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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Toy Storage - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. 15 Cool DIY Toy Storage Ideas - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Although these garden baskets are being used for toy storage, they would look great hanging up on a garage or shed. If so, please fill out the ‘Get Featured‘ form for a chance to be featured on this blog!
Pallet wood is easily convertible to a box like shape for this beautiful time saving feature it can be used flawlessly in making storage boxes of any shape and size. We have a perfect plan and suggestion of DIY pallet chest for you if you have a sensible supply of old wood like rustic pallets and some hardware items like hinges. If you have sufficient wooden planks at home then you can recycle them for making different items to use in your home. Greenery soothes the senses and clears the air but it is usually difficult to have a garden if you live in a flat or apartment or in a small home and maintain it.

The pallet wood takes the long plank form after a careful stripping which can easily be stacked to give desire funky patterns to make DIY pallet sofa, pallet chairs, pallet tables and pallet benches in countless creative ways and in high valued multiple designs.Now we have gone straightforward with pallet wood and attain a perfect DIY pallet toy storage chest to overcome the kids storage needs especially the toys. Every step of your house or apartment could be a quest to find a place on your floor without any toys. I couldna€™t find label holders in a color I liked, so I decided to customize my own by painting them with neon pink nail polish. This DIY pallet chest is multi-character in nature is moveable on wheels with just a light hand touch or push.
We’ve gathered for you a bunch of cool DIY projects that will show you how to do that. There are plenty of toy boxes and chests in different stores like IKEA but imagine how happy your kid would be if you make such box by yourself.
Just as if youa€™re painting your nails, cover the metal pieces in several coats of polish until you achieve full coverage, then finish with a clear top coat. For example you can make some toy storage from such things as bins, baskets, trashcans, crates, sacks and even tires.

Pin the two pieces together with the right sides of the fabric facing and all of the edges aligned. Trim away the excess fabric from the point of each corner as well as from each interior corner. Turn the whole thing right-side out, carefully working the fabric through the opening left in the stitching.
Iron under the raw edges of the fabric at the opening so it blends in with the seamed edges.
Sew the two edges of the arms together along the top stitching line you made in the previous step.

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