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So let out your artistic side and give your old, plain Jane furniture a WOW factor in no time! Wow your guests and friends when they enter your home with a bright yellow chalk painted door! Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Create a dedicated space where your kids can let their imaginations run wild and Lego bricks can tidily reside, safe from vacuum cleaners and the delicate soles of bare feet, by converting a cast-off table into a Lego building station. For this project, we started with an old thrifted table so we wouldn’t have to build the base from scratch.
Hold the can of spray paint about 12 inches from the surface, and apply using a back-and-forth sweeping motion. To protect the newly painted finish and help it resist chipping during the playtime that’s sure to ensue, apply at least two coats of spray urethane, employing the same technique you used for the spray paint. Finally, it’s time to attach the baseplates using superglue, which will bind them to almost any tabletop. Some superglues (for example, Gorilla Glue) expand by three to four times as they cure, so do not apply glue too close to the edges of the baseplates, or you’ll end up with a mess.
When everything has cured and dried, roll your new Lego table into the designated play zone and call in the troops! So, I've thought of a million ways to tell this story, most of which involve me leaving out 99% of it, but ultimately I've decided just to tell you everything.
When we first moved in, we had a very old TV and an antique dresser (that will eventually end up in the entryway nook). So, during the 3 month period that I was living at Panera and the floors were being installed, I spent a lot of time searching thrift stores and Craigslist for something better.
First of all, I chose to use Citristrip stripping gel and mineral spirits because they barely smell and you can use them safely indoors (even though you'll still want to open a window).
I took all of the drawers out of the dresser, poured some Citristrip in a metal bucket (that you can get for $2 at Home Depot) and just used a paintbrush to apply the gel to the surface of the drawers and the frame of the dresser.
I let the gel sit for about 30 minutes, and once I saw it bubble up, I started scraping off the residue with my plastic scraper. Because this dresser had a bunch of grooves and difficult areas, I then used a scouring pad (and an old toothbrush) to remove the rest of the residue. After that, I wiped the entire dresser down with mineral spirits (to remove any of the leftover chemicals) and then lightly sanded the entire thing with 320 grit sandpaper. And that's when I added wood conditioner and then tried to stain just the top, but when it wouldn't take, I just quickly stripped it back down. It ended up looking like a big chalkboard, and I just wasn't feeling it for the living room. And I moved my workspace out into the actual living room so that I could have a better idea of what it would look like in there. In all honesty, I thought the dresser looked okay in this color, but there were certain times of the day when it looked like a big purple blob against the living room wall.

And as you can probably imagine, at this point, I wanted nothing more than to throw a dresser bonfire party. For the hardware, I decided to mirror our kitchen cabinet hardware, and it totally kinda tied everything together in the main living area.
And also, since the dresser was really old and basically infused with the smell of 1960's cigarettes, I vacuumed out the drawers, and then painted the interiors and exteriors of each drawers with some Kilz primer (to trap the smoke smell) and then I used our leftover wall paint to coat the drawers. And although the jumbotron is still back in the bedroom (where we've been living), I ventured out into the living room for the first time since February, set up the tiny TV, and slothed all day with a newly released season of a very addictive Netflix show. And although this dresser project was a total nightmare, I'm so happy that I kept trying until I got it right. And if you had tried to tell me that while I was in the pit of dresser despair, I probably would have used some adult words. And before I go, here's a little sneak peek of the new kitchen lighting that I'm totally in love with. I added a little ceiling medallion underneath, and I just love the way it looks when it's all lit up. To check out more furniture painting advice, you can check out my top 5 furniture painting FAQS here.
If you are thinking of improving and redecorating your home, forget about buying new furniture.
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We have a lot of these plastic bricks and, until recently, no way to keep them easily accessible and ready for play. Coffee tables, end tables, side tables, and play tables make great candidates for upcycling into a Lego table—especially when they’re already equipped with room for storing all those tiny pieces.
Ideally, you’re repurposing a table with a square or rectangular top that will be mostly covered by Lego baseplates.
Distribute the spray just a little wider than your piece: Start depressing the nozzle a couple of inches off the left edge of the piece, sweep across, and let go a couple of inches outside the right edge. For wheels with a threaded stem, drill a hole into each leg, hammer a T-nut into each one, and screw the casters into place. If some glue does seep out during the curing process, lightly chip it off with a sharp screwdriver. My kids can’t wait to build on it, and I can’t wait to see where their imaginations take them. I've been working on assembling our living room, and finding the right sized dresser for the TV has been the hardest part.
It was the hottest of messes, and oddly enough, I still look back upon that time period as a great one.
My original plan was to strip the dresser and use a combination of walnut stain and white wash to create a Restoration Hardware look. The only other supplies I needed was a plastic drop cloth (to catch all of the gunk that I scraped off), a plastic scraping tool, some scouring pads, some rubber gloves (made for stripping furniture) and some mineral spirits.

All you do is rub it on with a lint-free cloth, let it dry, then buff it to the desired shine.
I truly do learn the most from trying new things, and all of the mistakes made along the way are usually the best teachers. I finally took down the old Craigslist chandelier and installed the Hudson Valley Hampton semi-flush mount light in polished nickel, generously provided to us by National Builder Supply. It never ceases to amaze me how a great light fixture can totally transform an entire room.
Bring old chairs to life, sparkle up a table, or make that clumsy display cabinet really shine with all those crafts projects you’ve stuffed in it! Baseplates come in 10-inch and 15-inch squares, so as you’re selecting your table, consider how the baseplates will lay out on the surface. Vacuum and wipe the table thoroughly, then allow it to dry before you start your paint job.
For ours, we removed the legs and bins, and masked all but the top of the table so we could paint those elements a hammered brown. For best results and fewer drips, apply several light coats (leaving an hour to dry between each) rather than a single thick one. If you’ve picked up a set of plate casters, simply use four screws to attach each metal plate to a leg.
Then sand down any chipped paint, mask the Lego baseplates, and touch up the top with spray paint.
I'm usually limited in the budget department, so I've always had to try and make the best of what I already own. Sure, you could buy one—but they’re both expensive and not necessarily the most attractive piece of furniture to place in your living room. Likewise, be cautious with the superglue, as it can cause irritation if it makes contact with your skin. If your table doesn’t have drawers, consider how you might solve this storage dilemma, whether by fitting a bin on an open shelf under the table or attaching hooks and buckets to one side. Obviously, I took a really weird route that involved stripping a dresser and painting it several times.
It would also be cool if you use magnetic chalkboard paint for some of your upcycled furniture.
You can, however, make a functional, good-looking Lego table by upcycling a piece of furniture you already have, or tracking one down at a thrift store or garage sale. When all the baseplates are in position, either clamp them down or weight them with something heavy to help them bond while the glue cures.
In fact, if you can let your imagination see the potential in something that’s been cast off, creating a Lego table can be surprisingly easy.

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