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We are constantly on the lookout for projects and ideas to make our backyard more enticing to our four year old daughter. I have a friend who added a large chalkboard to her backyard and I thought, that’s exactly what our yard needs!
I don’t know who is having more fun with the chalkboard – the four year old or her parents. That sparked a series of drawings for each of her favorite Disney Princesses, and if you want to follow along on Instagram, we are using #FairytaleChalkboard.
Be sure to share your photos with us if you take on this simple DIY project and use #DMBDIY. Amanda is a New Mexico native, but spent time in the Big Apple before moving to the Big D with her husband to start their family.
Pallet projects are very popular and many designs exist: from ones that still look like pallets for that industrial look to ones that just reuse the wood to completely create new amazing furniture.
One of the problems of working with pallets is that because of the multiple levels, nooks and crannies, they are quite difficult to paint.
I wanted the sofa to have an industrial pallet look but I wanted it to be extremely comfortable to sit on. Pallets are great for DIY projects but when working with them, you have to keep some things in mind. Pallets are used to transport all sorts of goods from food to toys to computers to chemicals to industrial waste.
Pallets, while very sturdy, are most of the time made cheaply and are generally treated as a cheap resource. My pallets come from an industry that transports retail goods so I generally know that they haven’t been used to transport dangerous good. Pallets generally have standard sizes but standards sometimes differ on where you are in the world. As this project was an outdoor project like the DIY Potting Bench, I wanted to paint every inch of the sofa to protect it from rain, moisture, and the sun. Painting a pallet completely on every surface inside and out, let alone six of them, is a very time intensive and very difficult task. But with the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer, it was actually extremely easy.

I prepped my paint work area the same as for the last project by I laying drop clothes on the ground as well as hanging some behind and to the side of my spray area. For more specific information about how to use the HomeRight spray gun, check out my DIY Potting Bench Project or follow the manufacturers instructions.
Following the user guide I thinned the stain with water until the stain ran through the viscosity cup in about 40 seconds. With the stain at the right consistency, I filled up the reservoir, put on my safety gear (respirator, safety glasses, latex gloves, ear protection, and coveralls), and started to paint. Keeping a stiff wrist, which is the best way to paint with a spray gun, is a little difficult when painting a pallet. Once all the pallets were painted inside and out and dry, it was time to assemble all the pieces together. Hello Creative Family is the go-to resource for parents looking to ignite their creative passion with simple, everyday and back-to-basics projects. The procurement of supplies was made possibly by the friendly folks at the home improvement store. There are a million ways to hang one of these, but since we didn’t want to drill anything into our fence we anchored four eye bolts to it in-between planks. With the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer, my problem was solved… no spending hours awkwardly craning your wrist to get every last nook and cranny. I used a stiff brush to scrub the wood and clean any dust, dirt, and cobwebs as well as to remove any large obvious splinters and loose wood. Pallets have layers and covered corners so you will end up having to bend your wrist bend to reach every part.
Keep the arm tops flush to the inside to the arms and leave a little to overhang in the front.
This Couch Project is brilliant, easily available tools and materials used and assembling is no hard task. We want to inspire people to live, love and teach the handmade, homemade and heart-made lifestyle so they can raise their children in a creative home.
There are endless ways to attach wood to wood, but we didn’t want visible nails or screws, so he drilled and attached the frame pieces from the backside.

We then drilled four hooks into the top of the frame, spaced to match up with each eye bolt.
In her previous life, she worked at a big advertising agency on Madison Ave, but now enjoys spending her time exploring Dallas with her husband and girls.
The wood was about $24 (once we had the larger piece cut down, there were enough boards for 2 projects). It consists of six pallets: three stacked on top of each other for the base, two smaller ones for the arms, and one for the back.
When taking apart pallets and salvaging the wood, you have a few options: pull them apart using a pry bar, cut through the wood, or cut through the nails. Cutting them is all down to the space you have for your sofa and the final dimension of sofa you want. To get an idea of positioning and to play around the angle I initially put the pallet up and then propped it up using a scrap board. Though she’s a big scaredy cat when storm season rolls around, she loves everything else Dallas has to offer. Reusing and repurposing materials like pallets not only makes things less expensive but adds character and uniqueness. She’s unapologetically crafty, believes everything looks better with a monogram, bakes a mean cupcake and can’t say no to a frozen margarita. Because of the type of nails used, most of the boards I pulled off ended up splitting or wrecking. Her favorite Dallas spots include the Arboretum, any Taco Diner patio and the temple of temptation that is, Northpark Mall.

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