more information about the library, then just browse through the file, the methods are documented.

For more information about the display itself, including the segment mapping can be found at this useful thread. I thought I would share this little helper I have made to simplify using the Pi with jumper wires.
Both these variants – the Tap and the Echo Dot – are significantly cheaper than the $180 (USD) Echo.
Novaspirit Tech also posted their fork of Sam’s Raspberry Pi code on their GitHub page. It uses 40 Raspberry Pis and cameras but Richard says that he has had impressive results with 12 Pis. For a science fiction-brewed child of the 70s like myself this is a deeply magical thing and it makes me insanely happy.
I was planning to add a laser with a lens cap that projects many points, to generate more references for the modelling software.
Just buy the standard ISO 4032 M6 and DIN 1587 M6 nuts or use six self-locking nuts instead (ISO 10511). I used a Dremel (alternatively a saw) to cut them from the polymer tube I bought, and then sanded the ends plane.
Would you just set up a cron job each minute to update it?Another though - could you have 2 displays running together?
But makers can save even more money by tapping into Amazon’s Alexa voice service using a single board computer. So I can start scanning people at large on saturday when the makerfaire is open to the public. I did already do some test shoots with less cameras and already very happy with the result. I did not like to force the screws into (unthreaded) polymer spacers, as dismanteling the case a few times would damage it. Ask your five year old son or daughter to help you out or join them inconspicuously playing LEGO for a week.

Thanks to everyone visiting our booth, you will soon get the email explaining how to download your 3d scan.
Each network cable I custom made, using 4 wires for the actual networking (100mb) and 2 wires to supply 5 volt for the raspberry from one central powerfull powersupply (5v 60A).
As the network package arrives at each raspberry at the same time, all 36 cameras take the photo in full synchronization. The concept had to be simple (but solid), because besides a Dremel and an electric drill I only had standard tools at hand.
Due to the countersunk screws, the acrylic glas plates lie flat on the sub floor, which will give it lots of scratches. You could probably also use three sheets of CD case covers instead (although cutting will be more difficult).
Do not cut too deep or make it too big, it only has to catch the edges of the circuit board. The nice thing about acrylic polymers is that they are rather brittle, which makes it possible to cut it creating very slick edges. Use a simple cutter or other sharp knife and a ruler to create a predetermined breaking line and break it (e. The best way to do this is by taping both plates temporarily together (so that the holes you drill will be identical), putting the Raspberry Pi centered on top (mind the overlap of the SD card!) and mark the drilling points.
But be cautious to choose points at which the spacers will not be in the way of any plugs or small diodes, of course! This has another good side effect: Besides the fact that you will increase chances that your Raspberry Pi will actually fit into the casing, the tolerances will help reducing the mechanical stress on the circuit board.

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