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I would give it to my husband who would love to use it on various projects around the house. I would make a lot of projects, but starting with some pieces of wood my husband wants for his boat, and then move on to pretend car outlines for my son and then pretend house shapes for my girls. I would start with some bird shapes to place on the bird houses that real birds ignore :-). If you can afford going with a larger scroll saw, absolutely worth it- this little Dremel guy is pretty limited. It is refreshing to see large companies such as Olympus thinking outside the box and making a product that no one else has thought about! Having designed and operated fixed wing, helicopter and multicopter camera systems for a number of years now I have learned what is important, at least to my operation, namely low vibration, endurance and ease of use. Having completed many UAV filming jobs from locations without vehicle access I was looking to improve the logistics of getting the equipment on site. Our Holden Drone has been finished for some for some time now but I have not had time to edit and upload any video until now. During these two merged flights we were testing most of the Arduplane modes including some tight figure 8 waypoint routes around the field. Having seen a vast improvement in the Arducopter handling when vibration was reduced I decided to experiment further. There is not a great selection of decent 3 axis camera mounts for gopro sized cameras so I have started building my own. Current architecture of drone autopilots is wrong , Drone hardware architecture needs to be completely re-engineered. So to get started making this toy camera, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and a local wood store. At Hobby Lobby I browsed the wood craft aisle and came home with a package of wood wheels and pegs. If I’m not being clear on the assembly, hopefully the picture below will help explain. When I got down to it, this was a pretty quick project, and would have gone faster if I hadn’t been watching the Oscars while I did it! Give the glue some time to dry before handing to baby, and then relish in having hand made a super cute toy for cheap!

Dremel asked me recently to review their Moto Saw (a compact scroll saw) this was my first project choice (among 4,000 others on my list of course)!
Seriously, I have a gazillion project ideas jumping around in my head that I would love to play around with! I make lots of wooden toys for the kids- the camera is adorable, and my 3yo will go nuts for one. But, it seems like a fun toy for a small investment- and I would love it if there was more women making sawdust!!
It might work with wood molding to make custom sized frames for all the artwork I have sitting song the house. My goal through my blog is to inspire others to get crafty with my easy DIY tutorials, kid friendly activities & recipes.
I have occasionally left some vital components in the car 2km away I wanted to have everything (except the copter) in one box. The quarry was surrounded by professional film crews so it was with some trepidation that I took to the air in 15kts of gusty wind.
I thought it was worth trying to soft mount the tubes so cobbled together a test frame on a bit of 4x2. There are several moveable parts for babies to play with, like a shutter button, lens, and mode dial. I knew I wanted to make this out of hard woods (like oak, maple, walnut or cherry) since it’s intended for kids to play with (or chew on) and it can take more abuse than a softer wood like pine.
Mark the center for the shutter button, mode dial, and lens on the wood (I started drilling holes before remembering to take pictures). I made sure the hole for the lens and mode dial were pretty tight so that the peg wouldn’t get glued too deep and keep them from turning.
It sucks to glue everything together, only to find something won’t work, so take a minute to dry fit!
First, if you put too much in it will squish out when you clamp and get on the exterior of your project, so it won’t take stain or oil evenly. The next morning I used our palm sander to make everything nice and smooth and rounded the edges a bit so they wouldn’t poke an eye out. My dad rolled his eyes at me yesterday, as I kept playing with the toy camera even while my little one napped.

Luckily, the camera is really small, so I really only needed a tiny chunk of each kind of wood. Make sure you don’t drill all the way through the wood when you drill the hole for the lens.
Next I was walking around the dollar store trying to figure out what would work, when I came across some miniature chip clips. Spread a thin layer of glue on top of the oak and line up the maple chunk (with upside down peg in the shutter hole) on top. Second, if you put too much too close to the shutter button, it could get glued in place, making all of your work making it move go to waste. After that (and before glueing in the other parts of the camera) I used some food safe wood oil (because you know the first thing that a baby will do with any toy is taste test it) to finish the wood. Just don’t press it too far or it will hold the wheel too tight and keep the wheels from turning. While fixing up our first house I discovered my love for all things DIY: renovating, building furniture, crafting, crocheting, sewing, you name it!
I used a wood jar lid, a small wood spool, a large wood toy wheel and a tiny wood toy wheel. At 6 for $1, even if it was a bust I wouldn’t be losing much, so they came home with me. Maybe after she grows out of the chewing phase and plays with it as an actual camera I’ll stain it? For the smaller top piece of wood I used maple I got for free from a remnant box at a local wood shop. Basically you just need enough space for your spring and peg head to rest inside the toy camera.

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