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DOUBLEAGLE Super Polish Car wax is easy to apply and can be used to give a new glittering mirror finish to your cars, almirahs, scooters, fridge, etc.
I was busy working on my book until my manuscript was due in early May, but later last month I got around to pulling out the millions of staples on the old Louis chair and prepping it for painting.
I couldn't decide which color to use (they have a ton of pretty ones) since I don't know which fabric I'll recover it with, so I played it safe and asked for white.
I really wanted to do this chair project right, since I've had it for so long and it's a really nice quality piece, and I want it to last! I go back and forth and am pretty sure I want to keep it pretty neutral (although I love a hot pink chair, but I can't do that to my husband), but obviously white is not a great color for a chair that I put a ton of work into and don't want to recover again. I think I might like a print, but those are kind of hard to find in super cool home dec fabrics, at a good price. Star of romcom Made Of Honour Patrick Dempsey was faced with an added romantic element at the movie's New York premiere on Monday night when a competition-winning couple exchanged their vows on the red carpet. Everyone knows that part of the fun in getting a Jones Soda is to check out the label on the bottle in addition to enjoying a tasty refreshment. Well, turns out you can get your own personalized Jones Sodas made to order which will be perfect favors for your wedding guests. Miss Cannon married Doy Nichols at the a€?Charmin Restroomsa€™ in New York Citya€™s only free luxury public restrooms with all expenses paid for by Cheap Chic Weddings. The dress was designed by Hanah Kim who won the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest prize of $500 which was sponsored by Procter & Gamble Co.
Made entirely out of one of Americaa€™s leading brand of toilet paper Charmin Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft toilet paper was turned into a highly intricately detailed dress with cap sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and a bow at the back. The groom Doy Nichols went mostly unnoticed with his outfit of a more traditional vest and tie while spectators' focus was firmly fixed on the bride and her delicate 2-ply wedding dress. It was the bride and grooma€™s first trip to the Big Apple where the couple from Lexington had been given an all expense paid airline flight, hotel, wedding ceremony and honeymoon package paid for as part of the Charmin toilet paper promotion. Mr and Mrs Nichols were showered by family and friends with confetti of shredded toilet paper on exiting the public restrooms where they had taken their vows: They went on to spend their honeymoon at Destination Kohler in Kohler, Wisconsin.

I have to start out by posting some pictures of my favorite wedding dress designer, Elie Saab. These unique bride and groom bottle stoppers are 3" h x 1"w and are likely to be a hit among your guests!
This is definately more humorous and worth taking home than a simple candle or box of chocolates! Supplies You will need- paper (lined), and a pen or pencil Top Of Eye Draw two trapezoid shaped lines like this. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
After a second coat, plus a third partial for touch-up on spots I'd missed, I pulled out the Soft Wax. Here you can see the vertical piece, where I applied the wax, and the horizontal bar where I hadn't yet. That's of prime importance when you're a quick (read: lazy) furniture painter like me and have to do this in your oddly lit, sort of chilly garage by yourself. I'm always switching up the throw pillows and accents, so nothing besides the headboard and curtains are set in stone. The couple beat 1,800 hopefuls to win an online competition with a prize of an all-expenses paid wedding in New York, plus a honeymoon in Europe. In fact, there's often contests for getting your picture on the bottle for any new flavors. All you have to do is choose the flavor, submit your design and figure out how many you want. She made the pedestals by placing plates atop inverted flower pots, and set them on sheets of blue liner paper from Blick Art Materials with a lace-paper overlay from The Ribbonerie. Ms Kim was then commissioned to design the toilet paper wedding dress that was worn for the Times Square wedding in the public restroom last week. These ethereal gowns of lace, light cotton, and voile make for a pretty, yet effortless look.

I've noticed the trend of headpieces like this on celebrities and in the recent Diane Von Furstenburg's collection.
Here are some of my favorites from his Spring 2008 collection - it's a bit late, but I have to include it! It can be applied in direct sunlight and allowed to dry for extended periods without effecting buffing. The living room has enough seating for now, so it's been living in our bedroom (totally clashing) waiting to be redone.
It's a water repellent top coat that protects the paint job and smooths it out a little, and can be reapplied over the years with wear. However, only some girls can pull it off and it takes the right kind of dress, like this one, to complement it. It said to apply with a cloth or brush, but it a little too thick than I thought my brush could handle so I used a foam tool. So I have big plans for the next few weeks--must first decide on new fabric (which is where you come in), then (yikes!) I'll be stapling and making that fancy double piping. But I already made this inspiration board last night, so alas, you're not going to get any lucky green inspiration.
But I already made this nspiration board last night, so alas, you're not going to get any lucky green inspiration.
It was kind of a beige linen fabric with pale blue embroidery in a sort of circle-type pattern.

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