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Back-to-School is an exciting time of year for students…and parents!  You’ll love these creative DIY projects to get the school year off to a great start.  I’m always excited about new paper and pencils, but I do kinda have a thing for pretty supplies! Then I tried your felt initial cover tutorial but had no felt around so I made it using regular fabric.
InstructionsIf you didn't read my earlier post on transferring images onto wood, here's a recap on my method using Lazertran. Dabney is a Southern-born, New England-raised, current Midwesterner who writes about design, obsesses over dogs, and can easily read a book a day. August 18, 2014 17 Comments This is another one of those projects that I wasn’t looking for.
As I was driving home, I was running through my mental rolodex of ideas… What am I going to do with this milk crate? I want to paint a piece of furniture with MMS, but have never used it before, so this was a good trial run for me. 4)  Before the blue paint dries, swipe along the paint with a paper towel to remove some of the paint. I decided to use contact paper to create my stencil, because it is less expensive than vinyl.
The settings I used are important, because the Silhouette cut through the first layer of the sticky part of the contact paper but not the backing of the contact paper. After the Silhouette is done cutting the image, peel the letters away and the stencil is ready to go. Now your DIY wooden book crate for school and library books is ready to fill with your kid’s favorite books or even a backpack from school.
I think the book crate is going to live under the buffet between the kitchen and family room.
For something a little extra, 20 other bloggers are sharing ideas to get ready for back to school – crafts, recipes, organizational ideas! Hey Kristen ~ Yep, each evening the books get swept into the crate and I’m thrilled to pieces.
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If you’re a college student, the beginning of classes is likely right around the corner.
I absolutely ADORE every single one I’ll try and do them when I move out to my grandma’s house in two days! Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business. In this post I am not talking about the chopped audio method used in all my previous devices. The radios described here are a regenerative design utilizing a single JFET and cheap audio amplifier integrated circuit. After about a year and a half of messing around, I finally got this very cheap seismometer system working and displaying real-time data under both Windows and Linux (More on how to set up Linux later.) Educationally, it has great potential.
This very cheap and rather unusual way to digitize an earthquake signal was inspired by my experience in ham radio, when AM transmitters were common.
The previous post mentioned the metal detector our students made during the winter vacation.
Sodium Acetate: a chemical compound made by combining acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate, or simply just plain old vinegar and baking soda.
One cannot ordinarily record earthquakes via a computer sound card as they don’t respond much to the slow vibrations experienced in earthquakes.
Sodium Acetate: a chemical compound made by combining acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate, or simply just plain old vinegar and baking soda.

This is a video of a first attempt at experimenting with sodium acetate.  Experiment performed in Taipei, Taiwan. Scientists, particularly in Japan, have for many years been gathering evidence of electromagnetic signals that come from under the ground before earthquakes.
Being a rather high-tech subject, I was skeptical of my chances of reducing it to something kids could do, but I gave it a shot anyway, since it’s very applicable here in Taiwan, where earthquakes average a couple a day. The goal was to come up with some kind of a detector; the simplest and cheapest design possible that a student could plug into a computer and record real earthquakes. This project is similar to the 4WD car, not only in that the student is working with wood and electrics, but also that the concept of drive ratios is involved. I noticed that my daughter becomes way more enthusiastic about her studies when her books and stationary are colorful and bright.
It looks pretty good as well but I strongly recommend using felt for those who are eager to give this tutorial a try. Print out multiples of your chosen image onto a sheet of Lazertran, following the instructions on the package. With the beginning of the fall semester comes the requisite return of familiar friends, exorbitant textbook prices, sleepless nights, and the oh-so-dreaded Dorm Room. Iron-Transfer Floral Bedding  (pictured above) — One of the first things you’ll need for your dorm is bedding, so why not make sure it’s pretty? Tape Picture Frames — Frames are a wonderful and organized way of displaying art on your wall. Customized Beanbag Chair Cover — Beanbag chairs have been a dorm room staple for what seems like forever.
Secret Storage Books — As a college student, there are likely instances in which you’d like to hide things from the prying eyes of roommates (ammiright?). Hanging Notepad — Sometimes the best way to organize your thoughts is to have them written out in front of you.
Budget-Friendly Mod Chandelier — Finding chic lighting at the campus bookstore can be difficult (or impossible) . Cat Magnets — Made with plastic figurines and gold spray paint, these gilded magnets are fancy, playful, and super easy to make. Gold Nugget Bookends — As a college student, you’re pretty much guaranteed large amounts of books, papers, and course packets.
Spool Hooks — Old spools of thread are relatively easy to come by at flea markets, making them perfect tools for craft projects. Wax Paper Luminarias — Candles (and anything with a flame, for that matter) are restricted in pretty much every sort of dorm. Geometric Wall Hanging — An update on the whole paisley tapestry idea, this geometric hand-printed wall hanging is a great way to cover lots of wall space.
Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak. This is something, for those using a magnetometer to detect earthquake precurors, to be aware of. It can be useful to monitor these changes as they may indicate the occurrence of natural phenomena that can influence our lives. The crane takes this a little further: one can observe how the winch diameter affects lifting speed and power, and the very useful principle of mechanical advantage gained by the two pulleys.
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Whatever isn't printed will turn out clear, so don't worry about cutting close to the image.
Even if you’re fortunate enough to be paired with a roomie who is even the slightest bit bearable, the whitewashed blandness of standard dorms leaves much to be desired in the way of comfort and beauty.

Still, if various shades of neon plastic aren’t your thing, you might want to try making one of these easy-peasy covers.
Dress it up a bit with these simple magnets using Instagram photos printed at the photo counter!
You can still create a lovely ambiance with electric tea lights, though, and these wax paper holders are a lovely (and delightfully easy) way to house them. Buy a floor lamp or some other source of indirect lighting with a regular bulb and your space will be much more homey.
Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others. Very long period waves from distant quakes will certainly not register much through any sound card, but on some cards, quite good results can be obtained with local quakes and P waves from strong, distant quakes.
So it hasn’t been too difficult to get students interested in it and a few of them have made the radios described below with very good results. See my latest on this: Simplest Seismometer – Experiments with direct recording through PC sound card) However, with some cheap electronic trickery and clever software, it can be done, and very adequately for the purposes of study. Certain kinds of solar activity for example, have the potential to disrupt communications and power systems. This can occur hours before, and in some cases, days or even weeks before the quake itself. When this is taught in schools, it is normally not easy for kids to really get it as a concept; how the addition of pulleys increases the lifting power and reduces the speed. Make sure your hands are free of turpentine and lightly use your fingertips to smooth it down and remove any major bubbles.
If dorm decorating has you stumped (and who hasn’t been there?), here are 16 great, affordable ways to spruce up and personalize your space.
These “frames” are created using colorful and patterned tape—a pretty and cost-effective solution! Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published. That plugs into the microphone socket of a computer running three pieces of software under Windows (XP in the one shown here).
Why it happens is not well understood but current theory is that it has to do with rocks creating large electric currents as a result of crushing or grinding under high pressure. More often than not they only wind up memorizing formulas so they can pass the test and forget about it. Then you might like this easy DIY project for back-to-school (or for yourself of course) that celebrates clean slates and a new year of learning. You want the whole surface to be covered, but you don't want pools of turpentine at the same time. They might not solve the snoring roommate issue, but they’ll certainly get your dorm feeling like home. But by making and playing with one themselves, they can see first-hand what actually happens when you add pulleys. Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with. These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other.

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