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Blog courtesyAll images and layouts are intended for This Little Street and designed by Audrey Smit. As mentioned before, I’ve been redecorating the girls bedroom and having tons of fun with it. 1) If you want your crates in a different color, paint them with a couple of coats of paint. 3) Cut pieces of fabric big enough to cover the entire seat cover with an extra inch to staple. PS: This project is more cost efficient if you plan on making a few crates, as you will most likely have to buy a long sheet of foam. THey have been just fine for my girls – but if you are worried you can purchase the casters with breaks so you can stop them from rolling around if you want.
We have been looking for a storage box with casters (not just wheels) for my son’s transformers collection.

For me they work just fine, maybe because I periodically clean out toys so we don’t drown under them ?? I use them to put the girl train tracks, their legos, and also their puzzles etc.
Pour leur offrir un sourire quand il devient le temps de faire le menage dans la chambre a jouer, on peut faire le rangement de jouets amusant. If you wish to share one of my projects, please only share one or two pictures max and link back to the original post. Plus, picking pretty fabric for the cushions was also a nice way to personalize these simple boxes. My kids are all grown but what a great solution for all my crochet and knitting projects not to mention the array of other projects I have in the works. If you don’t want them to move, you could try nailing or glueing some stoppers so they stay in place better. I also saw crates like those at Michael’s and was trying to think of a way to use them.

I have a few of them, and I actually find it nice that they are not too big this way each of them has a certain kind of toy rather than a giant crate with everything and anything in it.
Un coffre a jouets peint en couleurs vives ou a la forme de coffre pirate par exemple sera tres pratique.
Quant au coffre a jouets, les magasins proposent une vaste variete, mais vous avez aussi la possibilite a faire le coffre vous-memes.
I love them because the girls can easily roll their toys around themselves now – and it also makes it easier for me to clean up the mess.
Si vous avez envie de vous inspirer et de voir quelques-unes des plus belles idees pour le coffre a jouets qui peut plaire a vos enfants, restez avec nous jusqu’au bout de la page pour voir toutes les meilleures possibilites en photos mignonnes.

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