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CTS’s Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) Program has added the Solvita Soil Test to its proficiency list of procedures. The Solvita CO2-burst method complements other soil procedures, and comes at a time of heightened interest in soil sustainability practices which may reduce excessive nitrogen and phosphorus inputs, helping alleviate costs and burdens to the environment. Miller is a member of the American Dental Association, the Georgia Dental Association, the Western District Dental Society, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The new CO2-Burst Method met the necessary prerequisite that at least 12 commercial USA soil labs be using it. Robert Miller has served as Technical Director of ALP, operated by Collaborative Testing Services (CTS) to refine  the overall soil program. The test works to measure the soil’s inherent biological status and hence its nutrient potential. Miller in Augusta, Georgia serving infants, children and teens in the surrounding cities of Evans, Martinez and North Augusta, GA.

There are presently 70 labs in the program (including Woods End). This program allows laboratories to audit a large portion of their activities on an ongoing basis – critical to dealing with the changing dynamics of staffing, equipment maintenance and training.
She attended High School at Hutchison, graduated from Ole Miss, and completed her medical training in Memphis at the University of Tennessee. She stayed at UT and LeBonheur for her pediatric residency training, which she completed in 2001. He graduated from Brookstone High School in Columbus, then earned his college degree from the University of Georgia. Miller’s activities are the preparation of test samples, assisting with interpretation of the collected data and providing summary reports to member labs. Brinton, the inventor of the procedure, says “the Solvita Soil Method is as robust and as simple a biological test as we can imagine right now. We are very open to seeing how this pans out and in providing any necessary technical support to conversion labs”.

Miller practiced pediatrics in Memphis for two years prior to joining the other doctors here at Laurelwood.Dr. Miller completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery education at the University of Tennessee-Memphis in 1994. Ashley has three boys, Owen, William and Everett who take up much of her time away from the office.
Her boys and her husband Ted are important parts of her life and provide the background for many humorous stories.
Chris Miller returned home to Columbus, GA the same year to practice dentistry at Rivertown Dental Care with his father.

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