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Onwards with some good organizational practices, time to make that same corner of the basement look more like this: BAM.
One good thing about the house is that our unfinished basement leaves us access to the first floor’s floor joists, and we were able to secure six 2x4s vertically directly to the joists to make a really sturdy outer frame. Note for a second how we planned the spacing between the shelves: using one of our larger plastic storage bins as a template for height, we worked to make sure that every shelf would be able to accomodate something of that same height. The surface area of each shelf also came into account when we were planning the size of the unit.
Our measurements maximized our investment perfectly, and the solid shelves quickly came to be. The shelves were screwed into place in case we ever want to move them and are ready to be maxed out, pronto.
A man, a dog, a farmhouse on five acres, countless projects and a hankering to grow and cook good food on Vashon Island. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.
From old textbooks to the latest printing of Harry Potter, and from VHS to DVD and now Blu-Ray, we can’t stop collecting and hoarding rectangular objects! Ladder shelves can be vertical or horizontal, wood or aluminum, made from classic ladders or step ladders—but this hanging, wall-mounted version from Dandelion Express stands out from the crowd. If you can get your hands on a shipping pallet (or several), the possibilities for DIY shelves are endless. Want to tackle a smaller project so that you’re free to spend the whole weekend watching Homeland? Since I can’t screw into our wood floors, I needed to figure out how to properly support this as a wall-mounted endeavor. I definitely didn’t want the shelf to be very deep, just deep enough to accommodate my more sizable books. I insisted on using plywood because I love that exposed edge, which ended up being an expensive headache. Strain into a cup to remove any metal bits, which will rust if they get painted onto the wood.
Be careful with this stuff, since I found that any errant drips (like on my walls!) left a reddish stain wherever they dried. I like the idea of the bottom shelf being for books and the top shelf being a nice forum for a rotating display of art and objects.
You might try using the paddle bit halfway through from one side (just until the center point pokes through) and then drill the rest of the way from the opposite side – that has worked for me in the past.
Regardless of the fact that your shelves didn’t quite turn out the right color, they look great. I wonder if maybe, due to its position next to an it’s-supposed-to-be-more-cluttery desk area, the shelves would look better with just books and bookends on it. Anyways, I guess I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog and lots of love from India.
For future plywood projects, I have always found the guys who work at the Home Depot in Gowanus to be ready, willing and able to cut plywood for me — even when I want something absurd live twenty cuts.
Do you think this plumbing pipe idea could be adapted to making a shower rod for a shower open on three sides, with an extra support pipe affixed to the ceiling or to the next wall?
Yeah, that tiny piece of rusted rebar is somehow attached to the ceiling, but all that’s been spackled over.
The pallet wood is serving greatly and terrifically in wall decoration by making with it the pallet racks, picture shelves and bookshelves. Diy Storage For Bathroom Linen - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Or maybe it was caused by an onslaught of new toolage, wedding shiz, or plain hurriedness and laziness. Why we keep the paint coated grout mixing bowl next to the bleach though, beyond me, and that little black lampshade on the shelf next to the SHOUT has sat there since 2009. There would be no more stacking of plastic bins, each will have their own space on our big basement shelf of fun. Join me, and my bulldog Buddy, as I share what I know, what I love, and what I'm learning along the way! Yet, there will always be problems to deal with by the time you do not know what to do about it. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. So instead of letting them sit in a messy pile for another eight months, why not display them proudly on a simple set of DIY shelves?

Then these pipe-fitting DIY shelves from The House Hippos would be the perfect storage solution for your space. Try rearranging the slats to make these charming shelves, following in the creative footsteps of bloggers Seth and Kait.
I unpacked my books about 5 minutes after moving in back in May, and then shuffled them around my room in various precariously teetering stacks while I figured out a storage solution. I don’t know much about anything, but I tried to be aware of the weight and design a suitable bracket accordingly.
Buy all your pipes, clean them well with Murphy’s oil soap, let dry, and spray paint them black.
Since it would really blow if this thing fell, I invested in a studfinder, which totally sounds like an online dating service for gay guys. A level is a great tool to have for nearly anything in life, but especially for this (a real one, not the iPhone app which I’m pretty sure is a prank).
Screw your closed pipes, your tee joints, the 2″ pipes and the elbows into your bottom flanges. I used about 4 or 5 coats, since the first two kind of just get sucked in and I really wanted to seal the edge well for what comes next. You know when you’ve read something a really long time ago and then it just pops into your head and you feel weird about remembering it?
I topped it with a coat of tung oil (what you see on the right), which might have made it browner? Of course I just HAD to clutter the top up with too much stuff, some of which has already been edited out. It feels more balanced and makes room for the desk lamp, which had to switch sides so the right side of the desk wouldn’t look a hot mess. Right now I am struggling to decide between two desk ideas, both using things from my parents basement and one idea would be a ripp-off of your desk.
How did you drill the holes in the ply for the pipes to pass through without one side getting all splintery? If I were brave, and if my walls weren’t paper thin with no existing studs (seriously, I’ve tried to find them and I think they ran away), I would totally try this! I see two elbows and three flanges (the flat, round parts that screw into the wall, right?)just fine, but what kind of part could attach the support piece to the u shaped structure so that it holds up the horizontal part of the U, zat is la question!
You’re right…the elbows are going to cause trouble, unless I can find some that make a smooth curve!
I have been googling pipe furniture lately because I want to make a desk with pipe legs, but not just boring straight ones. Since curtains aren’t too heavy, you could probably get away with some good drywall anchors as well if you want your curtain rod brackets in specific spots.
These shelves serve as a main centerpiece and focal point in living room for decorative and memorable accessories. See, there’s plenty of space in the basement to store everything we desire, but we really needed a way to build upwards and stack lesser-used items (like, boxes of ornaments, extra kitchen appliances, rarely-used tools) and a big, rough shelf felt like a good, affordable solution.
I don’t know much about it, but I know that I really miss the convenience of a basement toilet at our new home. Cluttered stuff is inevitable and that is why you might have to come up with the best answer possible right at this moment. All you need to supply are pipes, pipe fittings, and a few slats of wood—ingeniously assembled, of course.
I came this close to just biting the bullet and ordering one of those vertical CB2 Array bookcases, but at $189 for only five vertical feet (meaning I would have needed to get rid of some books or buy two bookcases), it wasn’t the most practical choice. In fact it’s a sweet tool that can, through witchcraft, detect the studs under your drywall.
I loosened all the screws on the bottom flanges about an inch so the whole thing could kind of fall back from the wall a bit (it’s a good idea to have two people for this part, Eva held the shelf up while the screws were all loose), which gives you the space you need to attach the top flanges.
First, they didn’t like that I was building my own bookshelves instead of just buying some.
But since I would only build it in the winter holidays I still have plenty of time to decide which way to go!
Yes, the old weaving thing is currently over my bed, but it’ll probably end up somewhere else. The full-sized level in this case, but you’ve also obviously got a tall ladder for painting stashed somewhere. If they weren’t birch, but were probably oak, then your problem is the lack of tanins in the birch.
The scraps were from the same wood (I did keep the smaller pieces, about 2’x7″), but it just looked different!

I bookmarked it to go through it, but had to run off to class today morning and I guess I kind of forgot. You have almost pushed me to the point where I will consider tackling my own DIY shelving project. Some of those metal contraptions can seem expensive and be a little rickety when you’re demanding a lot from them, but there are a lot of other ways to get organized. The thing to take away here is that the unit is in no way attached to the wall of the house, it floats merely inches off away from it, resting on the ground and attached only to the joists. There are so many options for you to take and deal with that kind of problem and one of them might be DIY garage shelves.
There were several drawings that worked on paper but couldn’t be constructed in real life and a good hour spent in Home Depot screwing different formulations of piping together like a confused, frustrated toddler.
Then lay your wood on top, trace around the top of each elbow joint from underneath with a pencil. Re-tighten your bottom screws and affix the top flanges to the wall, the top and bottom screw holes lining up with the vertical line you made earlier. I’m still going to count it a success since vinegar and steel wool changed the color of the wood so much. Everytime I try the drill+bit routine, the exit side of the bit gets all splintery and ruined.
I presume that your place, much like every other apartment I’ve ever entered in New York is pretty much bereft of any serious storage space. My brother bought me this Dremel Trio tool that has this little round sander bit, so for most of the holes I ended up stopping just short of where the paddle would break through and make a mess and switch to the Dremel to just sand away that final little layer.
The only big ones are my cordless drill and now this new Dremel tool, so they’re up on a shelf with the paints.
Ebonizing only works on wood with tanins in it, and the best results come from oak and some of the exotics. You might have to spend your precious moment with me here and learn what things you are going to do in order to make that kind of matter happens.
Especially in an old building, you can’t assume that the studs are standard distances from each other. I lined up the bottom screw hole with the mark on the wall and hung all of the flanges so two screw holes would always form a vertical line (and therefore be affixed to the stud at the strongest point, the center). I didn’t really need to for this project, but yes usually I rent stuff or have things cut for me!
No seriously, you should definitely study Interior Design, not only do you have the flare, you are a super DIY designer. We are going to talk about how we use DIY garage shelves as part of the storage solution for the home.For those who are looking for the best storage solution for the garage, you do know that there will always be answers for it and one of them is the garage shelves that also come in different types for most of you to choose from.
It turned out he was also building shelves and wanted to get chatty about it, but I wasn’t in the mood. After your bottom flanges are in place, center your level vertically over your bottom flange and draw a line in pencil ten inches above your bottom flange. I’d recommend a hole saw since the paddle bit can make your wood a splintery mess, as I found out. In the future if you want to ebonize non-tanic wood, you can buy quebracho bark powder and mix it up with some water and put that on first and then ebonize and the tanins in the bark powder solution will soak into the wood and you’ll get an awesome black color. There are types of garage shelves that are generally available in the market for you to choose from in the end and it could be a sign why you have to consider all those options right before you come up with the best answer in the end. I didn’t know whether to comment on the posts that I particularly liked or just to post a BIG HELLO. Seriously think of going to Parsons or something you would do very well, and it seems like you really enjoy! It should be a good thing for you to do as you are seeking the one that fits and suits best with your need and yet, you will be able to find it by knowing each advantages and disadvantages from each type of shelf. The employees would make themselves scarce, I assume all smoking pot in a back room, complaining about their jobs and plotting new schemes to piss people off.
They wouldn’t give two shits that I was ripping the plastic packaging off every little piece of pipe for my own benefit. A lot of the projects in it are ugly, but there’s usually some good information on techniques and processes that I think are really interesting.

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