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Make sure to check out the Vintage-inspired Coca-Cola sign instructions if you get a chance!
Slight design change from yours concerning the stripes- the US flag has six full stripes below the stars, starting with white. Hi I am about to make one of these for myself and I really like the bright colors of yours.
It may be November, but we are getting patriotic around here in honor of Veteran’s Day!
This Saturday, November 7th,  I am going to be partnering with The Home Depot, at their Buckhead, Georgia location, to celebrate our greatest heroes…American Veterans! In the meantime, I’d like to share how YOU can create your own 3 FT BY 5 FT DIY Wooden Handprint American Flag! Paint your 18 X 24-inch piece of plywood blue for your “field.” You will need two to three coats. Lay your stripes out to make sure that they are all evenly sized and that your design is plum. Nail each stripe to the frame, placing the nail at the end and the center of each strip for added stability.
Once you have completed construction of your project, touch up any painted areas that need it and if desired, paint furring strips for a finished look. After project is completely dry, seal your piece with a light coat of matte varnish spray for durability. I’d love you to stop by and see me, and this beautiful project, in person this Saturday (November 7th) at the Buckhead, Home Depot #KIDSWORKSHOP from 9-noon! I acknowledge that The Home Depot Foundation is partnering with me to participate in this Celebration of Service program (the “Program”).
Again the pallet slats are getting credit for this enticing and admirable wooden flag sign!

Along with patriotic expression this handmade wooden signs would also award any wall area with a decorative worth! We’re so excited to share their beautiful wooden American flag video tutorial below, as well as the DIY Flag Bunting. Mark Steines, Cristina Ferrare and Kenneth Wingard painting the red, white and blue on Home and Family!
NEXT ARTICLE →Images of Apartment Therapy Founder, Maxwell Ryan’s Long Island Abode in Better Homes and Gardens July 2014 Issue! Candace Rose Anderson interviews celebrities and experts featuring the latest trends in health, fashion, sports, tech, decor and more! Watch Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes To Bill Clinton, Shaquille O’Neal, Bernie Sanders and More! Affiliate Disclaimer: Affiliate links are featured on occasional posts on the blog, and I will make a small commission when a link is clicked and an item is purchased. June 12, 2012 By Beckie If you didn’t get any patriotic decor out in time for Memorial Day, July 4th is just around the corner. I would love to have this hanging up somewhere… hmmm… but I definitely want to do something with reclaimed wood to hang up in my bedroom! As the daughter-in-law and wife of veterans and the MOM of a United States Army soldier, anytime I can create something that honors their service, and the service of so many others, I jump at the chance!
I will have our flag on display and we will be letting our littlest Home Depoters create the handprint stars for our final display of the project!
As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot Foundation and its non-profit partners.
Rustic, modern, shabby chic or vintage inspired expressions of home will depend on the items of decors you will select to hang on interior wall areas! Also paint different religious or decorative symbols and sings to get some personal art pieces out of pallet-made boards and hence pallets can help you in creating stimulating pallet wall art pieces that always make the wall speak volumes for your fantasy and individual taste of decors!

An inspiring wooden flag sign has been built by putting together plucked apart pallet straight boards then after the wooden lengths have been painted and burned a little for an antique scorched look!
This something you can really make in less than one higher with spending even a few pennies! Kristin from A Vintage Fairy created a beautiful, rustic flag that is sure to get your Independence Day mojo going.
There are 50 stars on an American flag, but you will be able to get approximately 25-30 handprints on this size field. Be sure to bring your kids by to join in on this worthwhile and fun way to give back to our veterans!
However, you can even create a patriotic theme of your home interior by mounting this DIY pallet American flag on your favorite wall area! To make her flag, Kristin painted and distressed some wooden sticks and left them uncut to give the illusion of a flag blowing in the wind. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines. This would make a big symbol of love you have for your country and will also make the entire wall area famous and attractive as well! Not only is this perfect for Independence Day, but with Labor Day just a few months away, this beautiful American flag that Kenneth made with scrap wood is definitely something you can keep outside on your porch or patio or hang up inside or outside your home for months to come.

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