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Sidenote: in terms of searching the forums, I can't seem to find any threads about this- I try searching 'bed' 'stairs' etc.
My husband built a custom ramp that wraps around the foot of our bed so our girls could get up and down at night as needed. There are fairly inexpensive stairs you can also purchase to help your baby get up and down off the bed. That is a gorgeous ramp but weren't they scared going up and down on it at first it looks steep?

I think us fur-kid parents get pretty creative when it comes to helping our fur-kids and adapting our lives to their needs. YOU can STOP Puppy Mills, Back Yard Breeders, & Pet Store's that sell puppies by not buying anything from them. I do not have a Maltese yet, but would like to get a good idea of how to train my future puppy. I also like crate training because it gives them a safe, consistant place for them to sleep if you plan on travelling at all.

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