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WE SHIP NATIONWIDE FROM OUR PENNSYLVANIA WORKSHOPEach building made to order to your specifications. The entrance to the bedroom is left opened in this small condo, so to create privacy at the same time as adding some really cool elements to the space, our clients have opted for the Union Jack double barn doors stained grey.
Our clients have really great sense of style with striped sheet pattern which goes so well with these panel barn doors.

Because our client does not have a full length mirror in the condo, they thought it would work out nicely if the bathroom is sliding barn door mirror. Our passion (some have even said obsession which we won’t deny) is instilled in each photo.
We believe the best approach to any business is transparency and so for this reason we’re not afraid to focus our lens up close and show you details so you better understand exactly what goes into crafting one of our beautiful buildings.

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