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The Secret Stairs looks deceptively easy to create on your own, but this kit is specially designed with custom parts for a seamless, invisible fit and can be installed into any set of new or existing stairs that are standard construction and carpeted.
The problem with memes like these is that they completely miss the point of the gun control debate. Can we please, as a country, stop being distracted by these straw men arguments and actually start discussing things that matter? I’m not intelligent enough to talk or write my way out of a dangerous situation so I own a gun. Now why do you use alcohol, which in my life has led to nothing but pain and suffering, for your comparison to guns? If alcohol were to disappear from the face of the earth this minute would there be more harm or benefit? I was not trying to say, by any means, that those who are against more gun control are actually less intelligent. As to your point about crazy people, the hope of those supporting increased gun control is that we as a society could find a way creating laws that would do a better job of keeping guns out of the hands of those who are crazy.
I’m not sure why you say the argument is over if we place blame on the individual in the misuse of something. Jeff, at no point did the he say that people against more gun control are less intelligent. The post is just a reminder that in all discussions we should stick to the heart of the matter being addressed and avoid winding garden paths and straw man arguments.
Argument over means which ever answer you chose it doesn’t matter because the foundation of the argument or the premise is misplaced. Why do we have to broaden the ban to all possible instruments of death when other countries have had so much success by only focusing on guns? These are beautiful jewelry boxes with a lacquer finish, each featuring a different scene on the lid.

Although I'm a writer by education and profession, I have a not-so-secret DIY and craft (of almost any kind) addiction. The Secret Stairs is accessed using an electromagnetic lock (via key fob) and has no obvious opening mechanism to tip off burglars. Also, I’m not making any claim to know exactly what the correct answer is in this debate.
Any time the topic of gun control comes up, you get straw-man attacks on these two extremes. No one, Obama included, is saying that all guns should be eliminated and that they cannot ever be used in ways that actually increase protection.
Essentially, what it means is you prop up an argument that no one is actually making and refute that argument as if you’re addressing the actual point.
Just like with guns, alcohol has the possibility to be used in a constructive or destructive manner. They have been subject to background checks and psychological screenings and extensive trainings.
And I quite agree with you, insofar as I think that more of the same types of laws won’t work.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. A store-bought version will set you back 300 bucks at uncommon goods, but it could be easily DIYable. Yes, there are probably a few people who hold these extreme opinions, but I believe that it’s likely not really very many. But someone thought they were being clever by creating this image and now it’s making the rounds and helping to prevent any actual discussion from happening. It is always less guns with more restrictions aimed at law abiding gun owners.Crazy people could care less how many new gun laws are passed and criminals want more laws because fewer guns help them.

The rhetoric being used probably makes complete sense to those who are already within that perspective, but not to those outside that point of view. In an ideal world, the only people who would have access to guns are the ones who would use them ethically. Slippery slope arguments, like straw men, are only used to distract people from the heart of the issue. But the point I’m trying to make with this entry is that we need to expand the conversation.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). When we focus on those extremes, though, it makes it nearly impossible to have any kind of actual discussion. Let me explain. However, I also believe it’s a good idea to have laws, for example, that prohibit drinking and driving. That’s why I was asked the rhetorical question if that was what was trying to be communicated.
Which is exactly the reason I’m not supporting an attempt to eliminate all guns from the world.
The only thing the image above does is make me think those who are against gun control are not very intelligent. Is that really the message you’re trying to communicate?
We can own a gun, or a rifle, or a sub-machine gun, or a machete, and dozens of other tools to kill, even our own bare hands.

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