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Cuando no tenemos mucho espacio libre en casa, debemos buscar soluciones prA?cticas para situaciones como, por ejemplo, recibir invitados en casa. 1 La base, que, como veis, estA? formada por cuatro listones y cuatro tacos de madera que harA?n de patas. AdemA?s, luego se ha tapado con una tabla que puede ser de contrachapado, y que puede ir clavada. Los palets han demostrado con creces ser materiales aptos para todo tipo de proyectos, pues es una madera muy fA?cil de trabajar y, al ser estructuras ideadas como medio de transporte y embalaje, presentan una gran resistencia y flexibilidad. Contando con el paso a paso, muchas actividades que, a priori, pueden resultar complicadas, se descubren como trabajos relativamente asequibles y sencillos. Como este mes estA? dedicado al salA?n, hoy vamos a ver una idea que puede servirnos tanto para decorar como para ordenar este espacio de la casa, siempre y cuando contemos con un estilo minimalista e informal. Si tienes animales en casa seguro que este proyecto te resultara muy atractivo, pues es una manera de tener su comedero y su bebedero recogido y expuesto de una manera prA?ctica y decorativa. Las antiguas ventanas y contraventanas de madera, que aA?n hoy podemos seguir encontrando en las casas de los pueblos, se caracterizan, a mi parecer, por un estilo que les hace A?nicas y especiales.
It turns out Ian is a handy fellow and came up with this RV sofa bed design which is quite unique.
The Yirego Drumi Is A Portable Washing Machine That Requires Zero ElectricityRV Snowbirding 101: The Ins And Outs Of Going South For Winter In Your RVDolly Parton Wants To Show You The Inside Of Her Tour Bus. MANSTAD packs a lot of punch — it's a (1) small scale sectional sofa that's also a (2) bed and (3) storage.
As with most IKEA sleepers, it is easy to see that nightly transformation from sofa to bed would more quickly break down the joints and construction. Often in tiny houses I see something that bothers me: sitting areas that do not look comfortable. I personally want to be able to lounge comfortably in my tiny house and be able to snuggle up on a couch.
Y es que, son muchos los usuarios que han compartido con nosotros trabajos espectaculares a partir de una simple caja, lo que nos demuestra, una vez mA?s, la versatilidad que ciertos objetos de uso cotidiano que desechamos puede tener con un poco de imaginaciA?n. There is some kind of engineering limitation there that just cannot accommodate a comfortable setup.
The bottom of the sofa seat pulls out using a slats system so the sofa cushions can then be reorganized for a bed surface.
While there are options for sectionals with built in beds, few are this small, this inexpensive and few are designed to take advantage of the full footprint.
The MANSTAD transformation process was fairly intuitive but clunky — lots of tugging and pulling and readjusting. This is actually an interesting piece because there is also a lounging mode which sounds appealing.

Another option not mentioned and, I haven’t seen this anywhere,is the use of multiple storage ottomans. Fijaos en que por debajo de la tabla debemos dejar la altura de la base que forman el cajA?n y la cubierta. AsA­, en esta ocasiA?n vamos a ver los pasos para fabricar una mesa de comedor con tablas de palet. AsA­, vamos a ver el paso a paso de este diseA±o que hemos encontrado en la web Centsational Girl. When we were presented this neat RV sofa bed idea from a couple named Ian and Mad Mumsie (don’t you like them already?) from the UK who have quite an interesting story. When the bed is deployed back into sofa orientation the front can be lifted up to access the storage area underneath it. Like the Twilight Sleep Sofa from DWR, this sleeper is actually more comfortable as a bed — the firm sofa cushions are also the mattress.
I actually tested this out in a futon store and it was pretty comfortable as far as a futon goes.
As you will notice from the photos it is considerably more storage area than most RV owners have now under their RV sofa bed. We don’t think it will be long before we see owners having this type of addition installed in lieu of some of the more expensive alternatives. Also it folds out into a full sized mattress (there is a third of the mattress that is separate and must be added when folded down).
I think the name says it all but they purchase caravans or what folks from the US call Class B motorhomes or conversion vans. Or if you live in a studio apartment, you can maximize your space by enjoying the perks of a sofa and a bed without having to find a place for both!Not to mention, today’s most stylish convertible beds are innovative in their design, at times creating three or four separate functional options!
This makes it very strong and provides a spot in the middle for a basket to store things like an air mattress and pump.
But also these ottomans can be put together into a love seat and can be slept on by having hinged tops that fold out at the foot and to the side of the head for one person to sleep and others can use the floor and sleep on the air mattress. Check out the images below for stylish space-saving solutions…Convertible Sofa BedsWe begin with the Staple Bed by Alexander Seifried. Below we see the piece with a red frame, but this convertible bed is also available in black or white. The furnishing is a stylish sofa by day… [from Richard Lampert]Bright red convertible sofa bed…yet it easily transforms into a bed for one at night! Simply lift the top of the sofa and voila–you have matching beds that you can place side by side! Simply remove the backrest, and you have a twin bed sleeping experience!Convertible bed for oneWhen extra company arrives, you also have the option of arranging this piece into two separate beds, clearly apart from one another, as shown below.

Plenty of room for restful sleeping, as you can see…Sleeper sofa after its transformationIntroducing the Convertible Modern Sofa Bed from Weiku.
Tufted cushions are a true highlight, as is the navy blue color that makes this piece a standout.
A classic standout that makes a statement without overtaking the room, that is!Blue convertible sofa bedAs you can see in the image below, the back of the sofa folds down, transforming the piece into a bed with a mini foot board and headboard.
The comfy cushions now add substantial padding to this sleeper, creating an inviting resting spot at the end of a long day!Blue sofa bed in transitionPull up the seat cushions, and you can see just how this furnishing creates room for under-bed storage.
Now you have a place for the sheets and pillows…Convertible sofa bed storage Ready for a comfy sleeper that’s rich in style?! The Havana Sleeper Sofa with Storage offers a hidden under-seat nook for stashing comfy guest bed enhancements.
A boxy, clean-lined look makes this piece memorable… [from Design Within Reach]Sleeper sofa with storage…as does its ability to convert into a chic chaise lounge or a relaxing guest bed! This piece makes a wonderful addition to the bedroom, office or living room, as you can see in the image below:Elegant convertible bedNext we see the Twilight Sleeper Sofa in Cento Fabric, likely the inspiration for the previous sofa. Designed by Flemming Busk, this item won a Danish design contest with its stunning cylinder and rectangle design.
The compact piece below pulls out to create a colorful guest bed configuration, which is perfect for sleepover fun. The Sell Bunk Bed Convertible Sofa is colorful in its dual shades of bright red and apple green. Cushions and pillows add comfort, yet they are compact enough to leave plenty of seating space on this petite piece. Add even more color with a vibrant blanket, or keep it simple with a neutral shade, especially since this piece already showcases two vivid hues.Convertible bunk beds in redWhy do so many convertible beds have a fabulous retro look? In fact, this piece was proudly featured in a previous Decoist post. [from Homedit] Convertible sofa bed with pillows We now see the piece in transition. Two-tone cushions are a highlight, as well as the way the sofa has so many interesting arrangement options. For example, who can argue with the convenience of dual chairs and a table in the middle for holding drinks, books or other items that need to be close by? Good thing it doesn’t get in the way of cuddling!Convertible sofa seatingFold down all three cushions and you have a bed, or at least a work space that gives you plenty of room to spread out as you conquer the tasks at hand. We’re crazy about the white fabric on the inside of the couch, which creates a striking contrast to the black detailing.Relax on a convertible sofaReady to pack it up and create more room?

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