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November 1, 2012 I have had my eye on a few X leg ottomans, X leg benches, and X leg stools for awhile now!
I figured I could make something similar for a lot less money, so I hit the internet to see if any brilliant bloggers out there had already paved the way for me.
Use a sanding block or your palm sander and gently sand all of the rough edges of your wood. I have no patience for measuring and nailing in 100 upholstery tacks in a straight line, so I like to use prefabbed upholstery nails. Thanks for linking to my tutorial ?? Your bench looks great, and I like that you continued the top all the way around.
PDF versionAbout This ProjectPine I have a large, square ottoman in my family room that looked empty and I didn't have anywhere to put a drink. Distinctive and endlessly chic entryway bench with lifted seat that reveals an ample storage space for your belongings.
Used as upholstery for chairs, footstools and cushions, grain sack adds texture and nods to the house's history as a feed and grain store.
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I am an amateur and make plenty of mistakes along the way, but I always try to DIY as safely as I know how.

I’m horrible at math and should have known better than to change it up, but I did it anyway. I primed my base with Zinnser spray primer and then used white wood stain to finish it off. Basically you want to take your material and tuck it in to create a nice straight pleat on each corner. You only have to place a few tacks in place and you don’t need to do a lot of measuring. Even those customers who are very demanding, do not regret their choices which were possible thanks to this compilation. I don’t know quite what it is about the simplicity and beauty of X leg furniture, but I am loving it all! Jennifer from The Chronicles of Home has a fantastic tutorial for a DIY X Leg Upholstered Bench that I used as a guide for this project. Follow all of your manufacture’s instructions and remember to tie your hair back, push your sleeves up, and wear your safety glasses and hearing protection when operating your power tools.
I cut off some excess material at each corner, and tucked it in until I was pleased with the look. Just keep messing with it until it looks neat and tidy and then pull, pull, PULL and staple into place. There are a few more additions that will go on the site this weekend and it will look even better!

I was chilly down in the basement and decided that a space heater down there is a must this year! All you need to do now is check out all these designs and think it all over, so as to be able to make a good decision.
Cover your square with your material and pull as taut as possible on two opposing sides and staple in place.
I joined a few boards together for the bottom, using my Kreg Jig, and attached a frame of 1x3's around the perimeter (I mitred the corners). The foam cost me $6.36 at Ollies Surplus Warhouse (a chain store that sells odds and ends). I had all of the other materials on hand including the fabric (and even tore apart an old crib bumper to retrieve some batting). If you didn’t have a lot of tools already purchased, the cost would obviously be much higher.

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