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You can now have your art or design printed on window film or have a Wallpaper For Windows design customized.
Wallpaper For Windows™ was reviewed by Andrea Campbell, Home & Living Journalist for Miami's very stylish Examiner magazine. Window film is unaffected by moisture and steam so its great for decorating or adding privacy to bathroom windows, showers and mirrors.
Adhesive-free static cling window film removes easily and cleanly when it is time to redecorate.
Need to instill some privacy in certain windows, but want to retain a little bit of peeking space? I’ve been doing galley glass at for about 5 years now, but have only started original pieces recently. The moment I saw these glass chips on the shelf at the craft store, I couldn't put them down.

First, select a few glass pieces (I bought a large container of different glass chips), and trace them onto the coaster.
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We have French doors and while they're pretty and let lots of light in, they tend showcase the millions of little fingerprints that tend to accumulate on them throughout the day. The video demonstrates how our decorative window films can solve problems, improve privacy and add to the decor. These paints and lead strips are removable so if you change your mind or need to revert the windows when you put your home up for sale.
Next, using an exacto knife (or scissors), cut out the glass stencils.Then, glue the coaster on top of another coaster. If so, then Madigan Made’s tutorial for DIY faux stained glass privacy windows is for you. I like the geometric simplicity of this stained glass design (it reminds me of the Arts & Crafts style, which is one of my favorite home styles). And the kids are already making plans for black, orange, yellow and red spooky figures for Halloween!!!

Our patented vinyl cling film will look good for years while reducing heat, saving energy and filtering UV rays. I bought a curtain over a year ago to try and mask it, but when I tested it, I didn’t care much for the look and I found it really didn’t let enough light in. Sand contact paper sheets with a quick, steady rub of medium grade sand paper and dust off bits of residue. I used one of those window cling films that you apply with water and a squeegee on our front door sidelights, but the thought of cutting all of those little rectangles out for every pane of glass in the French doors didn’t sound like much fun. Peel the backing of the contact paper from the design and apply to a clean window, careful to tamp down any air pockets that may form.

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