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I love projects that start with the word "easy." And this tie-over headboard is no exception. You can use many different materials to slipcover chairs -- I love this one because it's made out of a tablecloth with an awesome pattern. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. But if you take a bit of time, it's a texture that can't be duplicated with other materials, and adds a Continental, upscale flair. Instead, give your body the support it needs but give your decor a pop with this easy DIY chair slipcover. But you CAN find recliners that match your decor -- and, even better, you can slipcover a recliner to give it an elegant look. She's re-using a coffee sack (burlap!) - adding the "found object" flair to her custom-upholstered ottoman.

Let us know in the comments and add a link if you have one, we would love to see YOUR project!! A slipcover is a great way to change up the look of a room without having to invest in a new piece of furniture. However, it will more frustrating looking at your computer chair, which is outdated and ugly. The ugly look of your computer chair can be caused by the slipcover which either doesn’t fit to your room decor or has been out of dated.
To solve this problem, you need to replace the old slipcover with a new one so that everything will be in contrast.
Replacing computer chair seat cover doesn’t have to be expensive since you can make it yourself. However, to help you easily cut the fabric, you need a template that will keep you on track.

The template can be created using a piece of paper or old newspaper for making the pattern and secure it to your fabric to cut it off. The fabric used for your slipcover should be matched in both color and pattern with the rest decor in the room so that your slipcover can be well blend to your room decor. So, you have to carefully measuring the chair and cutting the fabric since this is the most important part you have to pay more attention if you want to end up with a perfect slipcover for your computer chair.

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