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A good set of house plan blueprints can prove to be invaluable during the process of building a house. When you call or click Liftmaster Door Atlanta you are calling a company with over 33 years of garage door and opener repair experience. We believe that YOUR time is Valuable and that you expect On Time appointments, Quality Workmanship, and above all, effective Communication.
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A set of blueprints will have an affect on the planning, cost estimate, structure, and the actual overall outcome of the construction of the house.
We want to take the hassle out of hiring a garage door repair contractor and offer you honest, affordable repairs on your Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears or for that matter any make of garage door or opener. You will normally get what you pay for in a set of house blueprints.One of the first concerns would be to check with the bank or mortgage company to see what they might require in order to obtain a construction loan or permanent mortgage. The next place of concern would be the city or county agency that issues the building permit. Additional blueprints or the complexity of the blueprint drawings will depend on the amount of cosmetic detail and the structural design of the house. A subcontractor, that is giving a bid on a house to do a particular task, will rely totally on the blueprints and specifications to calculate his costs.
A major part of subcontractors and home owners construction planning is how long the project is going to take to complete.

If the blueprints do not have enough details to correctly estimate this time, the subcontractor may come back during the project and request a change order because the blueprints were not clear. The home owners interest money that was estimated on the construction loan may increase if the total construction time is increased because of lack of blueprint detail. Depending on the severity of the lack of details or a poor set of blueprints, it will ultimately end up back at the mortgage company or bank with a request for an increase in the construction loan and mortgage. During the construction of a house, it is very inconceivable that there will not be any changes.
If there are issues in the Blueprints, they need to be addressed as soon as possible in the beginning so they will not escalate to the point of affecting the actual overall outcome of the construction of the house.It should be plain to see that there needs to be someone with a total knowledge of every aspect of the construction of a house, to do a plan review of the blueprints.
This review would verify that every item is in the set of blueprints to correctly estimate and build the house. Whether it is the home owner, contractor, or subcontractor, everyone needs to have a complete understanding of what is and is not in the blueprints.
As stated above, good set of house blueprints can prove to be invaluable during the process of building a house. The time and effort to insure a good set of Blueprints will be worth it in the finished product.Plot PlanThe plot plan blueprint is an outline of the proposed house on the lot.
In some cases the location of septic tanks and wells will be shown.This view will be a bird's eye view looking down.
It will show the overall dimensions of the house and the distance to the individual footings. It should also show the location of brick ledges and any step ups or slopes as in garage floors. These blueprints will be part of the structural drawings.Floor PlanA floor plan blueprint is a detailed drawing of the rooms of the proposed house.

From this blueprint, you should get a good idea of the size of rooms and the location of all doors and windows. Every item on the blueprint should be dimensioned, in order to be able to accurately mark it on the foundation slab. If gas is to be used, the outlets and locations will be shown along with the type of material to use.Electrical PlanElectrical blueprint is a detailed drawing of all outlets, lights, and switches in a house.
The blueprint will show the location of the outside service, inside panel, and any disconnects. The location of all lights will be shown and it should note if there will be any specialty switching such as dimmers. The overall blueprint should give a complete view of everything pertaining to the electrical items in a house. They are very helpful sometimes in order to get a clear picture of the overall roof.Cabinet PlanCabinet blueprint can be shown as plan view or elevation view. Counter tops will be shown along with end and back splashes.Elevation PlanElevation blueprint is a front, side, or back view of a house. There will be details defining the pitch of the roof, the material used on exterior walls, and other miscellaneous items. The exterior elevations should give an individual a good idea of how the house will look when completed from all angles.
These items can then be described in detail and allowances set where necessary to clarify what quality of item will be used in the house.

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