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Rob Comber is a a Lecturer in Computer Mediated Communication based at Newcastle University’s Open Lab. How can you create a community when all you can really say is “I like this person” or “I like this thing that they’ve said”? Online, digital, virtual isn’t replacing but augmenting what we are doing in our everyday lives.
Yes it is easier to press like…but you’ve done a lot of work to construct that community around you – so saying it is easier to press like is a bit like saying that if you are already a member of that club then it is easier for you to open the door and walk in.
A challenge of looking at online communities is the romanticisation of offline communities. Being exposed to poly-vocality, multiple voices and perspectives really enriches the way that we think about the world.
Trying to find ways to connect communities together to improve the sharing of knowledge and expertise that they already have…inclusion and social sustainability.
We found a focus on behaviour change was quite useful if you wanted to stop someone from doing something, but very difficult to do if you wanted someone to try something new and to keep doing it.
Civic engagement: not saying “we know best we can tell you what to do and here’s how you can make your city better”, instead it’s “we know you know how to make your city better, we want you to tell us so we can help you do it”. Realise that we don’t have that power to magically change a community, it’s much more beneficial to work together with them.
Role of a Civic University means the local community is not just the place where we are, but it is the place that we are. We have to engage with the issues that arise here, partly because it is a disadvantaged area, but also because it is fundamental to what a university should be doing. We have to be really able to demonstrate value and if we can show that it is intertwined and embedded in the lives of the people around the university then you don’t have to struggle to find why you are doing what you are doing, it comes from the people who are there already. Water, energy and food nexus – trying to understand how these resources come together…how they are connected as systems. Questioning across scales, but identifying other communities where you might be having an impact is a significant challenge even before you think about what that impact might be. A sense of belonging is important, place tied to history, but we rarely think of a sense of belonging in terms of future generations. In the same way that we look to previous generations for our sense of place, future generations belong to us in that way. People think of technology as the future, so let’s use technology to represent the future back to us now.
Engagement: there’s no simple message of how to convince people to change behaviour, the point is that you’re not really convincing them, they have to convince themselves. The long term element of engagement is a time scale of 3, 10 or 50 years – compared to nice results after a year or six months or a year for publishing “this is what we did it was amazing”. We recognise the easy life, but if that was an amazing future then we wouldn’t need to be subversive. The questioning itself is an important part – we need to take this critical stance in designing technology, even if the response is that we won’t design technology.
Ways of using the structures of documentary storytelling to bring user generated content together…interesting stories and broadening participation. I wanted to be an architect, I can’t remember when I changed my mind, but I became interested in photography. Best stories and most engaging stories come from a real heartfelt connection and appreciation. I’m interested in how technology can be used to support people in communities to produce documentaries. It’s an experiment within an experiment to see if art could in turn influence science.
It’s a stereotype that there are scientists and there are artists, the process is often quite similar. Scientists are trying to find small pieces of a puzzle that will help explain and prepare us for Climate Change, and I’m using many small fragments of information to try and tell similar stories. There are a lot of cheap Chinese toys in the world, and we didn’t want to make cheap Chinese toys. Sustainability has been a key principle for me, I wouldn’t describe myself as a greenie. Starting a business was an exciting opportunity to pursue sustainability through the private sector.
Wishbone Design Studios started with three principles – simple, smart, and sustainable. At the time the world was suffering this financial crisis, it would be a fair assumption we thought that there’s a good market of consumers tat would revert to traditional values rather than speedy consumption of goods from discount sources. We thought that there was this old school value that would enjoy a renaissance, and it was coincidence that these are the values that we live by, and so that was the brand, and we might have an opportunity to start a new brand right in the thick of a global financial crisis.
The product could suit a child as young as one, and we intended for them to still be riding it when they were five.
The limited edition bikes…started out as cosmetic seconds bikes, we took the frames out of the skip, added artwork to them and increased the value. We have to deliver a product that delivers functionally something better than everything else, the fact that it’s made from recycled carpet is a secondary point. If we look at nature it gives us some indication of how the world should be functioning, and the world system now is out of balance. People always talk about this wall of water – so we work to slow down the water before it gets there. We need to chose what we want our landscape to look like and what we want it to supply to us.

If we can use the main flow pathways that the water is following, then we can create corridors of green, where we can store water, we can strip out the sediment, we can accumulate carbon, we can let all the bugs come back…this corridor of green that will bring the whole catchment back into balance. The jury is out on cost, there are other options such as lower intense organic approaches to building up the soil, but can that feed everyone?
In our physical social networks, neighbourhoods and neighbours matter – and our digital neighbours matter too.
Leysia Palen is Professor of Computer Science, and Professor and Founding Chair of the newly established Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. We adapt to the events that are happening – what are the salient problems for which research will have something useful to say? People want to do more than digital prayers and clicking for donations – but they want to do more. It’s about communicating risk but it is also about communicating solutions to different populations.
As a researcher I try not to bring any presumptions into the questions that I bring there but to bring a critical eye to bore through the rhetoric of things like disaster which are politically charged. As new chair of department I want to create a curriculum for our undergraduate students and have them be able to address a range of societal problems as well as commercial challenges, but in this way that deals with data in ethical, mathematically responsible, ethnographically responsible ways. For better or for worse, technology is seen as the future; computing can shift culture in ways that are aligned with sustainability. Dr Barath Raghavan is a researcher with the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California. With embodied energy and electricity consumption, the internet accounts for something like 2% of global energy consumption.
The easiest thing we could do is keep devices longer, next we should really use computing to help save energy in other aspects of society.
The fundamental issue is that the economic system is structured for obsolescence and growth – so if people were to keep devices for as long as possible, it would have ripple effects throughout the entire economic system. So there is some small value in doing the small things, the problem is when we only do the small things. Computing research is driven on the promise of more, the promise of progress, new prosperity through new invention. The structure of the computing industry, like any industry, is about making profits, and that is not aligned well with the sorts of responses and solutions that sustainability minded people have identified. Solving the sustainability of computing itself is a very small piece of the puzzle, it’s about using computing to make society more sustainable. Although recorded in Barath’s rooftop garden in Berkeley, this Sustainable Lens is from a series of conversations at University California Irvine.
When you join particular places with people with vision and energy you can create all sorts of interesting places and fascinating opportunities. I think the world is more complicated that I did when I was younger, there aren’t any simple solutions. Transformation boils down to identifying the right kind of people with the right kinds of skills, who are able to harness resources, and who have a vision to make the best of those resources. An educational activist…encouraging other people to find out how they can best act in the world. We saw the industrial revolution as a economic process, rather than a series of independent technological innovations. Working with local schools…adopting the lake shore as a series of outdoor classrooms.
Dr Peter Bowler is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University Calfornia Irvine. I grew up by in Idaho by the Snake River, and I worshipped nature, botany, I loved freshwater biology, It stimulated me.
Buds morphed into small leaves, backlit by late afternoon sun, forming a locust-like swarm of green lights.
In place of horns blaring on Sixth Avenue, birds twittered (non-digitally) just out of sight, as I walked the sunlit path to my mothera€™s door. Spring continued its steady, stately march and April rains gave way to a burst of heat, leading into May. In Pennsylvania, Spring Gulch Festival has Dan Tyminski of a€?Oh Brother Where Art Thoua€? fame. Ever since we saw and featured Rod Picott, along with fetching fiddler Amanda Shires, back in 2007, wea€™ve sung Roda€™s praises.
Del McCoury Band, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Avett Brothers, Keller Williams and Friends feat.
In upstate New York, at GottaGetGone, the emphasis is on the traditional, but one player, bluesman Toby Walker trancends all genre distinctions. At Warwick Winery, the annual Bob Dylan Tribute Festival always brings Rod Macdonald and hea€™s joined by The Kennedys and Mark Erelli.
Over in Connecticut, bluegrass nation has another outpost at the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival.
Other standouts include Alison Krauss with Jerry Douglas, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Toots and the Maytals and Levon Helm and Friends. Taj Mahal, Marcia Ball, Railroad Earth, Mem Shannon, Rosie Ledet, Kenny Neal, The Campbell Brothers, The Iguanas, Jesse Legea€™, Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show, Honey Island Swamp Band, Terrance Simien, Jeffery Broussard and The Creole Cowboys, Red Stick Ramblers, Amanda Shaw and The Cute Guys, George Porter Jr.
Further south, in Elmer, NJ, at Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, along with Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller look pretty good to us. Colorado hosts one of the biggest gathering of bluegrassers in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.
Old Songs Festival has only a few names that Ia€™m familiar with, but Ia€™m glad to see that James Keelaghan is one of them.

Anyone whoa€™s read Eric Claptona€™s autobiography knows about his dedication to helping those who suffer from addiction.
Donna the Buffalo heads the line-up at this yeara€™s roots extravaganza that is the Great Blue Heron Music Festival.
Once again, Helene and Alan Korelenko create a masterful blend of contemporary and traditional folk artistry at New Bedford Summerfest. If youa€™re traveling north this summer, Winnipeg sits in the middle of Canada between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Situated about an hour north of its previous location, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival has been a little difficult for us to squeeze into our schedule, but wea€™re not giving up. The big homage to the Grateful Dead, held every year in my old home town of Bridgeport CT, Gathering of the Vibes, carries on.Former members of the Dead, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann will keep the tradition alive along with former Dead vocalist Donna Jean Godchaux and her band. I joined my brothers in caring for our mother, recovering after two hard falls.A  In the rolling hills of central Connecticut, small green buds slowly emerged, forming a lacey pointillist screen against the sky.
Over in Connecticut, bluegrass nation has another outpost at the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival.A  Wea€™re impressed with any event that puts the Greencards on stage.
They can each operate separately, but in together combination the power is just just massive. So we have guidelines, you need to know hydraulics, you need to know how to build something that will last – it might be natural engineering, but it is still engineering.
So even though we can see the jokes, the dark humour and the sensational stuff, but underneath that is really important work being done. I feel very strongly about finding the right words and communicating that for different audiences, so in that way I am an activist. My hope is that I can bring more computing systems thinking people into the fold of thinking about ecological problems. Eberhard Eyl - TIERHEILPRAKTIKER WOLFGANG PETER EICHHOLZ - KRANKENGYMNASTIK - PRAXIS CHRISTINA FIGLESTAHLER - RADIOLOGIE & NUKLEARMEDIZIN LUDWIGSHAFEN - DR. Wea€™re pleased to see that Phil Henry, our February feature artist joins Sharon Katz and the Peace Train at Susquehanna. As half of the songwriting team that brought Slaid Cleaves to recognition, wea€™ve felt that Rod brought more grit to the songs they wrote together.
We absolutely love the Guy Davis version of Dylana€™s a€?Sweetheart Like You,a€? and hope he shares that song with us. Former New Orleans cabdriver, Mem Shannon straps on his guitar and unleashes some of that Louisiana blues.
The Boston Folk Festival is now the WUMB Music Fest and will be held in early June instead of mid September. While heavyweights Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys along with Geno Delafose will keep the party going, theya€™ll have plenty of help from rock-solid talents such as Chris Ardoin and Jesse Lege. An incredible mix of Steve Earle, Steve Forbert, Pete Seeger, Shawn Colvin, Dala, David Bromberg Quartet, the Angel Band, Donna The Buffalo, Eileen Ivers, Joan Osborne, Dan Bern and Jonatha Brooke plus so much more assemble in the jewel of a setting that is Croton Point Park.
It has the look and feel of a great tribal experience with a communal vibe and lots of dancing. Samson, Oscar Brand, Ladies of the Canyon, The Good Lovelies, Steve Dawson's Mississippi Sheiks Tribute (The Sojourners, Geoff Muldaur, Del Rey, Alvin Youngblood Hart), Sonny Landreth, Hot Tuna, DJ Dolores, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Dodos, Oka, The Peatbog Faeries, Konono No. Every year, troubadors gather at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival to pay homage to their spiritual godfather.
Not with favorites Del McCoury, David Grisman, The Greencards, Donna the Buffalo and Crooked Still among the acts listed. An incredible mix of Steve Earle, Steve Forbert, Pete Seeger, Shawn Colvin, Dala, David Bromberg Quartet, the Angel Band, Donna The Buffalo, Eileen Ivers, Joan Osborne,A  Dan Bern and Jonatha Brooke plus so much more assemble in the jewel of a setting that is Croton Point Park. Not with favorites Del McCoury, David Grisman, The Greencards,A  Donna the Buffalo and Crooked Still among the acts listed. Along with Del, there are his sons -- award winning players -- and monster pickers like Dave Grisman.
Wea€™ve seen Chris Thile with Punch Brothers and everyone knows Tim Oa€™Brien and Del McCoury.
Add conscience-raising displays about human rights and conservation and it becomes a microcosm of the folk music experience.
There will be lots of interplay between Eric and the great guitarists assembled at Crossroads Guitar Festival.
We celebrate once again with friends and heroes such as Tracy Grammer, Vance Gilbert, We're About 9, Red Molly, The Brilliant Inventions, Cheryl Wheeler, Chuck e Costa, Jimmy LaFave, Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka and The Kennedys.Wea€™ll be holding our showcases again this year outside the Acoustic Live booth. Wea€™ve seen Chris Thile with Punch Brothers and everyone knows Tim Oa€™Brien and Del McCoury.A  Add Lyle Lovett and throw in diverse talents such as Josh Ritter, Brandi Carlisle and ita€™s a barn-burner.
It’s being able to say that when we have to leave, that it becomes sustained by the community. John Hiatt and Levon Helm on the big side; the Duhks and Wailina€™ Jenneys a little less so (but dona€™t tell that to their fans). STROH - PFEIFER SERVICE GMBH - SUN SOLAR - RECHTSANWÄLTIN GISELA KOZICZINSKI - MS REISEN UND DIENSTLEISTUNGEN - HEILPRAKTIKER HANS G. We see that Ashley MacIssac is playing here, and so is his sister Lisa, half of the duo, Madison Violet. Spiess Chemische Fabrik GmbH - CAFE UND PENSION BRUNETT - LANDGASTHAUS NEUHAUSEL - DIAKONIEZENTRUM KIRCHHEIMBOLANDEN WOLFFSTIFT - MENTEC GMBH - MOLL HELMUT WERBEARTIKEL - FUß UND WELLNESS MARIETTA KISSEBERTH - TABANSKI FENSTER UND TUREN - NATURHEILPRAXIS RITA DOLL - FIRMA W & P IMMOBILIEN PLACEMENT LIMITED - SCHORNSTEINTECHNIK DIETER MORIO - Landgasthof Zum Pflug - Inh.

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