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Purebond uses a formaldehyde-free technology to make plywood that’s better for your family and the environment. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, IKEA's Lerberg Table Legs are a cheap and durable option that has a nice, clean aesthetic. Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish is a protective topcoat for use on interior wood surfaces including furniture, trim, doors and cabinets.
I used 28" tall, mint-color coated iron trestle legs, which are awesome, but feel IKEA offers cheaper alternatives too. I applied 2 coats of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish per the manufacturer's instructions and got a nice, clear satin protective finish. HomeMade Modern is an online design source that publishes easy-to-follow, DIY recipes for creating modern home furnishings. We provide creative ideas for making affordable alternatives to pricey designer home goods and cheap, plastic and particle-board junk.
A few months back I picked up a set of unfinished steel hairpin legs from the Long Beach Antique Market with the intent of making a cool little coffee table. Aside from staining dry times (which actually went really fast because of the 100+ degree heat out here the week I decided to start) it’s a quick project that you can assemble in about an hour. I love the color stain I went with that subtly highlights the character and texture of the wood, and also just the fact that I finally have a coffee table to style. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I’ve always loved the industrial feel of it, and when I picked up an old Kelsey Letterpress earlier this year, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to build as a work table for it. Unfortunately, even after a ton of scouting around on Craigslist and my local habitat stores, the Husband and I still couldn’t manage to find any salvaged butcher block.
For the tabletop, we picked up a stack of 1×3 pine boards from the hardware store, pipes for the legs, and 8 flanges to make feet and to attached the legs to the table top. Since we were going for an old industrial look, we actually pulled out the length of chain we purchased earlier and used it to take out some suppressed frustrations on the table top by giving it a thorough beating. We went with an H construction for our legs as well, and because they just screw together, the hardest part of the base assembly was making sure each side was even.
Since we were going for the whole vintage industrial look, we decided to spray paint the legs. Though we sort of failed on the mark of keeping an exact cost on everything, the project didn’t run much more than $100 for all the  materials.
Total production time was around 4-6 hours, but a lot of that time was sanding (which could be GREATLY reduced if you could get ahold of a planer) and the in-between times when we were waiting on stain to dry. As far as the pipe fittings, both lowes and home depot have them… I would just check for the best price.

As a landing pad for books, remotes, keys, knickknacks, tissues, food, drinks, and about a million other things, I practically live off of that table! This project is so simple we weren't sure if it was worth posting, but it came out great and has a sleek, modern, mid-century look that's a nice alternative to our other rustic tables.
It promotes healthy indoor air quality due to its proprietary, soy-based adhesive (instead of potentially hazardous urea formaldehyde).
There are a lot of different options and this desk could look really cool with any of them. For more detailed instructions, dimensioned drawings and different variations of the project, check out our soon-to-be-released book.
I wanted, ok needed to keep it simple, so began with Retro Menagerie’s thorough and straightforward tutorial and adjusted slightly from there.
We couldn’t imagine using any other material, though, so after a little brainstorming we devised a plan to make our own.
We also managed to snag some rub-on stain for $3.00 on clearance, some black and blue spray point to go over the legs with,  and finally, a length of chain for a couple of dollars (Chain?
For speed sake, we decided to scrap the idea of going with multiple lengths of wood in each row (although we definitely could have gone that route) and instead cut all the boards to the same length. To make sure everything stayed tightly together, we applied a bead of wood glue between each new layer of wood, and used a nail gun 4-5 times on each row. Not only did we have to smooth down all the ends, but because the wood was all of slightly varying heights, we had a ton to sand down on the top, too. We also found some old oily rags and dragged them across the top, and gouged out a few areas with a screw driver.
We went with the cheapest pine available, and purchased in lengths where we could maximize how many strips we could cut from each.
Traditional plywood contains a lot of glues and adhesives that can off-gas formaldehyde into your home.
I tried to leave the flea market without them but had to circle back because I knew I would regret not grabbing ’em! Since we were going for an aged, industrial look, we even plugged some nails on the outside to help hold the outer pieces together with no plans to putty over them.
After a few hours of drying time, we layered on black so that there were just hints of the blue showing through. The biggest part of the cost was for the legs; next time we might try hairpin legs instead. Here are 12 ideas for beautiful DIY coffee tables.The Rustic LookOne of the current trends in DIY coffee tables is the rustic, worn look of reclaimed wood and industrial hardware. Minwax Polycrylic resists damage from abrasion, scuffing, chipping, water, alcohol and other common household chemicals.

Her design uses cleats on the bottom to help support weight and although I’m not entirely sure that they are necessary- especially considering the smaller size of my table- I wanted to do it right the first time and make sure this thing was sturdy!
But stubborn determined as I was to get this thing assembled already, I decided to make it work. Eventually we got so tired of sanding that we cheated and left what would be the bottom untouched.
There was tape and stickers on the parts from when we purchased them, so we just left them there and painted over, to give it an even more vintage, used feel.
Created by Dan Faires of HGTV’s online video series DanMade, this table requires only four pieces of reclaimed wood, a few nails, brackets, some sanding, and four casters. In a few simple steps, that basic list is turned into a gorgeous rustic coffee table.Another creative take on the rustic coffee table is this fun wine crate table made by DIY Vintage Chic. I hand-screwed the legs in (12 screws), and then added on the three cleats (9 more screws!). Created with crates purchased from the craft store, some vintage wine labels transferred onto the wood, a bit of handmade tea stain, and a few casters on a solid base, this unique table is certainly a beautiful conversation starter.Built entirely from scratch, our next DIY coffee table by Ana White and The Friendly Home is absolutely breathtaking with its rustic hardware and grey weathered finish.
This large, sturdy table is certainly meant to be lived on and enjoyed!The Modern LookRustic not really your style? My brother came by when I had just two screws left so I tried to get him to finish it off for me, and he couldn’t even do it. If you are looking for a sleek, modern coffee table, there are DIY ideas out there for you as well! Our next DIY coffee table, handmade by Adventures In Creating, uses welded steel tubing for the frame and stained wood for the table tops. Inspired by an Anthropologie table with a much higher price tag, this pair of DIY nesting tables will only cost you about $100 to make!If you fall in love with mid-century modern furniture, then this next table is for you. With its stunning hairpin legs, this simple, elegant coffee table from This Old House is a pretty serious piece of eye-candy!Our next DIY table is perfect for a modern, industrial style home (I’m talking to you lucky loft owners!).
Perfect in pairs in order to create a flexible entertaining space, these coffee tables are made with plated slotted angles and a bit of plywood.
With some printed wallpaper and nail head trim, Pretty City Things gave this basic Ikea table a fun and glamorous makeover without breaking the bank.

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