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A little glue and reams of colorful yarn turn ordinary eggs into modern, decorative Easter eggs without all the mess of dyes or decoupage! If you love Easter but you prefer modern home decor over plastic grass and stuffed bunnies, these DIY yarn Easter eggs are for you! There are a lot of options with yarn Easter eggs but the good news is, they're not a lot of work! Heat up your glue gun then prep your yarn by unraveling a strand that's about a foot long, so it can easily be moved to wrap around the egg without getting tangled.
First, dab hot glue at the very top point of the egg and place the tip of your yarn in the glue. Wrap the yarn around the egg on top of the glue, making sure you stay close to where the yarn was first placed.
Another benefit to using hot glue is that since it dries so quickly, by the time you've wrapped your last strand of thread you should be ready to display your eggs immediately.
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It's important to make sure you have enough yarn free since hot glue dries very fast and you won't have time to untangle the yarn as you go.
Give the glue a second to dry, then line up more glue around the egg in a single thin circle right under your first dab of glue. Continue to place thin rings of glue around the egg and follow that with yarn as you work your way down the egg. You can showcase them in glass cylinders, rest them on your mantel or even create a little vignette on your coffee table! These are so delicously simple, I can't think of any way to improve on them except maybe to make sure to sign and date them on the back side. Last year’s Hitched event featured this amazing hanging yarn chandelier, put together by Sitting in a Tree Events. This colorful yarn backdrop is another detail from that same bridal shower I mentioned above, from SMP. Jean and David incorporated yarn details into their big day, including these yarn-wrapped mason jars. I LOVE making things, but in the past my schedule has been so jam-packed that I havent had a lot of extra time to sit down and work on projects.

Or, if you want a big, bold look, consider using large wooden eggs and pair them with cotton yarn. You could use other adhesives, like Mod Podge, but I used hot glue for this because I like how the glue builds up to fill in any creases between the strands as well as how clear it dries.
Once you have the top part wrapped at least a half of an inch, you can get away with wrapping a few strands around the egg without adhesive since the top and bottom will be glued and the yarn will be tightly-packed. Check out the lovely vintage styled shoot for more fun details, put together by Megan of Forget Me Knot Weddings, and found on Green Wedding Shoes. This got me thinking about all the fun ways yarn can be used in weddings… so I did a little research. There are so many fun ways to incorporate this simple and affordable element into your big day.
Plus yarn comes in pretty much any shade imaginable, so it won’t be hard to find your wedding colors.

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