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Turn an incomplete deck into a DIY Valentine’s Day card with a marker and a bit of glue. I learned to make these after seeing they cost anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars in the stores! This post has been a long time coming - I've had my nail polish storage up and running for about six weeks, so I'm sorry for the delay with the promised post on how we made it. So, to start, you need to decide how large you want your unit to be and how many shelves you want to have. You will also need a screwdriver, drill, stanley knife, tape measure, pencil, saw and an old sheet to work on. If you want to put your nail polish storage unit on a wall, you need to attach some brackets to the frame.

Here you can see the finished unit and a better look at the fixings for the backing and each shelf. Firstly we lined up and measured where the unit would be on the wall and marked the placements with a pencil. That's it done - now you can enjoy colour coordinating all of your polishes and lining them up! It was really quite simple to make this polish unit, although my boyfriend is pretty good at making things from wood. I hope you liked this tutorial - let me know if you have any questions which I've not covered here and I'll do my best to answer them (or I'll ask my boyfriend!). I might like it better if it was sand instead of moss, or something other than shells, but I like it a lot.

But i would have to replace the skittles with something wrapped and replace the tic-tacs with some other boxed candy. If you have a really large collection you'll want to work out how many shelves of what length you'll need to fit all of the polishes in.

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