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As always, we have lots of great DIY projects for your home featured on our site as well as on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. In case you missed the big announcement, Pantone chose TWO colors this year as their color of the year!! Some exciting news came earlier this month when the New York Public Library announced that they are making thousands of high-resolution vintage images public domain. We also shared some fun Valentine Gift Ideas for Him, Her, or Them — great gift ideas for everyone on your list! With warmer weather on the horizon, you will most likely be doing more to fix up your yard and the outside of your home.
In part of our effort to organize our homes and lives and start the year off on the right foot, we have several ideas to help you get organized too! We have so much fun stuff planned for Valentine’s Day so be watching the site for the fun posts to go live!
So it has taken me so much longer to get this DIY recap to you than it did to do the actual project, all thanks to some issues on the backend of the blog. And, to keep the natural look of the wood but bring out some of the grain and texture, we used a mineral oil as our finish. And because Tim has gotten the box making down to a science, he’s now creating a smaller version of this box as a hats & mittens box for our back entry that will double as a bench for the kids to put on their boots!
When your hardware is all painted you can then drill your holes according to the size recommendation on the caster package.
When you’re ready to mount your hardware, choose the appropriate middle spot (which in my case was not directly above the other handle holes) and drill a small hole for your screws to fit through. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! Blinds are a great example of something you can use again when you update and replace your old ones! That gives everyone so many new options for fun holiday decor, everyday decor, wall galleries and more.
We know that seeing rooms in a variety of places can trigger ideas and inspire you for your own home. Our team has compiled 13 Ways to Hide Outdoor Eyesores and give your home more curb appeal. We have 36 Free Printable Organizers for a Household Handbook, 6 Creative Places To Store Shoes, and 5 Easy Ways to Store Blankets.

If you have a blog or Instagram, you can link up at the party, and if not, share your pictures on Facebook (you can message us, and we’ll add it to our Fan Features album). Then we used old-style carpenter nails to attach the sides and bottoms together. We used three narrow strips of wood to help create the top to the box. This is Karisa from Petite Modern Life, a blog about home remodeling, makeovers, and DIY projects. Be sure to drill your hole away from the wood strip lining the edge or you risk splintering that part off. We had a lot of great ideas for creating more space in your home as well as highlighting the trending colors of 2016 and fantastic new ways to decorate.
You can also send us a question and picture for feedback from our awesome and helpful Facebook followers! Check out 25 Ways to Repurpose Old Blinds and see if you can tell that old blinds were even used! Be sure to check her out over on Instagram (gorgeous feed!) and watch our site for more of her work! These little tricks can really transform an area, and I am ready to do some in my own yard! You can create an exact look-alike art piece, or you can be inspired and create something similar, but unique and specific to your personality and color scheme.
I love when items have homes, and they don’t have to float around my house creating clutter that just gets moved around every day; these articles provided great ideas in creating those homes!
If the wood doesn’t cooperate or turn out the way we want, we just toss it in the fire. We made sure each piece was free of nails and other metal and then planned the boards to get them to a pretty uniform width and take off some of the dust and dirt and whatever else is on barn wood. I love building new things out of the simple and today I am sharing a project of just that sort! We are always excited for you to try out our featured DIY projects for your home and for the holidays; we hope you share the result with us so we can see! The first room they took on was the Gorgeous 1920’s Cottage Master Bathroom Addition. This is a project that you can accomplish with limited tools and accessories and the finished product looks beautiful and sophisticated! It is definitely magazine worthy, they did incredible work, and we are so excited to see more!

This may be one of the easiest projects ever, making it even cuter, don’t you think?? However, staining it wasn’t as simple because I wanted the stain to match my hardwood floor.
Than it dawned on me to mix two of the color and BAMM there it was the color I was looking for. After torching the wood to give it an antique look I began staining with the two colors stain (colonial maple and red oak).
Since, it is a one shot deal with the stain I took the extra 2 by 4 I had to practice the technique I wanted to use on the ladder. Than i polyurethane and HERE IS MY FINISH PRODUCT:(My next project will be the bathroom mirror storage case! Maybe you didn’t have your Kreg jig set up to drill the correct depth of pocket hole?
KendraCameronSo today I set up my new Kreg Jig and decided to do some test pocket holes before I got started on the blanket ladder and I’m glad I did! Tyler LambI made one of these for my wife and i was wondering what is the angle that u cut the bottom of the legs to so that it has a clean look while leaned up against the wall. Lauren Joseph AnlaufOr you can add soft non slip pads on the bottom, that also works wonders Aimeelove this!!! We could never get them to stop leaving their clothes on the floor, but these ladders work great for that too!I love your projects and enthusiasm. Justin Georgehow do you make sure the ends of the ladders (rails) line up exactly before screwing the rungs in? My only question is: Do you know why my Rustoleum Dark Walnut stain looks so much lighter than what your projects look like? I love the color I see in your pictures but when I use the same exact stuff it’s super light!

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