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Forgive the photo quality please - the window there just destroys any hope of a decent photo (at least with my photography skills anyway!).
I've been racking my brain for a few months now on how to design the perfect beauty cabinet with a full length mirror integrated. This project cost about $25 total to make (using some paint on hand and inexpensive 1x2 and 1x4 boards). And of course, the step by step tutorial follows (if this is the home page you'll need to click READ MORE below). It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
I've been toying around with the idea of a bathroom cabinet like the one on Shanto to Chic website but wanted something that had slides because its going to go by my toilet and there is no room there for a swing out door. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to contain and organize all my jewelry discretely.
Our next Holiday Guest Series feature is from a lovely blogger who came up with a brilliant solution to a problem in her master bathroom: what do you do for both privacy and a vanity mirror when you have a window above your bathroom sink? Today, I get to share with you our master bathroom remodel, and specifically how we created a sliding mirror across the window. At first, we couldn’t figure out what do about the large window located in the ideal space for a mirror.

Explore the exclusive collection of wardrobes design ideas & feel free to share with others. Ready-to-build Modular wardrobes are available in different types, designs, sizes and finish including interior design (i.e. Following wardrobes design images may perhaps be helpful to plan your wardrobe, before you consider buying a new one. E-mail us your Flatpack Furniture Shopping list (inc Non-flatpack items) and get a FREE Quote today. We are an INDEPENDENT company (Flatpack Furniture Collection, Delivery and Assembly Service in London). Then I pulled the slide out part out and clamped it to the mirror and check to make sure it slid right. I just didnt know how to go about doing the slides, i didnt realize they were so easy to get!
I've been racking my brain on a clever way to organize my jewelry and this would be the perfect solution.
I mainly write about motherhood, everyday faith, and when I see the two intertwine like in this post.
We removed the clips with needle-nose pliers and used small screws and washers to attach the rings to the mirror.

Then the other materials and items for our bathroom we found here (Our favorite being the tile floor.
Well, except for when my husband messes with me and slides it away when I’m trying to get ready. I have a question though – what about the bottom edge of the mirror, doesn’t it swing back and forth, if somebody knocks it?
However, I want to try to do it within the wall studs and put hinges on the mirror because the wall I want to use won't work with a slider.
However, I'm going to attempt to build this in between the wall studs and hinge the mirror. I thought it looked creative and fun, but my husband didn’t like that the window was permanently blocked. We can always hang a curtain behind the mirror or a second mirror behind the first to cover the rest of the window.
We were indecisive and couldn’t come up with a solution, so we did what we thought was best: we procrastinated and put the whole thing off.

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