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I just want to curl up there with a book and spend the day on that lounge, so pretty & inviting. Normally pallet builds turn out slightly boring visually, but the way this creator did the wood angled at 45 degrees ads a ton of visual interest.
Hire Me For Your WebsiteI specialize in working with Small Businesses on their web presences. I found a whole bolt of lace a few years ago at Goodwill and it has ended up being one of the best purchases ever!
Kelsey Johnson, with Design Innovate Create, decided to use some lace and paint to transform an an old piece of furniture that needed a remodel.
Home decorating is not a one time thing, it’s something we tackle over and over again as our tastes and preferences change over time.
Now not everybody is great at planning, so we thought this article containing decorating diagrams would be super useful!
Here’s the link to all 24 diagrams that will get you that much closer to being a professional designer! In small spaces you need to think outside of the box a lot more, and consider how to save space. If you are considering updating the decor in your bedroom, you may want to consider new nightstands. By finding something unconventional, not only can you have a piece of furniture that will meet your needs but also one that will suit your style and choice of decor. This Pinterest board has more pallet table ideas than one person could ever make in a lifetime. Ana White is amazing and I am so excited to feature her and her craft table design here today. My dad turned an old stainless steel milk vat into a hot tub 20 years ago and it was so before it’s time. Architecture Art Designs has 13 other fun ways to repurpose vintage tubs (the above couch included). Although it's still Winter time around most of the country, a good portion of us (knock on wood) haven't had it as bad as previous years. One thing we love about Ana White is that if she's not doing a project herself, she has loyal followers who are. We like the low to the ground model and the ease in building as there's not too many tricky angles and heavy duty construction to do. Sarah Rae Smith has lived all across the Midwest and currently calls the bratwurst-laden city of Sheboygan home.
All American Pool and Patio's blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest news in Luxury Furniture!
When constructing a patio for your backyard, one of the biggest decisions that someone has to make is which type of stone that they want to use for the flooring. Advantages: One of the biggest advantages of having a flagstone patio is that flagstone comes in many different styles and color tones. Advantages: A big reason why slate is so often used for patios is that it is waterproof and very heavy-duty.
Disadvantages: Although slate can withstand water and is waterproof, it is usually a glossy stone that can occasionally become slippery. Overall, both of these types of stone have their own unique advantages and disadvantage that come into play when thinking about what to use for your stone patio designs.

Despite obstacles that we faced doing our own project, I still would love to make more things out of the remaining pallets we have, including another bench.
I love this little bench, love that it has concealed storage, and would love to use it outdoors. A fire pit or fire table turns patios, backyards and decks into even more inviting outdoor spaces. The Tripod Fire Pit burns with the help of a patented crystal fire burner.Pushing a button creates a fire over a bed of tempered, tumbled glass.
The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons fire pit seems to be favorite with users, because of its shape and fun cutouts which let the wood fire show through. The blue glass mosaic fire pit features a stainless steel fire bowl, and a stand with a scroll design.It comes with a log grate, a lifting tool and a storage cover. This copper fire pit comes with 20 lbs of Lava rock for an improved flame and even heat diffusion.
For the minimalist fire pit lover, this one has clean geometric lines.The Plodes fire pit is hand crafted from cold rolled carbon steel and comes with a natural rust patina finish.
We built the frame according to Ana's design (customized dimensions for our cushions) and then covered the base in bead board and used pine trim around the edges.
This could mean looking at unique pieces of furniture that utilize the walls or at least alleviate floor space.
But we want to encourage you to think outside the box and not just lean towards the traditional. The top piece you move to the bottom to give the table height and the other piece folds down to reveal four stools and a table. This type of couch was featured in Audrey Hepburn’s 1960’s movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but until now I never noticed. It's almost as if Spring has sprung early and that means it's almost time to talk about the outdoors — almost. Shane over at Old Paint Design was kind enough to share this chair project that looks a little bit like models seen at Restoration Hardware (and even uses the same cushions).
There are several different types of stone that can be used for this situation, but two of the most popular stones used for patios are flagstone and slate.
This variety of choice comes in handy when customizing your patio to look the exact way that you would like.
Because this type of stone comes in a variety of sizes and thickness, laying down an even surface for the patio becomes a hard task to complete.
Also, because of the glossy finish, this stone can become particularly cold in the wintertime.
We would love to hear from you about your experience with these two types of stone being used for patios! Before I show you how far we got on that project, I wanted to share some more inspiring outdoor furniture created with free pallets. The look of the crystal fire can be changed by adding an optional log set or colored glass.The fire pit uses a standard 20 lb. The fire pit comes with a spark screen for safety, a log poker tool and a vinyl protective storage cover.It can be adapted for Real Flame gel fuel, but you would need to buy a Real Flame 2-can or 4-can outdoor log conversion set as well as Real Flame gel fuel cans. One great feature is its cleanability due to its angled interior walls and a simple plug drain. I’ve used it for so many DIYs and I highly recommend picking some up if you ever have the chance!

But in order to lessen the indecisiveness and changing your mind too often one needs to plan ahead.
Once you take a look you’ll realize they are just what you need to identify what direction to take your decorating.
I’m glad to see that it’s coming back around and that I can claim credit for being a trendsetter.
That’s what they were intended for anyways, to be a larger masonry block than a standard brick. He sees potential and a great piece of furniture waiting to be made and after seeing this you will too! I’m always on the lookout for new and creative DIYs and this coffee table, featured at Instructables, has caught my eye. It’s an ingenious design and I hope that Izzy Swan, the designer of the Eizzy Folding Table, has locked down a patent on this puppy. I think it’s great that there are wheels for moving it and that it is very compact for easy storage. From the small studio apartment sofas to the creative kids work spaces and storage solutions. This quick project might have you making new patio furniture before the ground thaws, which at this rate, could be next week.
Both of these types of stones have their advantages and disadvantages, and knowing these are critical for selecting the correct stone for your patio.
For three generations, All American has prided itself on providing high quality products and services to people all over the world. The pressed steel fire box rests on stainless steel legs that also echo the over all square shape of the top.
You can make window treatments, votives, use it to fancy up your clothes, or decorate your furniture. These versatile blocks don’t cost pennies like a bag of cement but they are considerably cheaper that other building materials out there. Once you get some ideas to spur your creativity, you will be well on your way to becoming a decorating diva! Once you take a look at the link below you’ll realize how easy it is to add a little personality to your bedroom.
A concoction of resin and photoluminescent (glow) powder added to a less than perfect board will produces jaw-dropping results! Flagstone is made up of tough material can usually stand harsh weather conditions for long periods of time. Owners of patios that are constructed of slate rocks do not have to worry about fixing the tiles too often. Keep you eyes peeled for cheap or used blocks so you can make awesome DIYs, like the ones featured at Brit And Co! I know I’ve seen tubs like this on Craigslist or antique stores and I need to go track one down.

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