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Customer CommentsOrdered one set of PC1200 Door Canopy; we were so happy with it, that we ordered 3 more sets for other doors. Our last house had aluminum awnings (which the ocean air tends to corrode the finish, and we had to re-paint) over all the windows and doors. Like any other do-it-yourself assembly, it was a little harder than initially seemed it would be to put it together. Despite those issues, we would and probably will buy another one for another door, and I think my mom wants to now buy one as well.
We chose the clear awning because we have a small dog who refused (note "refused") to use the dog door when it rained. Just a note to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality, look, and ease of construction with the PC1200 Series Door Canopy. The only caveat is that I installed it above a door whose side of the house has clapboard vinyl siding (over traditional wood siding). Last month we ordered a PC1200 door awning, bronze tint, black frames, and were installed: WOW! The product is really very nice, but it did not do what I had hoped it would do, and it's not the canopy's fault.
We are very happy with the pc1200 canopy we ordered, in fact we ordered 18 more for our condo complex.
The elegant PC1200 Series Door Canopy is made with durable polycarbonate and structural plastics. If your door opens out, please make sure you have enough space above your door so that it does not hit the canopy when opened.
Customer CommentsAfter shopping the big box stores for a new awning, we realized that we would have to go on line to find something that fit our specific needs. Our awning came before the expected arrival date and it was undamaged, had easy-to-understand instructions and went up in less than an hour.

A powerful thunderstorm struck the area with high winds and heavy rain several hours after my son and I installed the awning.
All awnings arrived in good condition, in timely fashion; all were installed on concrete walls embedded with tiny seashells, with no problems (used screws for concrete rather than those supplied). To get the edging over the rubber tubing involved using a mallet, which was not mentioned in the directions. Hence the need to cover the dog door but there is a window to a guest room that would have been totally dark with a conventional awning. The result was that the canopy could not fit exactly flush with the siding and leaked slightly. It was a bit tricky to assemble, but once I had it together, the quality and beauty, truly exceptional. I should have used an assistant in attaching it to the house, but other than that it was very easy to install, perhaps an hour in total. Its real job is to keep rain off the door and reduce the amount that collects around the floor area. I can now stand outside my doors when it is raining and you can fold up or open an umbrella outside without getting wet.
I modified your 42 x 36 awning into two awnings of 42x18"-- I just wanted something to shield the window from normal rain and allow the window to be open during gentle rainstorms in the summer and don't want to worry about a surprise shower damaging the wood interior wood frames. Love the tinted bronze color: cuts down on sun glare a little, while still be able to see through it. We have installed it on a second floor apartment for our tenants, and they love the fact that it doesn't darken the doorway or block the light coming in from their transom, but can protect them from the elements. On the second edge, we put some lubricant on the rubber tubing, which made it so much easier to fit the edging over the tubing. Standing on a ladder on a second floor deck while holding up one side of the awning didn't work for me, so I helped where I could from the ground.

We had over 6' (you read that right, six feet) of rain this summer in south carolina, and the area under the canopy was just as wet as the area not under the canopy during the hard rains, which they all were. General Awnings not only offered many size and color combinations, but their prices were the best we saw. We had no difficulty with it at all, and it stopped the rain from coming in around the door. When I heard what my neighbor paid for hers, more than ten times more, I was thrilled I had found your product on line.
I will definitely recommend them ( already have to a couple of business) to my Family, Friends, and Associates.
The awnings offer protection from rain while helping to prevent rotting out the lower portion of the doors. Ideally you would have two people on ladders on each side and a person on the ground assisting.
We get a lot of wind where we live and we are happy to say it has proven to be solid and wind resistant.
It has already kept me from getting wet getting in and out of the car about ten times already so I figure it has paid for itself.
Don't know what the life expectancy of the material of these awnings are, but so far they still look new and are holding up well.

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