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These attractive and sturdy barn door rollers guide and keep your sliding door from pushing out along the bottom. 2 point swivel shed or barn door locking latch system - Atlantic shed locks, secure locking capabilities, help prevent door warping with this two-point door locking system.
Just wanted to drop a note saying your heavy duty two point locking latch far exceeded my expectations.

Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new garden shed for you whilst you sit back and relax.Installation will be carried out by a 3rd party contractor therefore delivery and installation will occur on separate days. The track attaches to the wall with the standoffs; the hangers attach to the door and rolls along the track. We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery.IMPORTANT - Please ensure that a suitable base is prepared for your new garden building prior to installation.

The base must be firm and level, and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building.Please note - If you are ordering a shed and wooden shed base and you would like both to be installed, you will need to select both the garden building and base installation services.

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