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A few years ago, back when I was first blogging I tried something that scared the heebie jeebies out of me.
I can’t begin to count how many women and readers I chat with who feel timid about learning to use power tools.
Today, along with a group of extraordinarily talented DIY bloggers, I’m sharing not one, but several “one power tool projects” that beginners could tackle with awesome results. It’s time for me to share more doable one tool DIY  projects from a star line-up of talented bloggers. Great tutorial, and although I’m not sure I have the patience for the stringing of the beads, I would definitely be willing to give it a try after seeing how pretty your diy wood doormat turned out.
I need a new mat for my front porch and I love that I could easily make a version of this one.
This time to work on a Christmas present for Annabanana’s folks.  Hey, better late than never, right?
This one is for Annabanana and we decided it fits her personality perfectly.  This is definitely a compliment since we all know Texas is the greatest country on earth. I doubled the hemp, tied a knot, and thread it through.  Then I tied another knot on the other side. I liked the look of the extra hemp on the ends, but you could trim it down for a cleaner look. I thought it would be fun to personalize it, too so I printed out a big ol’ W and used my Xacto knife to cut it out.

Cedar is a great choice for this project because of its high resistance to rot and ability to stand up to moisture. It’s one of my favorite places and I share lots of extra projects, inspiration for the home and content I don’t share anywhere else. We needed a new doormat and this was such a good easy project to share for a new tool user:) Thanks for your visit!
I love that you encouraged us to step out of our own comfort zones- a great idea to inspire our readers also. The colors really drew me in, and if I had that to welcome me each day when I came home, I would smile every time I saw it. I love the colors you chose as well as admitting being willing to step out of our comfort zone can be scary.
I host a link party every Sunday night and I’d love for you to come share this awesome project! I gave it a couple coats of polyurathane since it will be getting heavy traffic and I didn’t want the paint to fade.
We’ve been trying to figure out what to do for a doormat and I think this may be a winner! Natural cedar looks great with stone or brick walkways and is super durable so it will last for years.
I would love to make one but I’m just concerned if it will be able to hold up to the every day demands of life.

I did it because I hated being held back, left to work within someone elses time schedule and convenience. Don’t laugh, but the Welcome mat we have there now is the same one that the previous owners left.
What has all this got to do with my gorgeous DIY wood doormat for the One Power Tool Challenge?
One of the simplest ways to put that stamp of uniqueness on your porch is with a welcome mat. Creating a wooden doormat like this one will give your entry that little bit of flair while being easy to clean when the mud gets too thick. They’re rather expensive to buy but with some paint and tape, you can easily make one yourself in whatever language you prefer. That’s why choosing an unconventional yet humorous doormat is definitely appropriate for the holidays when you have multitudes of people going in and out. While the outline of this house is wonderful by itself, you can certainly use stencils or ribbon to put a word or phrase on it if you think it’s too plain for you.

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