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A Squared said:You could put a hook and eye on each door to latch them open against the shed wall +1That's what I did. For a cheap fix, take a piece of 1x4 pine, or whatever you've got laying around, as long as it takes to reach within 6" of the end of each door when both are open, screw to it 2 pieces of 2x4 scrap with a dado as wide as the top of each door so they will set in the dado, cut dado about 1" deep and if necessary at an angle to match the slight angle of the doors if they don't open completely, nail them to the board appropriately to reach the center of each door, then open the doors wide, put the board on top of the doors next to the structure and slide each door edge into the dado. The worlda€™s first DIY shed made of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) material, fuses the advantages of wood and resin to offer the best of both worlds. Hi,My husband and i are assembling this shed and we cannot get the corner metal-brackets to align with the floor piece, on the front panels. Our local HD said that they (all HD stores), were no longer carrying this product - then i see it advertised on their website. This has been a 6 week "journey" of broken pieces, waiting for replacement pieces, cannibalizing pieces from our local HD, and now we have a cracked floor, in 2 places. Keter Team: We spent nearly 45 minutes with your "Customer Service" Rep, yesterday, describing our issue and there wasn't a mention that the brackets may be incorrect.
Without pictures and measurements, I think this is going to be hard to diagnose over the internet. This is a great forum with lots of info and wanted to give thanks ahead of time for any suggestions. I kinda live in the boonies and it always seems windy so the brackets seem to come loose on the door often. An eyebolt on each side with a length of rope that has a loop put on the end which slips over the door knob. Regarding the double doors, I would install the hook on the side rail of the ramp and the eye at the inside bottom of each door where it would hold it open at about 90*. If you want to keep your current setup, then I suggest drilling through the door and through bolting the mounts with some fender washers or a piece of strap steel.
To this I used a loose lag bolt to secure a swing arm 2x4 with a notch that hooks the back of the open door.

Fusion integrates the strength, rigidity and natural beauty of wood with the superior durability and maintenance-free qualities of resin. It's as if the side pieces are too long, since the corner bracket, is being pushed too far forward, once the sides are on? So, i call our local HD and not only ARE they still carrying the product, they have inventory on their shelves.
I am replying this way, because can't seem to figure out, how to reply to you individually, and directly. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I built this 16'x20' shed just to get some of my kids toys out of the garage and to put my tractor in. I installed a few of these on the side double doors and basically just push them into the ground to keep the doors open.
I was planning on putting some PVC pipe in the ground for the rod to go into but was wondering if anyone else did anything different? A length of rope with a slip knot over the inside door knob and a "S" hook tied to the other end. This sheda€™s composite material resists rot, rodents and corrosion and withstands all types of weather. Wood and Plastic Composite Shed 5 answers Has anyone had problems with aligning the grooves, on the front wall pieces, into the metal corner bracket?
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. And, unfortunately, if we cannot get them to align, then the door opening will be too narrow.)We have spent over two hours, trying to figure out if we've made a mistake, but it doesn't seem to be the case. The bigger problem is when you get to the roof and it does not fit properly into the grooves.

Your CS Rep, suggested sending us new sides, but we are very concerned that this will not address the issue AND, these constant delays are really causing problems for us.
A hole about 6" from one end fit sloppily over a bolt about 8" from the "hand" edge of the door. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. The "hinge" end slid through a sloppy rectangle hole in a short piece of 2" angle iron that was lagged to the head jamb.
When you opened the door just past 90*, a notch in the bottom edge of the bar would engage with the 2" angle preventing it from opening or closing.
To release it, we pulled a chain attached at the very end (at the hand edge) by pushing the door handle down. Wide double doors, plenty of natural light and ample airflow and an internal height of more than 8 ft., will make it an extremely comfortable storing space.
When the door was closed you then turn the handle up, which would drive a rod both into the floor and up into the head jamb. Furthermore, the walls of this shed are drillable and provide flexible mounting options of hangers, racks, slot walls or pegboards (not included) to free up floor space and better organize your tools and equipment. When both handles were "up", the outside handles could be locked together.I have double outswing doors on the basement of my current shop and have thought of replicating that hardware.
An environmentally-friendly shed, Fusion is made of residual wood fiber and recycled thermoplastics. Its elegant design and the rich beauty of its wood-grain appearance make it a perfect match for your home and landscape.

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