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Adobe gave me a CS5.5 package to review and to tell you guys about and I have to tell you, it is pretty awesome! This is a great idea, but I think I would use something a little more sturdy than Pringles cans! Let’s be honest, VARIDESK serves the exact same purpose as every other stand up desk on the market. Just looking at the assembly instructions for some of the most popular stand up desk is enough to make you want to hit happy hour a little early. The bottom line is that every other model on the market is either more complicated or more expensive than VARIDESK – usually both. We can talk about the dangers of sitting and the health benefits of standing until we’re blue in the face, but if it’s an expensive pain in the neck to implement a standing desk solution, nobody’s going to do it.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. This super-simple and straightforward design is built with supplies you can find at the home improvement center. Colin Nederkoorn researched the ideal height for a standing desk, assuming a typical workday and variables such as monitor size. He then constructed his desk for less than $22 using miscellaneous parts from IKEA! In small spaces, consider the easy option of pairing a pre-made desk top (available at office furniture outlets) with simple shelving brackets.
Okay, now that we’re past the office envy, let’s talk about the desk project – see all those black boxes and wires and lights and things underneath the stand up desk? As for this mere mortal, I’m just happy to have my awesome VARIDESK in my moderately-sized cubicle with the slightly droopy houseplant. For the past few months I have had incredible back pain that has led to many trips to the chiropractor.
Apparently I’m not alone in my desire to stand as a recent study by Ergotron, an ergonomic office furniture maker, found two out of three office workers want to be able to sit or stand.
The key part of this setup was to place the monitors at the correct height as well as the mouse and keyboard. The base is made out of a large collection of old yearbooks that were in a closet, an old organizer made of MDF and the workspace is composed of two leftover pieces of shelving from a closet. You can also see my footrest below the desk that allows me to vary my posture instead of standing in one position all day. The biggest downside is that I don’t have an easy way to sit at this setup to further mix up my position during the day. Goes to show that with a little ingenuity and an eye for found materials you don’t have to spend a fortune for an ergonomic workspace.
Soon we will be reviewing a sit-stand workstation from Ergotron, the WorkFit-C which easily adjust from sitting to standing and is mobile. Chiropractors are clinically proven NOT to help back pain as your own experience obviously proves. For my current middle east assignment, i have had a hollow box made to place on normal desk, one each for office and apartment.
One main area of ergonomics involves the design of chairs, and how sitting in them for hours will affect the spine. For desktop computers, high-design foam or cushioned wrist bars and properly constructed desks help to minimize any negative effects on the wrists. It Looks Great - Pipe has a great industrial look that adds a modern feel to your environment.
It's Customizable - Pipe can be cut on site or by the store to create a desk height that is an exact fit to your size. It's Solid - Pipe creates a rock solid base which can support a desktop of just about any shape, size and weight. It's Cost Effective - Pipe and fittings may seem like a costly option, but when compared to other standing desks on the market or building it yourself with wood, I think you'll find its a very cost effective option for building a frame for your desk.
Perhaps the biggest hassle when building with pipe is having to deal with the threaded ends and threaded fittings. The ten projects listed below have been built by our customers using pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. Brian used Kee Klamp as the base for the main desk and then used plumbing fittings to attach the shelf riser in the back of the desk.
Gabe started off with his own idea, but then tapped into our design services team to help him get the exact list of fittings and pipe he needed to build his desk. Building a standing desk to suit your needs is one of the primary advantages of using Kee Klamp and pipe. Another great option for standing desks in the office is our adjustable height table frame kit.
I found an cheap pine table top online and cut it down to 60"x30" to be used as a standing computer desk and workspace as I begin engineering school. One thing that Ladson didn't realize before building his project was that Kee Klamp makes it easy to disconnect the top from the pipe frame. If you've been inspired to build your own standing desk with pipe and Kee Klamp you've got a couple different ways to move forward.
If you're the creative type, just dig into our online catalog and build your dream desk with the fittings you find there.
If you're looking for further inspiration, there are many other standing desks in our projects area. Technical brochure that covers the features, benefits and technical data for the Fast-Fit connection system.
Because I have to stand all day when I am behind my computer, I will stand for a lot more hours, this will benefit my condition.

Played around with it for a little bit (actually created this Read It Later workflow with it (more on this in Friday’s post!) and it works pretty smooth. As a 24 year old med student he is trying to become more productive, more successful and more awesome overall in life. He is currently busy building niche sites and start to create a full-time passive (student) income on the internet!
Standing more means getting tired easily, so probably lesser productivity or as u say if it means working faster, then it may mean lesser quality work in order to finish faster. Since u actually tried it, u would know better, so waiting for ur experience result to try it out for myself! I do get tired pretty fast, but that is something about stamina I guess, as Niels mentioned. In other words, wouldn’t you love to have an IKEA standing desk in your home so you can better concentrate on the task at hand, burn calories and maintain a nice posture at the same time?
No matter which one you choose, you’ll reap the health and productivity benefits of standing more often during the workday.
Even the affordable “DIY” standing desk options require tools, long instruction sheets, and far more time and patience than the average person is blessed with.
Most models other than VARIDESK are large, permanent, expensive pieces of furniture that cost anywhere from $500 to over $5,000. Only VARIDESK arrives completely assembled and ready-to-use just minutes after delivery.  No tools, professional movers, giant credit card bills, or fancy contraptions necessary. VARIDESK is the only easy-to-set-up, simple-to-operate, bank-account-friendly stand up desk solution. She is one of our greatest assets and works tirelessly to reinforce the positive benefits of using standing desks such as the VARIDESK. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Since the structure depends on basic 2x4s and sawhorse brackets, the desk height can be adjusted to preference.
I bust it out at least three days a week, more when I remember (I should set an alert on my calendar). For a project of this kind, it’s essential to screw your brackets into the wall studs to get a sturdy result. I may not be ready to take on a Hacked Gadgets project just yet, but I’ve burned some extra calories using my stand up desk today and I’m pretty sure I won’t spend my weekend in front of a band saw.
Even after adjustments the pain would return by the end of the next day as I slowly hunched closer to my computer. This meant that my elbows formed a 90 degree angle and my eyes were aligned with the top third of the screen.
Those of you who spent any time in higher ed will likely recognize the dorm room white walls which may tip you off to the fact that the office for my dayjob is in fact an old dorm room.
In the first version I relied on another old shelf to elevate the keyboard and mouse but it wasn’t the right height. I have a desk situated to the right and enough slack to move one monitor over but that’s a bit of a hassle for a 15 minute sitting spell. I still have some back pain and my legs are adjusting to being on my feet all day but for the most part it is a big improvement over sitting.
Xavier will be trying out the WorkFit-S which provides similar functionality attached to a desk.
However, another major area of ergonomics relates to the common interface between a human and a computer: the keyboard. I would like to apprentice whilst you amend your website, how can i subscribe for a blog site? Be inspired by their work and build your own standing desk by selecting your own fittings, using one of our table frame kits or tapping into our project assistance.
A member of our projects team worked up this SketchUp diagram of Gabe's desk to ensure that all the pipe lengths would be cut just right.
This kit allows you to build a desk that can be set in a standing or sitting configuration.
Using the same basic frame as this DIY standing desk, he coated a piece of fiber board in carbon fiber tape that he found on eBay.
He used a Kee Klamp and pipe frame for the base and attached it to a pine top using carriage bolts. Loosening the pipe in the flanges attached to the desktop would have made the top detachable.
Gina, as a woman, of course pointed out there will be a lot more calories burned (something I don’t consider as important), that would be a thing too. There are studies which show that when meeting would be standing meeting they would go way faster. The big advantages to choosing VARIDESK over the others concern your bank account and, frankly, your sanity. All you need is another pair of hands to help you lift your VARIDESK onto your work surface, and voila! The real solution might this: Get out of your chair by creating one of these great DIY standing desk projects.
Perhaps best of it all, it takes up no more space than you’ve already allowed for your bookshelf. Also, he appears to have a huge office with a view of a sylvan oasis where I’m guessing there are daily yoga sessions, organic fruit trees, and frolicking nymphs.
The pain lessened when I stood and worked at a countertop so I decided to create a standup desk with materials we had lying around the office.

Xavier also chronicled a the pain of a Geek’s lifestyle over at GottaBeMobile, sharing his steps to fix bad habits and work conditions that lead to pain. You can see the demo of the new WorkFit-S model below and if you like it enter for a chance to win a WorkFit-S today from Ergotron.
Kee Klamps use a set screw that bites into the pipe to form a solid, structural connection.
You simply won't find a standing desk on the market that looks like the desk pictured above. These desks look great and are a low-cost, highly-durable solution for office standing desks.
It also allows for finite adjustments so that the desk can be adjusted to the ideal ergonomic height of the individual.
The big item is that there is generally no good place to store all the "stuff" that goes with computers except by piling it all on the desktop.
I went to many websites, called about half a dozen furniture people and finally found this option online. Wood screws were the obvious choice, but they did not seem most functional for long-term use if I needed to breakdown and move the table.
I might also call this the Windows 8 standing desk :) Jason used a standard configuration that can be found in many of the other desks on this page. We've designed these kits after helping our customers design their own desk frames for years. Now I don’t feel anything from that now, but I know I will have backpain in 10-20 years if I continue to sit like this. I have the posts about the contests and everything scheduled, so their won’t be any problem with that! If that were the view from my office, I’d be happy to work while sitting on a bucket in front of a tv tray.
Still, just reading about the “actuator switches” and “heavy-duty linear guide rails” made my palms sweat just a little. With as little as I plan to sit I wish I could find a very tall SUMO chair, but I won’t hold my breath.
With laptop computers, ergonomic laptop stands can provide a better way to utilize the computer workstation. I do, however, also have a regular desk with a balance ball seat for when I need to take a break. This customer wanted to have a spot for two separate computers and a long shelf underneath the desk to store books.
The basic table frame kit will provide you with the fittings and pipe you need to build this standing desk. For my desk, I build a large box, essentially, with a split top that lifts off to give me access to the interior. I didn't go with the adjustable option but the legs can easily be modified if i decide to sit again. So, I settled on counter-sunk machine bolts that matched the gator tubing and provided a nice contrast on the black painted wood surface. It looks like tons of fun and a great solution for those with lots of space and deep pockets to match, but how many of us fall into that fortunate category? So, in closing, we’d like to congratulate this incredibly handy and talented fella with his warehouse full of power tools and his giant office in paradise forest. The lower portion of the desk works as a working surface and the upper portion doubles as a shelf and a higher work area. He was able to build his own desk at a fraction of what it would cost to have something like this made by a carpenter. Overall, the table frame and table top connected together with the help of some shims where the underside surfaces didn't match up. The hardware is attached, making it more difficult to lose and because the components are steel they are not likely to be broken. It can be moved when needed and makes a great solution for anyone who is trying to build a standing up desk on top of an existing desk. Since wood is actually a decent insulator, I added some air holes and fans to keep the components inside the desk cool.
Finally, I mounted a surge protector to the underside of the table to provide easy access for power cords. You can add storage to the desk, maybe a shelf underneath for the printer or one for documents and other supplies.
Because the unit is made with pipe, it offers the weight needed to offset the weight of the Apple Cinema Display. Just look how simple and straight-forward this standing desk is and how neatly it hides everything. For example, this standing desk is a combination between a tabletop from IKEA and a mid-century modern credenza the owner already had in the house. The red shelf also makes it pop a little and it’s a nice way of customizing the design.

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