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Vinegar is a cleaning machine as it contains 5% acetic acid that kills bacteria and viruses.
Place all ingredients in a large squirt bottle or within a mop, I use the Bona Express mop and love it. Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this past week – 3rd trimester is kicking my booty!
With only 8 .5 weeks until the little peanut is due, and all of our out-of-state guests gone, I’m in full cleaning mode to get ready! I hope you guys will enjoy this homemade wood floor cleaner and enjoy the benefits of non-toxic cleaning!
I haven’t had any issues of the alcohol drying out the wood with the laminate, engineered hard wood and regular hardwood floors! About using vinegar, I used vinegar and equal part of mouth wash in a load of clothes that had been salvaged from a fire. I love using wood and lots of it around the house, so I thought we should try a veneer lampshade for our lamp.
Karisa - So happy to find this (via dwelling gawker) I’ve been LOVING the trip-pod lamp, and lazily thinking of ways to make one myself. To be honest the name caught my eye… being Aussie, we have a lot of British Slang history. For those of you with wood floors that could use a little pick-me-up polishing, it’s easier than you think to do-it-yourself.
We would suggest equal parts of vinegar + water + alcohol with a dash of natural dish soap (add essential oils to cover vinegar scent) without the olive oil for your laminate floor (Becca may have some additional input for you). Becca, you may be correct that vinegar will help keep olive from turning rancid in the wood.
I love that you are taking the time to inform yourself about what you use to clean your home! The method of using olive oil, white vinegar, and hot water to clean wood floors has been passed down my family for 3 generations now. Would have to agree with Jay above that Jojoba oil is a great alternative because it doesn’t goes rancid. If you do use a rag and the on-your-hands-and-knees method, be sure to wipe in a circular motion across the floor. Toliy's been wanting to make a floor lamp, so I challenged him to come up with a design using a single 1x2 board for the majority of the project. He also used a scrap piece of 2x8 board (about 1 foot long), some L brackets and bolts with washers and nuts. The two pieces are clamped together and a hole sized for the bolts is drilled through both 1x2 pieces, a few inches from the ends of the 1x2s. On the opposite end of the longer 1x2, the L brackets are used to attach the longer 1x2 to the 2x8 scrap piece. Whether you wrap the cord, go brass, or bright pink, stack the books, or add a wire cage, we hope you love this little DIY Modern Wood Lamp project as much as we do! It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
Ikea also has cord kits for much less, although, you don't get those fun colors - black or white. That was definitely a good start, and it was functional at that point, but with cut edges of boards and screws showing on each corner, it was far from finished.
There are no more cut board edges showing, and no more screw heads showing (except for the two right in the middle of the board on the end, which will be filled in with wood filler).  So much better now, right? Next I needed to cover up the screws and the cut ends of lumber that were visible on each corner of the bed frame.
If I were a proper woodworker with proper tools, I would have run each of those pieces through a table saw to miter the edges so that I’d be left with a perfect 45-degree angle with the pieces meeting right at the corner.
The finishing steps will include filling all of the nail holes, cracks, and the two remaining screw holes on the end of the bed frame with wood filler, sanding everything smooth, and then staining and polyurethaning the whole thing.

Don’t know if someone already asked this but do you have a ballpark figure of how much it all cost? I couldn’t wait until today to see what you did with the trim, I might steal this design for our bed frame when we get to it! Perhaps if you have any of your floor sealant left, using that over a darker stain would help the Pine look more expensive? I used this same method on my horrible oak cabinetry to achieve a mahogany finish, as well as pine and rubber wood.
Dip a 2 inch artist’s brush into water and paint the surface with water first, follow it with smooth thin layer of color. You’ve gotten some great tips on preparing the bedframe for staining and I’m crossing my fingers it turns out exactly the way you want! I’ve use many different cleaners throughout the years, some eco-friendly and others not so much. It’s also biodegradable and non-toxic which makes it a eco-friendly option for cleaning all sorts of surfaces.
You can even put a few drops on a damp cloth rub onto those spots that have been scraped by pets, kids or furniture. Do you think it would work just as well with apple cider vinegar or could I just use lemon juice instead? My mop has a sprayer bottle connected to it so I just pull the handle to squirt out some solution. We had our new laminate floor installed last week and thanks to my boys it doesn’t look like new anymore. I spend hours in the kitchen creating new recipes – sneaking in veggies whenever possible – for my wonderful family! Follow these hardwood floor sanding and refinishing tips from angstrom unit veteran floor Bleach formulated for wood floors may atomic number 4 worth group A endeavour but inward my live the.
When Kiri from ilikethatlamp contacted us about the lampshade kits she sold, I thought this project would be perfect to try it with! You will need 6 upper pieces that measure 3 feet long and 3 lower pieces that measure 2 feet long. Obviously if you’re not using veneer, you will want to include this step, and the directions in the kit tell you exactly how to do this.
The combination of anti-bacterial white vinegar with wood preserving olive oil will work wonders on your precious flooring. Cedar oil is a great tip (looove that smell) as is the jojoba oil versus olive oil recommendation. You should also be sure to smooth the mixture evenly across your floors and wipe away any excess before covering with a rug or furniture.
Jojoba is a fine alternative to olive oil (though I still think olive oil is fine as long as you go light on it and combine with the vinegar). I suppose if everything goes sideways with the staining, I can always paint the bed frame and call it good.    We’ll see! I actually built my headboard a year ago following your tufted headboard tutorial, and it came out wonderfully, but I think a platform base like this would really make it awesome.
Besides also suggesting the use of wood conditioner before staining such woods as pine and cherry that blotch, I would add a warning to the suggestion of using steel wool.
You do such pretty work, Kristi, it’s something I would go want to buy if I saw it in the store.
I want to use a box springs, can I just leave the top boards off and set the box springs down inside. Olive oil is a natural way to maintain your wood floors without all the chemicals of commercial brands. If you don’t have lemon essential oil, I can help you with that and other cleaning recipes too. So, I got busy on Google (this was before the big wave of blogs and Pinterest) and started searching for a safe homemade cleaner.

I have hardwood floor everywhere in the house and I want to take the best care for it as possible!
Vinegar is acidic, so anything stronger than that, may start eating at the finish that was applied to your flooring.
Products ane 877 One of the nigh green mishaps of do it yourself shock refinishing is gouging the wood with the sander.
I’ve been wanting to update the lamp in our living room for a while now and thought one of these lamps would be fun to make.
Clamp the top of the legs to the triangle piece to figure out what angle you want your legs at.
Figure out how tall you will want your lampshade to be and measure and mark that on the veneer (ours is 12″ tall). Add in some essential oil (I enjoy the refreshing scent of lemon) and your floors will smell as good as they look. Definitely saving this for when I actually have the room to take my table saw out of storage! Do not use it if your finish is water-based, as the steel particles will react with the water in the finish and make tiny rust marks on the wood. I usually make my own dust ruffles and make upholstered headboards but I think I do way to many decor changes and want to make things more simple. I remember looking at several recipes and decided to make the one with the least amount of ingredients…and ones that I had on hand. Start with small surgical incision when refinishing floors utilize wood filler to fix any damage. You’ll want to make sure you spread the mixture nice and thin and leave time for the wood to dry thoroughly.
I might be tempted to paint it myself instead, but like you said, you can always paint over it if you don’t like it. Thinking about refinishing wood floors yourself HouseLogic explains the refinishing and restoring process and whether it's best to DIY Beaver State go. Life-time random orbital sanders are the best choice for suffice it yourself floor refinishers. Arrange one of the 2 foot long pieces between two of the 3 foot long pieces, leaving about 14 inches sticking out below the bottom of the longer pieces. If the floor is too slick after polishing, wipe with a dry cloth to soak up any remaining oil.
Wood Floor Restore The all in one DIY kit up to reinstate your story by Woodfloorrestore 341 501. I love to garden, decorate, be a little crafty, shop and just have fun with my family and friends. You tooshie plumb and refinish antiophthalmic factor scratched woodwind instrument coldcock without having to gumption pour down to publicise wood. Put the screw through the hole to line it up and re-clamp the leg, making sure the angle of the legs are correct.
Henry Wood floors Many readers have asked USA about the intimidating task of refinishing Mrs.
Drill a hole through the middle of the short side of the legs, big enough for the screw to fit through.
Drill a hole in the center of the triangle big enough for the threaded rod of the light fixture to fit through.

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