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Do you want to build a conversation piece for your living room that is alive with back-story and rich character?
We’re going to start by working with the old planks of barn wood from the architectural salvage store. Once you have confirmed that your planks are all cut to size, and you’ve laid them out in a box shape, attach them together in the corners with “L” brackets.
Using your cheap, 1” wood planks for the hardware store, we’re going to create the bottom of the storage base for the coffee table.
Use your chop saw to cut strips of wood that, when assembled together as in the Step 3 photo, will perfectly fit into the barn wood box (see the photo for Step 3). Slip them into the box to confirm that they will all fit – and make sure that they can slid down past the raised “L” brackets! Once you have confirmed that they will all fit into the base of the box, assemble them on the floor and strap them together using three of your scrap pieces of wood, cut to size. Use a power drill and appropriately long screws to screw the legs to the base of the coffee table. Attach your window to the top of the table using the vintage hinges that you purchased from the architectural salvage store.
These days I am operating my project list based partly on what I happen to have lying around. I pretty much left the window alone; let rough edges be rough and let chippy paint be chippy. This is one of my favorite ways to re-purpose old windows for home decoration – turn them into fabulous photo displays.
This window coffee table is another fabulous projects to repurpose old windows into chic furniture.You do not need to seal them shut, while use them as a storage space for items you want to put on display to keep the table top tidy.

Get the old windows, cardboard and some remaining wooden sheets and you will have this adorable display green house. Take out the window panes and replace them with mirrors and you will make this chic window mirrors for your front entry hallway decoration.
I actually LOVE my pile of old windows and get a little sad when one of them gets turned into a project and leaves. It was a perfect window for this project because the wood was still in good sturdy condition and it had all pieces of glass intact. If you are running low on ideas or inspiration and you want to use your window panes for something truly useful,  these DIY ideas we collected here are perfect for you to transform those unwanted trash into cherished treasure for home and garden use. This is a great solution for flower lovers to keep the flowers and in house plants inn the Sun. Sad part is it looks so super cute in my living room….but alas it must go to my booth and find a new home! I created A Diamond in the Stuff to share my creative ideas and gain some inspiration along the way. Instead of throwing them away, you can easily refurbish or re-purpose them in many different and creative ways. Furniture: How To Get Easy DIY Furniture Projects.If you cannot find the exact shape or design of furniture that you like, why don’t you use your creative minds and make the DIY furniture projects? I’ve been turning them into memo boards, adding vinyl sayings to them, and now it was time to turn one into a piece of furniture. Decorate along with me as I share simple tips and ideas for adding affordable style and timeless design to your home. If you find you are good at crafting and following some instructions, the DIY furniture projects that you have can lead you to a new career.

Since you know some furniture designers are also builders and basically the same human with us, why don’t we give a try to make one using our ability? You know if you are designing the furniture for your home, it will assure that you will be getting your own vision of your home interior, rather than me or someone else’s. I stained the spindles with a dark wood stain and then painted them with some off white paint I had on hand.
You can also cruise the furniture stores or look at home design magazines to enrich the references.
You can use your digital camera and photograph things that you like, including the details. Do not be a shrinking violet about pulling out a tape and measuring things.Second, you can also put together a scrapbook of images that you find beautiful and inspiring. You can then consult this book when you are doing the sketching for your DIY furniture projects.
If you think you have enough references, you can then move to sketch your ideas.You can sketch whenever the ideas come to your mind on scrap paper using a pencil. But you know you cannot prevent the invasion of technology which the purpose is to ease up our life. You can use Google Sketch Up to design your furniture which you find they are still in square shapes. But yeah, before using the software, it is good if you have the rough sketch of the look of your DIY furniture projects.After that you can draw several different versions of each piece of furniture that you want to create.

Chapter 6 developing a project plan exercise
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